Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Children's Museum

There is a smaller children's museum right down the road from base. I had kept hearing good things about it for younger kids, but that it wasn't geared towards older kids. Then I found out its FREE for military. That's all I needed to know. The twins and I set out a couple weeks ago. This will now be a monthly event. They had SO much fun!!! For my St. Louis readers, it vaguely reminded me of the ORIGINAL magic house because its in a very historic house. So cute! This is the "ball" room. It was a toss up between this and the train room as to which was the favorite. Luckily they were next to each other, so they kept running back and forth. This is Daniel leaning out and yelling, "ALL ABOARD!!" He had the other moms and myself in stitches!
Choo Choo! After the museum they asked for a "Date." Meaning can I take them to lunch...we met Daddy at BK to finish up a really fun day!