Friday, March 23, 2012

Pancake & PJ Valentines Party

Last year I got a wild idea to have a Pancake & PJ party dedicated to moms and their kiddos to have a special morning together. The boys and I all had so much fun we couldn't resist doing it again this year; we invited basically our former neighborhood and new neighborhood. We added a twist and requested (but not required to attend) that folks bring a donation for Little Hearts, a fabulous organization that works to educate and support families who have a child with a heart condition. They were the first website I found when I sat down at the computer to google Daniel's condition. I'm humbled and amazed that my friends and neighbors raised $200! Thanks friends, you are the best!!

This is set up...our ducks all in a row! These ducks were a huge hit, it cracks me up that something so simple can bring such joy to the little ones!
Nolan and D goofing off : These were the gifts the kids got to take home, but alot of them tore into them at the party to eat! Our sweet neighbor! Callie giving Asher a smooch!
Danny & JoJo on probably their third plate of pancakes! I really was there!
This is Brian's V Day present. The "I love you because" is typed on a piece of paper under the glass. Then on top of the glass we can write notes to each other daily and then just erase and start again. Brian really did make 84 pancakes and we put out strawberries, bluberries, chocolate chips, bananas, whip cream and syrup to top them off. Just like last year, we all had so much fun and I think this may have to be an annual tradition for us!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I'm Still Here!

We're still here! For those of you who haven't gotten an email from me or seen on facebook, I signed on to be a Willow House consultant. So I've been putting any extra time I find into getting that business off the ground (please check out my website at But I won't give up on my blog and I have lots of great things to write about! Please be patient with me!!!