Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nolan says the Darndest Things

  • This morning Nolan was watching TV in my room, something he likes to do when he's feeling under the weather. This is day #4 of being "sick" and I am fairly certain he is better, but doesn't want to admit it because it would mean giving up being so spoiled/coddled, etc. Anyway, he was in my room and peeked his head out and asked, "Mom are you coming in your room right now?" I was intrigued, so said, "Nooo." He said, "Well, don't come in right now, okay?" CLICK. He shut the door! I waited about 30 seconds then tip toed to the door and quickly opened it, to find him jumping on our bed. I tried really hard not to laugh and sent him to time out and on the way he exclaimed, "BUT MOM!!! I told you NOT to come in there!!!"
  • Nolan and Brian encountered a spider by our doorway. I started coming to see the size and Nolan said, "Mom, STOP!" (he waved his hands for me to back up)."Mom, don't come over here, I don't want you to have to see this!"
  • Nolan didn't want to eat his dinner one night. When we were trying to reason with him he simply told us, "When I'm sick I don't like any food. I only like chicken and goldfish!"
  • When he got in trouble recently Nolan told me, "Mom you broke my heart."
  • Out of the blue the other day Nolan said, "Mom I gotta stop drinking water or my belly will get big like yours did and I'll pop a baby!"

Monday, September 28, 2009

Prayer Request

As you can probably tell from pictures, Daniel is doing great and looking healthy and acting just as he should. His growth, however, continues to be a struggle. We've changed formula's multiple times due to acid reflux and in the past couple weeks his weight gain has been extremely minimal. We meet with the cardiologist tomorrow and have been told he should have some direction for us, but we're pretty frustrated. We would be so grateful if we could call on you all again to pray that he can gain weight steadily again and that he can even catch up a bit. We are now constantly getting the question, "How old is he?" (points to Joseph). "And how old is he?" (points to Daniel). Daniel does look healthy, but he looks the size of a newborn!! I try not to let questions like that bother me and I try not to let smart aleck responses float in my mind, but it just somehow makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. As mothers we are supposed to nurture our children and even though I know logically I am doing this, it breaks my heart when I put Daniel on the scale only to have it say he has not gained an ounce!!!! Especially when i feel like I do nothing but feed him and Joseph! Anyway, prayers would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is What It's All ABOUT!!!

This day was a fun day and full of cuteness. It's these days, these moments that seem to take my breath away when I try to wrap my head around how very blessed I am!! Nolan and Joseph watching some cartoons (Daniel was napping): Joseph taking a snooze:
Daniel snoozing in the swing. He's pushed to the side because there's a spot on the back of his head that has a bit of a flat spot (very common), so we're just trying to reshape his head essentially. The twins' watching the mobile in Daniel's crib. In the first pic, I just love how Daniel is looking at Joseph. Both boys' have been known to go from hysterical or really fussy to totally calm when layed beside their twin. It's so sweet!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Commons

Labor Day we spent the day in Destin, playing and shopping. It was a great day and our longest outing yet with the fam!

Nolan playing in the water at Destin Commons: Here's our little monkey climbing the SpiderMan tower at the Commons. He went all the way to the top, of course and had no qualms about it at all.
Here's Brian, sporting his new dad-shirt (if you can't read it, it says "Got Twins, Need Caffeine"). The shirt got lots of chuckles, especially from the fellow twin parents we saw.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Which one of these is not like the other one?

Old Navy has the cutest mannequins these days!

Date Night with Nolan

Last week some friends watched the twins' so that Brian and I could take Nolan out for dinner. We really want to make it a regular event because it's so difficult juggling two babies and truly giving him the time he deserves. It wasn't a long night, but we had a great time enjoying our little man!
Daddy & Nolan at dinner and then playing video games:
Mommy & Nolan: