Sunday, April 29, 2007


Friday Nolan and I went to the park about mid-morning. It was in the low 80's and a perfect day to break in the splash pad that's now open for the season. Nolan was fairly hesitant at first, standing off to the side watching the "big" kids run around and splash. He went in the water a little at a time, but by the end was loving it! I think next time I'll have to dress to go in the water, too, otherwise it's almost too hot!
In this pose, he's smiling because the other kids are being so silly! He hasn't attempted the water yet, still just watching:

Still watching, taking it all in, as is his habit (just like Daddy):Hmm, lets see what this is like:

Yeah, this is pretty much the coolest thing ever!

Now he's REALLY getting into it and laughing and loving it all:

Friday, April 27, 2007

Dinner with Rowdy

Jake, Jamie, Rowdy, and the 3 of us went to Old Bay Steamer on Wednesday's the same restaurant we tried to take Mom & Dad M to, not realizing it was closed for lunch. It was really good! We had the waiter bring Rowdy a slice of pie/cake (birthday cake they called pie because it was sliced in such a way it resembled pie). Here are Rowdy, a crab leg cluster, Jake & Jamie:

All of us (Nolan was saying cheese, but looking at Rowdy b/c Rowdy told him to say it):

Here's a better "cheese" pose:


Great Grandma sent a snicker chocolate egg for Nolan on Easter. I kept eyeballing it and so did Brian, but neither of us had the heart to steal candy from a I decided the next best thing would be to give it to Nolan and let him share it with Momma. Yeah...not so much. After one nibble he wouldn't give it back. He grasped it tightly in his pudgy little hands and looked so cute, I just let him go...I did steal a couple nibbles, but he ate most of it and LOVED IT! Thanks Great Gma!

Abby & Nolan

Last week I had the privelage of watching Abby while Cheyna went to an appointment. It is so much fun having them together. They wanted to go outside almost immediately...actually right in the middle of breakfast. It's fairly easy to shush one kid and tell them to finish their breakfast first, but two? Forget it! So after a mostly eaten breakfast, we headed outside. Of course then they both wanted to swing...there's only one swing. Uh-oh. So, I would push one in the swing and the other one would yell. After they each had a turn we decided to head inside as it was getting pretty warm. We temporarily solved the chair problem (problem being, there's one kid chair, and two kids). I brought in the extra car seat and that did the trick. They took turns using the cup holder, it was so funny! I have some "kissing" pictures, too...the roles were reversred. Usually Abby's chasing Nolan around the room trying to get him to stop so she can kiss HIM!
Here's Abby with flowers on her dress that matched the ones outside:
Here they are chilling with some juice, watching Sesame Street:

Here Nolan is trying to reach in for a kiss, but Abby's like, "Not NOW! ELMO & COOKIE MONSTER ARE ON TV & I am trying to drink my juice at the same time"Nolan's a go-getter, so he went a step further and tried to block the TV for a kiss...doesn't he look like he's about to propose?? When she wouldn't comply, he simply put his head in her lap and gave her a big hug!

I like this's like Abby is trying to hide from the paparazzi!

Happy Birthday DAD!!!

Happy Birthday to my goofy old man. He's the best one anyone could ever ask for! I hope you have a terrific day, we sure miss you to pieces!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a big helper

Nolan was Daddy's big helper Saturday, after I brought home some chairs for our island...they were my big garage sale find! I still have my eye out for the perfect pair of chairs for our island, but in the meantime, it will be nice for people to have a place to sit and chat when they are at our house...the kitchen is such a common place for people to convene and chat! So, one of the chairs was missing a bolt or a screw (who knows?) and Brian and Nolan fixed it up, good as new. Now Nolan is attempting to climb the new chairs...oh my!

We love visitors!

We had a fantastic weekend! Friday we started it all out with dinner at Hooter's, with our distinguished guest, Rowdy (in town for "business"). We celebrated his turning 30, then headed to our place for a little while to hang out.
Saturday I headed to the airport to pick Jeanne up from the airport. Jeanne and I worked together at LCCC and she is one of the most wonderful gals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. The only sad thing about her coming, was that she had to eventually leave. Nolan took to her very quickly and they are now the best of pals. Saturday night we went to Jake & Jamies for some dinner and the guys played poker. We didn't stay too late, as we knew we had a long day Sunday. We went to church, then dropped Nolan at the babysitters and headed out on the boat with Rowdy & Jake (Jamie had to study, booo!) It was a GORGEOUS day and perfect for boating. The water was still a little chilly for my taste, but it was so nice being out on Miss Behaving again. It was my first time on the boat without Nolan...I kept wondering how he would do since he's so much older and I can't wait to take him out, but I also enjoyed the peace of having some time to actually focus on friends and hubby! Monday Jeanne, Nolan and I headed to Destin for some shopping and lunch. It was another gorgeous day, in the 80's. We sat outside while Nolan napped and caught some rays, and when Bri got home we headed to Hideway, our favorite pizza place in town. We officially live in a small town...while none of us planned it, we ran into who else, but Cheyna, Andrew & Abby at dinner! So they were able to meet Jeanne, too. I was sad to see Jeanne leave today, but I'm soooo grateful she came out to see us and I loved hearing about the LCCC family that I miss so much!
Rowdy, "Wingman" & the waitress:

Myself, Jamie & Chey:Rowdy, Andrew, Brian & Jake:

Jeanne & I on the boat:

Jeanne & Bri at lunch: Quote of the day, "It's not that cold once you get in..."

Jeanne & Nolan at lunch Monday:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Nolan's New Wheels

Grandma & Grandpa M brought Nolan a BIG surprise...and he is absolutely loving it. He can't quite reach the pedals on his own (unless he sits on the edge of the seat), but he loves to be pushed around. He rides it, holding onto the handles and squeals, "Weeeeeeee!" Thanks G&G, this is fantastic!
P.S. When Brian and I are outside this weekend together, I'll take some pics while one of us pushes Nolan!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's a Boy!

Our friends Tara & Rob welcomed their first baby boy, Alexander Jay, 8.78 lbs, 21 inches late last night (or early this morning...I guess I better figure it out before the little guys 1st birthday)! Congratulations you two, he is one gorgeous babe!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Friday (yes, Friday the 13th, scary) was our fifth wedding anniversary. Thank you to everyone for the cards, phone calls and emails! I can't believe it's already been five years. I am truly very blessed to have married my best friend. When I hear how people are getting married at 22 or 23 now I think, "they are way too young!" Then I realize that's how old we were! I told Brian in some ways I felt like I have grown up with him. Moving away from home and having our first jobs out of college together. It has been an adventure for sure. One that I am so glad I embarked on. We celebrated with a dinner out (thanks G&G for watching Nolan!!) to Bonefish Grill, one of our favorite places to go (without the little guy)! Brian surprised me with a pearl set. A pearl & gold necklace and matching pearl earrings. It is something I have wanted for so very long and I was completely taken aback. Thank you Brian. I love you so much. Words just can't express (and I'm not talking about the jewlery)...
Here's a close up...see the necklace & earrings? I am so blessed!!!!!
Here's a shot of us outside:

Easter Sunday

So I'm a little behind, but we had a beautiful Easter! We started off with the early service at church (not a sunrise service, but it kind of felt that way when we first got up). The service was gorgeous, with lots of pretty music and a great sermon. Then we headed to base to go to brunch at the O Club. We've heard nothing but fantastic things about the brunches there and people weren't was SO good! We had reservations with Chey, Andrew & Abby. We found at the last minute Jake & Jamie were going to the 10 AM brunch, too, but we thought once we got inside it was seat yourself. Unfortunately, it was "assigned" seating according to your reservation. So we made faces at them from across the room, ha ha kidding! Actually Nolan was not a very happy camper and I was a wee bit stressed most of brunch. He was LOUDLY not happy and we kept getting the "can't you quite that kid down" look (or so I thought). Near the end Grandpa M & I took turns taking Nolan outside to run around. The view at the O club is gorgeous, right on the water. It was a cold and cloudy day, but still a great view! That evening we feasted on ham and the fixin's. Cheyna, Andrew & Abby joined us and fun was had by all!
Abby & Nolan eating some fruit (I wish I could record Nolan saying banana, its sooo funny...he starts saying it, but never stops, sounds like "badabadabadaba...")

Brian and Mom:

Cheyna & Andrew:

Nolan, Bri & myself:

Here are the kids, we tried to get them to pose...ha! Do you like Nolan's bomber jacket? It was a hit at the club! We didn't think he would wear until the fall, but since it was so cold we pulled it out...great choice Grammie & Grampie! I wish I had gotten a better shot of Abby's was SOOOO CUTE!

Here are the kids swinging later that afternoon, still not up for posing!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Housework is my excuse

We had a fantastic visit with Grandma & Grandpa M last week! We had some exciting days and some very relaxed days, but tons of fun all around. I have pictures (of course), but give me some time...I had a ton of laundry to catch up on, among some other housework. I'll post some new pictures soon! Happy Monday!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy 30th Rowdy!


So Nolan finally got his birthday present from G&G L! Not that they didn't send it on time, but we didn't have a good place for it. They got Nolan a swing, and we decided to get a swing set with the Christmas funds. But we took awhile deciding on what we liked and had to wait for them to come into season. But it was worth the wait. Nolan loves his swing Grammie & Grampie!!! Thank you!
Brian & his dad spent all afternoon Saturday putting the set together. Nolan was in awe (actually so was I, that's a big project for one day).
Now we can't convince Nolan that inside is fun at all, as soon as he wakes up he wants to go outside.

Here he is saying "Weeeeee!"

The swing set, minus the final's a double swing.

Sliding (more of Nolan saying "Weeee!")

Just in time for Easter...

After the Easter Egg hunt Saturday I sprung an idea on the gang. I didn't suggest it earlier in case I decided to chicken out. But I knew I couldn't put it off much we went and did it. We had Nolan's hair cut for the first time! We went to a family salon that had a whole room just for kids. They even have motorcycles for the kids to sit on while they get their hair cut. Nolan wasn't sure if he liked the motorcycles, though, so we opted for a chair with a booster seat. He did soooo good! I was such a proud momma, I have to admit! We fed him vanilla wafers & graham crackers and he sat so still almost the whole time and flirted with the sweet girl cutting his hair. I felt better knowing she had a 3 year old. We of course saved a lock of his hair (which we had begun calling his mullet, it was so long) and they even gave Nolan a gift certificate for completing his first hair cut. He looks sooo handsome now (not like he didn't before), but he also looks like a big boy, not so much like a baby.
Before pics:

The famous first hair cut:

Eating some yummies during the whole thing (He loved that he could watch himself eat in the mirror and kept chewing his food, then opening his mouth...hey, whatever keeps him still & happy)!

Leaning his head back like such a good boy...he actually enjoyed this especially when the girl was right behind him and he could rest his head on her. Hmm, all boy, isn't he? And I have no idea what the heck I am doing...laughing and scratching my wrist.

Momma & her big boy!

Brian and a "finished product" Nolan (we actually forgot to take good pictures of him after it was all done, we just were snapping pics during...I'll post better pics of his new haircut soon):