Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dinner Date & Party

Last Friday our friend Shelley was hosting a Welcome Home party for her husband, Mark, just back from a 6 month tour in Iraq. We decided since we were getting a babysitter anyway, we would go out to dinner first. We ate at the Wild Olive, a relatively new restaurant in town. I love the decor and the food and it really has a unique and fun flair. We had a fabulous meal and then headed over to Shelley & Mark's. We had a great time hanging out and we couldn't be more thankful that Mark is home safely and reunited with his family. There's not many better reasons to celebrate!
This worked out well, because I'm always so bummed after a date night with no pictures to show!

Tara & I:Emily & Ben:Tara got the first slice of Emily's out of this world cake:Dan, Brian & Rob:All the ladies!

Mark, Shelley, Mark's mom (in the back) and his sister. Thanks for your sacrifices Mark & Shelley and for a great party!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Like Daddy, Like Mousey

Nolan's favorite place is on Daddy's shoulders. So it only makes sense that Mousey's favorite spot is Nolan's shoulders...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Donovan Turns One

Last Thursday we were able to help Donovan celebrate turning 1 by going to Hooter's. It's every father's little boys fantasy! Donovan was totally loving it and everyone there was loving him. He's such a cutie pie! Saturday we went to his house for his birthday party and Nolan had a great time, as did all the kiddos!
Donovan with the Hooter gals:
Jamie emailed me this picture, it was on his way home from Hooter's, it's so adorable!Jamie & the sweet birthday boy:A family shot, amid some present opening:Singing Happy Birthday. Jamie made carrot cake and it was sooo good!! I misplaced my camera by the time Donovan started REALLY enjoying the cake!Here's the effort at a group shot of the kids. As you can see, Nolan was thrilled. Here's why he was mad...he wasn't sitting next to Abby. So now that he can sit next to her, we are more than welcome to take a picture. And Nolan snuck over the gate to give Kutcher a kiss. He just loves her!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Brain Vacuum

I thought I was losing my mind a little bit at a time. I was right. But it's not because I'm suddenly thirty.

It's Nolan's fault. Oh sure, he looks all sweet and innocent. But he's smart. And cunning. And mischievous.

I kept wondering why in the world my vacuum would suddenly go off. It was like I tugged it just enough that it wouldn't come out of the wall, but enough that it stopped. It was driving me crazy. WRONG. Nolan was actually the driver of the crazy bus. As I was vacuuming and rounding a corner today I happened to glance back. I suppose to him it looked like I was already around the corner. He was pulling the cord out...just enough to turn the vacuum off. He knew he was in trouble when I used his middle name. So he froze (GUILTY LOOK). Then paused, looked around and proceeded to tap the wall around the plug as if to say, "What? All I was doing was tapping this wall. What else would I be doing? SEE?? I'M NOT BEING NAUGHTY!"

Did I mention he hates when I vacuum? Sigh. So...I have some good pictures from the weekend. I'll get to them, I really will. If I ever finish vacuuming...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look at Me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"The Guy"

When discussing "The Guy" it should be noted that Brian and I almost always use air quotation marks because "The Guy" is what Nolan calls him. You know, "The Guy" that lives in our house. The one that seems to appear when Nolan is in trouble or not up to going to bed. Suddenly he's scared of "The Guy." I'll admit I'm not crazy about "The Guy" because for the most part, Nolan is fairly convincing. I'll ask Nolan where? And he'll say, "RIGHT THERE!" so stinkin' seriously that I'm almost afraid to turn around and look over my shoulder. Ridiculous, right? Maybe so, but it still creeps me out.

So yesterday Nolan decided it would be fun to put one of his race cars in the VCR. Boy, was he proud. And later, from what he told me, he managed to put my debit card in there, but thankfully decided that wasn't so smart and took it out and gave it back to me. I didn't even know it had gone missing until then. So, anyway, I pulled out the camera to have a chat with Nolan about how, although he thinks the car in the VCR is hilarious, it's actually very NOT funny and is naughty. While I was filming, "The Guy" comes into play. The first part of the clip is not all that exciting, but give it a minute, and you'll most likely get a chuckle out of the story Nolan weaves. I am still truly unsure if he has an imaginary friend or if he is flat out telling me a total lie thinking I'll believe it. I kind of think it's a little bit of both.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Plan B-owling

Last week, over the long weekend, Brian and I planned one day on taking Nolan to the splash pad park in Niceville and eating lunch there. The next morning the sun was shining as we ate breakfast. The sunbeams spilled into the kitchen as I packed our picnic lunch. The sun was shining while we got dressed and ready to go. The clouds appeared about the time we were getting into the car. We were driving for all of 5 minutes when the lightening and thunder started. So, we drove back home and got 3 pairs of socks and headed to the bowling alley. We bowled a totally non-competitive game. I say that because Brian beat me, but had I won, it would have been deemed fierce competition. As it stands, it was just a "friendly" game! When we were finished the rain had stopped, so we stopped at the nearest park and ate, then threw some rocks into the river and then ended with a trip to Wendy's for a frozen delight. Ohhh yeah. And the rain even stayed away for some swimming after Nolan's nap!
Nolan got to try out his new umbrella. Who knew when I bought this that we'd get so many opportunities to use it?

Brian setting up the scoreboard with Nolan's help:

Watching his ball go. After awhile he caught on and would say (regardless of it's direction), "Look, that one's right down the middle!"

Eating lunch:

Skipping rocks:


Friday, July 11, 2008

Evening Out

Last Saturday (the day after the 4th), "Gramma" Susan and "Grandpa" Peter (Abby's Grandparents) offered to watch all three kids...Abby, Nolan and Wes, so we could have a nice dinner out. They didn't have to ask us twice, we all jumped at the idea and our biggest decision was where to eat dinner! We went to Bluepoint in Destin and enjoyed a very nice, long, relaxing dinner. Afterwards we decided to stop in a local German restaurant/pub in honor of Becca and John, who would soon be returning to Germany. Becca kept saying how surreal it was to be in a German style atmosphere, knowing she was actually here. We sat outside and had a beer and then figured we better go relieve Susan and Peter (aka the saints!!!). We really can't thank them enough, but I'll try...THANK YOU!!!!! Nolan talked about "Gramma Susan" alot for coming days. I think he must miss his grandparents alot, too (hint, hint)!! But what I've learned and grown to love, is not only does the military become our family, but their extended family becomes very special, too!! When we got home the three kiddos were fast asleep so we played a couple games of beer pong before calling it a night.
Here's Chey & I at dinner:
Andrew & Cheyna:
Cheers! Angela & Becca:Brian, Andrew & Jason with beers bigger than their heads:
Becca & John:The whole gang:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Tuesday we had another bout of rain. It's rained so much lately that the lawns and trees are actually turning green! Anyway, I opened the door to show Nolan how hard the rain was pouring and he wanted to play in it. I hadn't heard any thunder or seen any lightening, so I told him to go for it.
Splash, Splash!He's catching the rain in his hands here, but I think it looks like he's praying!And then you see that mischievous look in his eyes...Mommy & Nolan footprints, these are most fun made after splashing in a puddle then jumping as far as you can onto dry concrete!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Annual Daddy & Nolan Firework Viewing Pictures

2006: 2007: And (drumroll please), 2008! This one was too cute NOT to add!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The truth about having boys...

Brian and I nearly busted a gut laughing when we saw this commercial last night. We had to rewind it and watch it again and I was still wiping tears out of my eyes the second time around!

4th of July Celebrations

We spent the 4th at the Vrabec's, where they hosted quite the shindig. There was a ton of yummy food, a keg, a pool set up for the kiddos, and lots of friends. The Vrabec's are actually in hosting mode, as Becca and John (and their cutie son who just turned 1, Wes) are visiting from Germany. Also in for the weekend was their friend Jason and his lady friend, Angela. Add to the mix Andrew's parents, Susan & Peter, and there's a party before the rest of the guests even arrived! Storms threatened to put a damper on the day (how do you like that corny pun?), but around the time the party started, it was cloudy, but no rain. The kids ran around non stop, swimming in the pool and then watching fireworks.
Brian made this dip and it was a big hit. Everyone thought I had made it, but I knew Brian would be much more precise and accurate with the dimensions and lines than I would.
Staci & Dan's boys, Brandon, Cameron and Dylan:

Nolan and Abby in the pool. There were many different ways they fell invented going down the slide.

Ben and Brian:Jamie & Donovan (I can't believe he's almost 1!!):Becca, Wes & John watching fireworks:Jason & Angela:Jake, Rob, John & Brian playing washers:The true professional washer players!

Mommy's & Kiddos watching fireworks:

Andrew and his neighbor shot off some AWESOME fireworks, but look at the fireworks going off here!!!