Friday, October 29, 2010

Nathan & Lori's Wedding

Unfortunately, I missed most of the beautiful ceremony and held a screaming Joseph outside. Thankfully Jennifer (Brian's cousin) and my parents helped with Daniel and Nolan, who were much better behaved. So I don't have any ceremony pics, but from what I saw/heard it was BEAUTIFUL. And of course, Lori was STUNNING!!

The rehearsal, with the gorgeous couple outside the curch. Brian and I at the rehearsal dinner. I'm including this because I have zero pics of us together Saturday. Good thing it wasn't OUR wedding day! Our beautiful niece (and the flower girl), Maddy: Nolan and Maddy: Maddie and Uncle Nathan: Brian, Joseph, Uncle Kurt & Daniel. I think this is the only pic of the twins in their blazers. Downtown St. Charles. Best wedding shoes ever!! Brian, Nathan & Kurt.
Brian's beautiful cousin and one of Lori's bridesmaids, Anna. The bridesmaids:
She's so beautiful!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friends Rock the Party

We were also able to see and visit with good friends in St. Louis. There were some folks we weren't able to see, but I'm grateful to those I did, even if it was only briefly. I love that our friendships are the kind that no matter how much time has passed, we just seem to pick up where we left off. The boys' with Eric and Lisa's beautiful daughter, Makayla, who is about the same age. Here Joseph is swiping food from her. Shocker! Mike, Eric & Brian posing with skinny arm. It worked boys!
Beth, Dave and Johanna. Look at those eyes!!!

When Andi and I roomed together in college and she was the type of friend that was more like a sister. A few years ago we shared some same frustrations in the quest of trying to give our boys a sibling. Well, it worked....

Andi's triplets, Cohen, Cecilia, and Christian. And Joseph & Daniel.
Plus the two older brothers, Caleb and Nolan. These two also pick up where they left off over a year ago and had a blast playing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Highlights from The Lou

We came back with something like 800 pictures from our trip to St. Louis. I know you all love pics, but lets not be ridiculous! There was lots going on, but the best part of being in town was all the family we got to see and spend time with. We are so blessed!

Uncle Nathan and Nolan:
I'm not sure who was more excited about Pop Pop letting Nolan drive... Grandpa D is doing awesome was cracking jokes and smiling.
Paw Paw became the official Daniel snuggler.
Kathy and Dennis hosted a dinner for all of us, my parents too, in their new gorgeous house. Here's me, my momma and my momma-in-law.
Paw Paw and Nolan:
Pop Pop braved the trampoline with Nolan. Not bad for an old guy!
Nolan asked every day when Maddie would be arriving. They would both be very upset if I didn't include this picture of them doing a flip at the same time.
From left, Austin, Nolan, Morgan and Brady. My big brother, Jack & his beautiful daugher, my sweet, sweet, as-tall-as-me!!! niece!
My aunt Terri and Jeremy's newest little guy! I love this picture!
The pic they all said would go on the blog. You were right! My dad and my cousins, who hosted an awesome dinner for us! They're the best!!
Nathans beautiful bride, me and the twinkies. The boys recently broke this headband. I'm okay with it. Really, I am.

Getting to St. Louis

Getting to St. Louis meant flying with 3 kids. We looked at as an adventure. Everyone in the airport cooed and said how "cute" the kids were. That is, until they realized our three boys were on their flight. This is about 5:00 AM at the airport. The shuttle was at our house at 4:30. Nolan was up at 4:15. I won't say what time I got up.
The next pics should be on the plane. How excited Nolan was. But the reality is we each had a baby on our lap. So we'll fast forward to getting there. Whew! Paw Paw's truck:
Grandma has a swing for to make up for making them get up so early.
And a trampoline. Guess who was beside himself?
Brian and his dad before Nathan's bachelor party.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Hangin Out

The few days before we left for St. Louis were gorgeous! Lovely fall weather, and I needed to be packing. But we had to take some breaks and let the boys enjoy the cool weather. They sat down at the table to eat for all of 30 seconds. Then the eating on the run playing began. Whose king of the hill? Nolan sat down and smiled for the camera. So his brothers sat down, too. Go figure. Then Nolan tries to put his arms around his brothers. Which they can't stand! Joseph & Nolan. Nolan and Daniel. My sweet Nolan:
Blue eye babies, I love them!!