Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bowling Buddies

Last Thursday my Bible study group was getting together after class for lunch to bid farewell to a member of our group who's moving. Taking Nolan to restaurants these days is kind of like trying to juggle with your hands tied behind your back. So I asked Brian if he and Nolan would want to do lunch together so I could do lunch with the ladies. Their plan was to grab some fast food and head to the park. But of course, it was pouring down rain all day (I would have traveled better in a boat than the car). So Brian took Nolan to the base bowling alley for lunch and then Nolan got to bowl his first game! Brian said Nolan had a great time, minus the fact he was a little upset in the beginning because as soon as Brian said, "Let's find a ball." Nolan said, "Green ball!" Well, all the green balls were 12+ pounds, so Brian had to persuade him to use an orange ball. I can't wait to go with them next time and see my little man knock down some pins! And I had a WONDERFUL lunch with the ladies and was able to really relax and soak up some good chatter and time with the girls, thanks sooo much Brian!!!
Here are some pictures of the bowling extravaganza!
Watch out Pop Pop, with scores like this at 2, he's going to give you a run for your money (for those of you that don't know my dad bowls a MEAN game)!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Black and Blue. And purple.

Okay, it's not that bad, but I just have to tell you about Nolan and I's collision. This happened a week ago Thursday. We were being silly and playing when all of a sudden we bonked heads. HARD! We both got hit right above the eye, about eyebrow level. It was blinding pain for me, and I'm not sure it was quite as painful for Nolan. Or maybe he's just much tougher than me, because he was just more upset at the idea that he got a bonk from me. Once he realized it was an accident and I was hurt, too, he was over it. But we put ice on both of them anyway, since there were little bumps growing on both of our faces. Well Nolan's was gone by that evening, and mine had subsided, as well. But the next day I had a black eye!!! Brian assured me it would be gone within a couple days.However, I still have a small purple mark over a week later! The black eye traveled from one side of my eye to the other side. I look like I don't know how to put eyeshadow on, it's pretty amusing. I know you want a picture, but don't think for one second I'm posting a picture of myself without makeup (and that's the only way to really see it), because I won't do it. You would all be scared off for life and I love you too much for that!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Tristan!

Yesterday afternoon we were invited to help celebrate Tristan's 4th Birthday! He had a LarryBoy themed party (from Veggie Tales), since that's Tristan's FAVORITE character/hero. Not a bad role model at all! The party was great, with yummy snacks, pizza and awesome cupcakes made my Nadia. We all had a great time and Tristan seemed to really enjoy himself, too, which is the main thing. Thanks for including us, Morgans, it was a blast!
The birthday boy, Tristan!
Nolan and Daddy, both with LarryBoy hats and icing mustaches (it IS almost Mustache March)! A shot of the kids eating and singing to Tristan: Tristan opening gifts, with some help from Mom!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kaoreoke Night!

Friday night we were invited to go out with some friends and kaoreoke. It's been a long time since we've done that and it brought back some memories --kaoreoke used to be at least a twice a month thing when we were young, or rather childless...not that I would trade it for the WORLD! Everyone that went out were parents so we hired babysitters to come after the kids were in bed. We'd never gone that route, but it worked out really nicely. We still got our evening with Nolan and then once he was down, we went out. We met at Dan and Staci's house, who were the planners of the whole night. Actually, Stacie planned the night as a surprise for Dan, so he wasn't sure why we were all showing up at his house. Then we all hopped into Rob and Tara's van and hit up the kaoreoke! There was singing and dancing and fun had by all.
Here are the kids before we left for the bar. Oh wait, no, that's Rob, Dan & Brian!
The group shot. Brian, myself, Rob, Tara, Dan, Staci & Shelley:
These were in the lobby of the bar. Brian thought we had somehow gotten back to Cheyenne, but there would have been real mechanical bulls if that were the case. The guys brought the house down when they sang, "Man I feel like I woman!"Dan dipping Shelley!Rob takes Staci for a spin on the dance floor. But then Dan (Staci's husband) got insanely jealous. So...A picture of Tara and I!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Saturday afternoon I went on a lunch and movie date with the girls, Cheyna, Neda and Tara. We ate at Zoe's, did some window shopping, lots of chatting and chowed down on munchies during the movie. The movie was really cute, a definite chick flick. Most exciting was a preview that made me clap in the theatre...SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE!!! WHOO HOO! I can't wait!!!Saturday night Brian and a couple of the guys went out for some darts and pool. We really didn't see much of each other Saturday, but we enjoyed time with friends and Nolan of course had a blast hanging out with Daddy one on one. Good times!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Long Weekend

One of the advantages to military life is the occassional "Family" Day that the base tags onto an already long weekend. Since Monday was President's Day and most of the base was closed, they gave them Friday off, too. So Brian and I had a 4 day weekend together! We started it off with a day at the beach, where we met Cheyna, Andrew and Abby. The kids played on the playground until we drug them away to eat lunch. After lunch we returned to the beach, but this time we headed down by the water. Nolan was soaked by the time we left, he loved wading and splashing in the water. Last summer he hated the feel of walking on the sand, but age combined with "Well Abby's not scared" put his fears to rest and he loved every second. The kids were adorable and having so much fun that we couldn't bear to tear Nolan away for his normal naptime. After a late nap we decided a quiet evening was probably a good idea. We headed to Wal Mart for a few things and suddenly I heard Nolan yelling, "Abby! Abby!" I started telling him, "No, that isn't Abby" when I looked up and saw Cheyna and Abby. Andrew twisted our arms and MADE us come over for home made pizza. It was pretty tough convincing us, I'm sure you can imagine. The kids found more energy still and played until past their bedtimes! The reward for us parents? Both kids slept in Saturday morning! Yay! Nolan didn't get up until almost 9, and that was only because I went and got him! All in all, it was a great start to our weekend!
Here are some pictures of our day at the beach.
The slide:
Abby eating spaghetti! YUM!!Daddy & N0lan strolling the beach:Nolan:
Abby and Nolan testing the waters, literally, to see how brave they are. When the waves would come up too high (especially at first), they would turn around and book it towards shore!Adorable!I stole this picture from Cheyna's blog, I just love this shot of Nolan!

Valentine's Day

Sure, it's a week late, but we have had a busy week! Nolan's class at Mom's Day Out had a little Valentine party and all the kids brought Valentine's. Unfortunately Nolan was sick on Monday, but I was able to get him in on Wednesday so he still was able to celebrate! Here are the Valentine's he gave out. I got this idea from my new magazine, Family Fun, that Cheyna got me for Christmas! I LOVE IT! Nolan did the coloring and stickers himself! He had a ball opening his Valentine's when we got home. Every time he opened a card he would exclaim, "It's so pretty!" Ha ha, I have no idea where he got that, but it was cracking me up!
This video is worth a chuckle. He's eating M&M's, just in case you're wondering.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sweethearts Unite

Because we have two of the greatest guys in the world, Brian and Andrew decided to cook Cheyna and I a fabulous meal in honor of Valentine's Day. We all figured we could eat a wonderful meal at home for a fraction of the cost of going out to dinner, plus we wouldn't have to pay babysitters! Cheyna and I would have been content with a casserole and some wine, but the boys had other ideas. They went ALL OUT!!! Friday they went grocery shopping together. Oh, what I would give for a picture of that! Saturday Brian left before me to go to their place and the guys started cooking around 4 pm. We ate a little after 8, after the kiddos went to bed. They were cooking for 4 hours!! But, oh my word, it was worth every single delicious bite. I felt like I was on the Food Network channel, in the Andrew/Brian kitchen. Or the Brian/Andrew kitchen. Or...the Brandrew KITCHEN! Ha ha, anyway, it was exquisite and we all had a fantastic time!
1st Course. Appetizer: Mediterranean bruchetta served on warm ciabatta bread.
2nd Course.Salad: Pasta House salad!! Yep, they made it from scratch. Andrew wasn't sure I would know what it was since they had never heard of the Pasta House. But one bite and I KNEW. Oh mercy me! It was so divine.
3rd Course. Main meal: Filet mignon topped with bacon, mushrooms and gouda cheese on top all wrapped in a puff pastry , risotto stuffed tomatoes, and asparagus. 4th Course. Dessert. Chocolate covered strawberries, coffee flavored brulee and champagne with strawberries floating in the glasses. WOW!
I felt spoiled and like I said, it was wonderful and a ton of fun. After dinner we sat around and chatted, went outside by the fire for a bit and just relaxed. Thanks Cheyna and Andrew for having it at your place and letting us dirty all of your dishes! And a heartfelt thanks to our hubbies, you made us feel so special, appreciated and loved. You guys are the best!
The gourmet chefs:
Look at that chopping work!Abby & Nolan had their own romantic dinner of chicken nuggets and corn on the cob. YUM! We should have caught on that Nolan was pretty sick when he wouldn't touch the corn (he's okay now, but we had a scary couple of days battling the croup and I am praying Abby doesn't get it!). The guys didn't want us "peeking" in the kitchen, but we couldn't help coming in every once in a while to say hi!The ambiance:The main course: This was one of the best red wines I have tasted in a looong time. Paired with the steak there was quite frankly a party in my mouth. Aren't they sweet? I kept trying to take a picture where it focused on the candle, with them slightly blurred in the background. I have to figure that camera function out.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bag full of Goodies...or goofies

What better way to start our weekend than by laughing so hard your belly hurts? Brian decided to have some fun with the paper bags from the store. Of course, no pain, no gain and he started off the evening with a minor injury (see below). I think he feels it was all worth it in the end, though, because the boys had lots of fun.
I had no idea what Brian was doing originally, I just heard him say, "OW!" and run for the bathroom. This is what I saw on the island. Can't be good, right?
Here's Brian all bandaged up. I spared you the bloody pics (and deleted them), because I of course got dizzy when I saw blood. Most of you are probably much more capable of handling these types of things, but just in case, I wouldn't want you to get queasy while looking at our blog!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

When Daddy's give baths...

Rowdy in Town

Rowdy was in town last week for work and stayed through the weekend to visit with the Malone's and with us. It was great seeing him, and of course it made me miss Sally! The guys went out on the town Thursday night and Friday Jamie and Jake grilled out for all of us. As always it was a phenominal treat! Saturday morning we met Abby and Cheyna at the park and then we took Nolan to get a much needed haircut! That night we met up with the Malone's and Rowdy for dinner at Fudpucker's in Destin. Jake and Rowdy went out on the town again and I heard it was a pretty late night. Brian, Nolan and I headed back to Crestview, but we stopped at Hershey's Ice cream on the way home for dessert...soooo yummy! Sunday Jake and Rowdy came over to watch the game and have some wings. It was a casual, quiet, but relaxing weekend overall.
Nolan on the slide at the park:
The Malone's at dinner:
Our fam at dinner: The guys during the game. They were oh-so-excited I was taking a picture, can't you tell? Nolan watching his monster truck movie at the computer during superbowl. He would come and check the score (aka get some chips and dip) every so often, but he was so good we kept forgetting he was there(not really)! Do you like his new haircut?

Friday, February 01, 2008

This clip was taken the first day that Brian returned home. I kept trying NOT to laugh so that you could the hilarious belly laugh coming from Nolan, but it was pretty much impossible for me not to laugh.

All the fun...

Here are some pictures of our time together "reuniting."

Nolan tasting Daddy's famous chicken parmesan (per Momma's request). I have no earthly idea what is going on with his hair, but we are very aware it's time for a cut:

Playing on the playground at the Commons:Reunited with buddy, Andrew. Since their deployments were back to back of each other's this was the first time they had seen each other, and that the 4 of us (actually 6 of us) were together, in 8 months. It was quite a reunion!Daddy & Nolan ride the carasoul:Nolan helping me make my teriyaki burgers (per Brian's request):

Nolan must have asked for more "popcorn" like 10 times. We have no idea why he was calling the peas popcorn, but Brian finally piled all of these on his plate and Nolan thought it was hilarious. Of course, this was the night before Brian went back to work, so of course he didn't have to worry about diaper repurcussions the next day!