Friday, April 30, 2010

April Nolanisms (and more...)

  • After seeing all the variety of houses at the beach while we were on vacation, Nolan wanted to know why our house was so "small." We explained to him it was all we needed and it was plenty of room. However, at dinner one night, a sweet woman came to chat with us and when she asked Nolan his name he said, "We're staying at the beach, but our house isn't very big because my mommy and daddy don't have a lot of money."
  • Nolan heard us talking about some baby clothes that were 2T. He looked at us and said, "Like its coming out of our toosh?" (Translation...tootie).
  • Nolan has told anyone we cross paths with (and I mean anyone) the following news. Just like this: "We're moving to Boston. They came and took all my toys, but I have some toys in my bag at the hotel. I'm in a big boy seat now and I have a buckle like Mommy and Daddy have and my brothers are still in baby seats." If the individual at the receiving end seems to have processed enough he continues on. "These are my brothers. This is Jofus and this is Daniel."
  • After conversations like the ones above, Nolan always tells me, "Mom, I was very sharming" (translation: charming)! He's really learned to steal attention away from his baby brothers, he can't afford to be shy!
  • Nolan still pronounces Joseph, Jo-fus. He has gone on to name Joseph, Jophey (Jo-feey) or often calls him Jo-Jo. He pronounces Daniel perfectly and sometimes calls him Danny (although when he's being really silly he'll call him Dan-Dan).
  • I was asking Nolan how he felt about moving to Boston and letting him know its okay to be sad to leave Florida, even though we're excited about our new adventure. He said, "Mom, I'm a little sad to leave my friends. But I'm going to have hundreds of friends in Boston."
  • After bath one night Nolan asked Brian to comb his hair "back, like the boy today." Brian was at a loss, until Nolan used his hands to motion a mohawk. "You know Dad, like this. How does he get it to stay like that?" Brian comprehended what he meant...but the "boy" waiter he was speaking about was not a boy. Brian didn't tell him, but explained "he" put gel in it to make it stay. Nolan said, "like the kind you eat?"
  • Nolan laughs and laughs when his brothers do something that exasperates me. He thinks its the best to be on "their side" and in on some scheme. Recently we were at the grocery store and I had the stroller. Joseph was reaching for an onion that would have caused the whole lot of onions to come tumbling down. I rolled the stroller so it was out of his reach. I turned to get an avacado. I turned back to see Nolan pushing Joseph back and pointing at the onion...I mean, really, its starting already???
  • Joseph can do the sign language for "more" and also raises his arms when we say "How big is Joseph? Sooo big!" Daniel laughs when we do it, but won't raise his arms just yet...he could probably do the sign for "more" but we're so ready to feed him, I doubt we give him the opportunity to want more.


Monday, April 26, 2010


It seems like yesterday I was taking Nolan to the park to swing for the first time, when he was about 9 months old. His brothers love to swing as much as he does. And I love living vicariously through them. Its as if I'm witnessing them learning to fly...I love it!!! I'm typing one handed, so I don't have much time, but I had to share these pictures, which are already over a month old!

Daniel: I love how Joseph's tongue is sticking out in this picture!Their profiles!
Sheer joy!
Nolan adores pushing them on the swing and is actually a big help! I think he gets to finally get out his rough play with them in a constructive safe manner, its a win win!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teeth...and other Babe Happenings

So much to do, so little time! Here are some quick updates on the twins!
  • Joseph now has three teeth! His top two came in first, which the pediatrician told me is certainly unusual, but not unheard of...JoJo's personality through and through! His bottom left popped through Saturday and was by far the worst pain for him and for us! You can see his top two here!
  • Daniel's first tooth popped through Thursday, much to my relief! It's a miracle we know he has a tooth because he won't let us near his mouth, but its his bottom left, and popped through 2 days before J's bottom left!
  • Both boys are crawling faster than the speed of light. Daniel still army crawls, but will occasionally go up on all fours and crawl. His physical therapist isn't worried, but if he goes from army crawl into walking, we'll have to do muscle work in areas later down the road.
  • Both babies can and do pull themselves up on everything. They cruise comfortably, but not quickly. They can both speed walk with the walker toy that Nolan loved at their age. Neither will take a step by themselves yet, but I think its a matter of weeks before one of them will brave it.
  • They are into everything. EVERYTHING!! Drawers, boxes, closets, cabinets. I literally lay my head down at night and thank God that they are safe at night.
  • They stand in their cribs and babble at each other. They also wave at each other, and wave at everyone daily.

It is a stressful, chaotic time, but its so awesome. I really do love this age and with twins, it may be twice the work, but absolutely twice the fun and blessings. We are having a blast!! More to come soon....


Friday, April 23, 2010

When Daddy's in Charge....


Simone's Birthday

We were still at the beach on vacation for Simone's 2nd Birthday, so Erin and Evan were sweet enough to include us in a family celebration to Triple Threat, the bouncy castle place in Pensacola. The kids had so much fun and then we ended the night at a delicious pizza joint.
Nolan and Griffin:
Evan & the birthday girl:
Even Joseph & Daniel had a blast! Happy Birthday sweet, sweet Simone, we feel honored to know and love you!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Airing Our Dirty Laundry


Monday, April 12, 2010

Beach Vaca, Continued....

For some reason whenever I heard mention of oysters, I always thought of awful food poisoning. I didn't realize that was only a risk if you eat them RAW. So while in oyster country, Brian and I had oysters, baked, for the first time. Holy goodness, batman, they were amazing. Seriously, amazing!!! I can't stop thinking about them. Mmmm....
Nolan and Momma: The boys (Thanks Tammi & Tim for adorable twin outfits!!!)
This was the pirate ship park we went to on the last day, the boys loved it!
Daddy & Danny: Joseph & Big Brother: Daddy & Nolan at dinner:
The rainbow we spotted driving over the 5 mile bridge to the island! The day before there were dolphins feet from the beach...seriously felt like paradise!!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

More Beach Pics...

These are some of my favorites, this was the morning I dragged Nolan from bed to see the sunrise. It was a wonderful "date" with my little guy! Tootsie was a BIG fan of the beach, as well!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Forgotten Coast, Part 1

Last week we packed our sand buckets and flip flops and headed to the beach on St. George Island (otherwise known as the Forgotten Coast). We rented a house directly on the beach and though the house was one of the more older homes in the area and nothing fancy, the location was all we were after and it suited us perfectly! In fact, we fell so in love with the area that we got wild and crazy and extended our stay by two nights. It was so awesome to be able to have so much uninterrupted time together. Here are some pics of our stay!

This is the back of our house, ours was the right side...3 bedroom, with a full kitchen, living room. The other side of the duplex was unused that week.
The view from the house:
The twins' eating spots, we loved feeding them and watching the water at the same time: Nolan learned how to play Go Fish, even though the only deck of cards we had were for Phase 10. We stayed up late one night, just the three of us, playing and laughing so hard that Nolan got the hiccups!
The town of Apalachicola is right across the bridge from SGI and its a big fishing town. Its well known for its amazing oysters and 90% of Florida oysters come from here! It was a really cute town, with really sweet folks!
Daddy & Nolan:
Daddy & Joseph on one of our family walks on the beach: Myself & Daniel (and Nolan):

More pics to come....