Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Many Thanks!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you wonderful folks for the many birthday wishes. I feel spoiled with all the cards, emails, phone calls & gifts that made it my way this year. You all made me feel very special and I am so truly blessed. My last year in my 20's!!!! WOW! Brian brought Nolan in and said "what do you want to say to mama?" And NOlan said, "Poppy Day!" I think it's my favorite way I've ever been told Happy Birthday and my heart melted. Then they gave me my gift...a gift certficate for the spa, whatever I want...a massage, a manicure, facial. I cannot WAIT to use it, I am ecstatic!
Brian and I started the day off with church, and since it was Memorial Day weekend, the service was very patriotic. I think it was the best service we've been to yet, I had to borrow a tissue from a neighbor in our pew and I had goose bumps through most of the service. The music and tributes to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country was done so tastefully and so well!!! Then we headed home and ate some light lunch and tried to have Nolan take a short nap before we headed over to our friends, Neda & Kypp's house for a pool party. There were 3 other kids there (all boys), and Nolan had such a blast swimming and scaring us with his running around the pool. We kept his life jacket on since the child refuses to sit still for more than 30 seconds. The food was yummy and they even made me a birthday cake and sang to me! It was a VERY beautiful and delicious cake made by our friend Roxanne. It had lemon filling, like our wedding cake, because she knew that was my favorite.
Brian and I returned home, fed Nolan some dinner since he was having too much fun to eat at the party, and put him down. Then we sat in the Florida room and sipped wine and chatted. WONDERFUL DAY!!!!
Our hostess Neda (L) and Roxanne (R):
Brian and a chilled Nolan:View of the lake from their pool:Me: The beautiful birthday cake (with a candle that played the Happy Birthday melody):The 3 adult guys (Brian, Wes, Kypp), who acted more like 10 year olds goofing off in the pool:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beach Stroll

Friday night Brian, Nolan & I headed to Destin. We found a nice area of beach to walk on that wasn't so crowded and spent some time walking and sitting on the beach. The flags were red, which means very rough waters, so the waves were fairly large. Nolan was very uncertain of walking on the beach as I think he thought the waves could get him no matter where he was. When we pointed out a family with 2 dogs, however, he forgot all his fears and started booking it to go say hi to the doggies. I think he would have followed them into the water if they went. After our walk on the beach we went to McGuire's, an Irish restaurant with yummy everything. Their beer & root beer are home made and it was the BEST root beer I think I ever tasted!
You can see the dogs in the background here. They were very friendly and the family let Nolan throw the ball for the dogs (although he tends to get confused and throw the ball AT the dogs, but they didn't seem to mind).

Mama & a cute DUCK!

Nolan, look over HERE!

And the Ding Dong Award Goes Tooooo....

Nolan has had a cough for about a week, but only at night. So today I called the doctor first thing and got him an appointment. We were driving and I thought to myself, wow, 1o minutes early. Pat myself on the back. Whoo hoo, go me. Then I turned and smiled at Nolan. And asked why he had taken his shoe off. But then I noticed both shoes were gone. Then the light bulb came on. I forgot my son's shoes. Un-pat myself on the back. Eat a slice of humble pie. I looked at the clock. My glorious 9 minutes would never allow me enough time to go all the way back home, grab his shoes & still make it on time. I was doing a u-turn anyway, because I couldn't possibly take him into the DOCTOR's with no shoes. FIDDLESTICKS! Suddenly, a beautiful sight appeared before my eyes. Payless Shoes. I quickly turned in. I grabbed my wallet, my shoeless boy and ran into the store. I ran to the toddler section and low and behold, they had the shoes I went looking for weeks ago, but didn't have then. Boy crocs! Whoo hoo! I tried a pair on, they fit great (just in case you're confused, I tried them on Nolan's feet, not mine). I ran back up to the counter (luckily I was the only customer). The sweet woman was chuckling, as she knew exactly what was going on somehow (perhaps I am not the only frazzled mom who this has happened to?) "Would you like me to cut off the tag now?" She asked. "Um, yes, please." And I slipped them on his cute little feet. We made it to the doctor RIGHT ON TIME, thank you very much! On a side note now we are equipped with allergy medicine and a trial "breathing" machine (it gives the medicine in a vapor form, which leads to less side effects). The doctor thinks he has allergies (he's too young to be diagnosed with asthma, but he thinks it may be something we have to deal with in a couple years & we'll just have to!). Now Nolan and Mama can sport their crocs together. When will Daddy crack under the pressure and buy a pair???

Friday, May 25, 2007

Daddy & Nolan Weekend

Last weekend my boys drove me to the airport Friday morning. I was off on an adventure of my own! I went back to St. Louis for a short stay and to celebrate my dear friend Meghan's upcoming wedding. We had a lovely late afternoon bridal shower for her and then continued on to a yummy dinner, then of course, some fun times out on the town. I left my camera with Brian, so when I get some pictures of my weekend, I'll post them. It was sooo much fun! Brian and Nolan did lots of fun things, like swim in the pool, go to the park & feed the ducks, have dinner at Jake & Jamie's. Brian said he appreciated me even more, but the truth was, I appreciated HIM more. Being away from home is really hard when you have a little one that holds your heart in his hands. When they walked through the doors at the airport I actually started crying I was so happy to see them. Nolan even gave me a looong hug, which is unusual unless he has a bonk!
Anyway, here are a couple shots of my gorgeous guys during my girls weekend away.
Here's a self portrait by Bri, before they went outside to swim. I love how their hats look identical!

And here are a couple at the park:

Don't worry, in this next picture he's not sunburned, just flushed. It happens all the time and almost always scares me even though we coat him in sunblock.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Gardner

So I have the cutest gardner on the block (he may not be the tallest, but he makes up for it in cuteness)!
Hmm, that water is fun to stick my arm in!My flowers:

The Sneaky One...

I was preparing dinner last week and had taken some premade frozen rolls out of the freezer. Nolan spotted them and kept asking "bite? bite?" I told him, no, obviously because they were cold! About a half hour later, I sat him in his high chair so I could throw the lasagne & rolls in the oven. I reach for the pan of rolls, to see one missing...and in that sneaky little guys pudgy little hands. They were still cold, but not frozen and he took a bite out of one. And he was LAUGHING & GIGGLING the whole time. Okay, Mr. I admit, you got me this time (I'm sure it won't be the last)!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hayden Cooper Hubbard

Hayden was born last night at 8:20 PM, weighing 8 lbs, 9 oz & measuring 20 inches long! It sounds like it may have been a tough ordeal, but Momma & baby are doing great. Congratulations Amanda & Ron, we miss you sooooo much and cannot wait to meet that cutie pie! Sara, thanks so much for the email & picture!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

18 Months

Oh, my little butterball, where does the time go??? I can't believe you are 18 months. I can't believe I am the mom of a 1 1/2 year old. You are one mischievous, loving, quirky, silly, adorable, hot-tempered, fun, sweet boy. We love you so much. Here are some random pictures of Nolan that I just never got around to posting:
This pic Cheyna took...what is HE doing??? Being a goofball, I imagine!
Chomping on some goldfish ("fishy" as he calls them) with Daddy during our garage sale:Being a BIG HELPER with groceries. He carried lots of stuff, but only to the door, for fear we wouldn't let him come back outside with us!Nolan, eating dirt at Chey's (she took this one too). He fell and was laughing & literally eating the dirt (he so looks like my nephew Corey in this pic, not because of the dirt, but the facial expression):

Nolan & Abby both trying to fit in a one seater car...both were pretty good about sharing the space overall!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I am in sooo much trouble...

There is little this guy can't climb now. This is what I found him doing last week, crying because he couldn't get down (but when I put him on the floor he wanted right back up).
Doesn't it look like he is telling a big crowd a story here...he thinks he's on stage:
He can also get onto our bed and the chairs in the kitchen (whether they are pushed in or not). Oh boy, he IS all BOY!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Because I'm Your Mom

(I have to admit I stole this title & idea from another blogger, whom I adore & was such a good idea, it inspired me).
Because I'm your mom, I get to hear you say "dip dip" countless times in a day.
Because I'm your mom, I get to kiss your bonk's and make them all better.
Because I'm your mom, I get to listen to you over the monitor talk to Mousey (your favorite stuffed animal who sleeps with you) and read him stories.
Because I'm your mom, I am always on my feet at playdates, chasing you.
Because I'm your mom, I get to buy you ice cream from the ice cream truck.
Because I'm your mom, I pray more earnestly and sincerly and hope you will follow in my footsteps.
Because I'm your mom, I take better care of myself so that I can share as many days, months, years possible with you.
Because I'm your mom, I get to kiss you everyday.
Because I'm your mom, I get to laugh with you.
Because I'm your mom, I get to be the tickle monster.
Because I'm your mom, I get to watch how you light up people's faces when you arrive, or when they see you in a store, or at a restaurant.
Because I'm your mom, I get to cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons with you.
Because I'm your mom, I know Veggie Tales & Laurie Berkner songs by heart (and even sing them when you are not around).
Because I'm your mom, I get to rescue you when you climb onto furniture and can't find your way back down.
Because I'm your mom, I get to have stains on the nicest of clothes (and blame you, where as before you were born, I still had stains, but it was my own clumsy fault).
Because I'm your mom, I love looking for the moon.
Because I'm your mom, I love building forts.
Because I'm your mom, I get to sing to you daily and listen to you sing to me. I think I like the listening part better.
Because I'm your mom, I have a glimpse at God's unconditional love for me.
Because I'm your mom, I am so very blessed. I love you Nolan.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mom's out there...especially to our mothers! What a special day! I have been blessed with an exceptional day so far. My boys surprised me with tulips! Then we headed to church and then onto brunch, where we met Nadia, Tristan, Cheyna & Abby. We ate lots and even had a glass of bubbly! Then we ventured outside and snapped some photos in between the kiddo chasing. Nolan wore his "nice" outfit, that he also wore Easter Sunday. I thought the pants would fit better by now, seeing as it's been a while and the shirt barely buttons. But it's a strange size and the pants are huge on him. But I forgot to pin them like I did last time. Well much to my horror, they kept falling down. I would roll the waist, but as he ran around it would get loose. Well a couple times they just fell clear to his ankles. It was pretty funny...but not funny enough that I took a picture!!!
Momma & Nolan:
Chey & Abby: The three muskateers:

Brian, Sam & Nolan:

Daddy & Nolan:

Finally, a picture of all of us girls together...and we're laughing so hard because Nolan's pants just fell down (again).

Who Knew?

We got a phone call on Wednesday that our good friends (Brian's oldest friend), Mike and his wife Miranda were only 1 1/2 hours away from us, on vacation. So before they went back to St. Louis, they wanted to come see us! Brian took leave on Friday and we had a great time boating with them and then grilling out and staying up late playing games. It was one of the greatest surprises and we are so so SOOOO happy they called and made the trip to see us, it meant so much.
Here we are on the water. Mike & Miranda at Crab Island:
Nolan enjoying a cool beverage:On the beach:

Miranda & I:

Brian & Mike:

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Daddy's Boy

Nolan went through a phase for about a month, I would say, where he wanted me and only me. At bath time, at bed time, when he got a "bonk." I love feeling so needed, but it was exhausting for me and it made me sad that he only seemed to be comforted by me. That is a thing of the past. All day, from the moment he wakes up, I hear "Da-da?" (although at first he'll say Mama, because he still calls us both Mama, until I say, "Yes?" and then he's thinks and says, "Da-Da?") When we go outside he asks for Daddy, when we go into our bedroom, Daddy. And the moment that Brian does get home is just priceless. Nolan is soooooo happy to see him. He still loves his Mama, but he really adores his daddy. They actually have a ritual. Brian gets home from work and takes Nolan with him while he changes so I can have a few minutes of peace while I finish making dinner. It's a habit we fell into and all really love, even though alot of books say you should let your kids see you have quality mom & dad time FIRST. I see their point, but this just works better for us. Anyway, while they are back in our closet Nolan likes to try on every single one of Brian's hats. And make Brian wear them. "Hat" he says over and over. Saturday afternoon Brian was working in the yard and Nolan followed me into the closet and asked for a hat. So I gave it to him...and this is him wearing it. I DIDN'T put it on this way, he did this all on his own!
Here he is playing with Tootsie (they are seriously good pals)
Watching Daddy out the window:And my personal favorite:

Monday, May 07, 2007

Turkey in May

In Andrew's honor, we fried a turkey on Saturday. He & Cheyna have never had one, and we really don't use the fryer enough, so we jumped at the chance. It was kind of strange having turkey in May (especially when Cheyna pulled out the cranberries), but it tastes just as good!!! We ended up not having enough peanut oil initially so dinner was delayed and the kiddos ate before us and were in bed by the time we sat down to eat. Dare I say it was nice to have all 4 of us without the kids? We love them to pieces, but we will have to have late dinners for all of us in the future, it was pretty fun! Then with very full bellies we sat around the outdoor fireplace and chatted. We love Cheyna & Andrew, you guys are truly amazing people!
The kids playing with the bubbles from the bubble machine (awesome little toy):

Brian, Nolan & I:

Brian & Andrew (Sally, does this picture remind you of anything...ha ha ha)!

Slumber Party time!

Friday we had Abby overnight so Chey & Andrew could have some time to themselves. We started out with a dip in Nolan's new favorite toy, a kiddie pool with a slide. All I am going to say is that it seemed like a good idea at the time...but we plan on moving it to the side yard so that we can play outside without worrying that when we turn our backs for one second, Nolan will jump in! That being said, it's a great addition to our yard. He and Abby love it and it is so fun to watch them splash around. Abby was soooo good and Nolan loved having her stay. I swear, sometimes it's really easier when we have her, they just entertain one another.

Just in case you are wondering, I have socks under my crocs because the ants here are ridiculous (and they bite!). In all my life I have never seen as many ants as in our backyard, but Brian is working on it!