Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Circus

Sunday we joined the Vrabec's for an afternoon of fun at the Ringling Brother's circus in Pensacola. It was a tad sentimental for me, because I vividly remember my Dad taking me on a "date" to the circus when I was probably 7 years old. Don't quote me on the age. But I do remember I wore my favorite grey dress, with a pink ribbon. I felt so pretty and special to be my Daddy's #1 little girl. I tried to make Nolan wear a dress, but he and Brian both said that was going too far...
Anyway, we had a great time. Nolan and Abby loved the animals and the "silly clowns" and of course the circus popcorn, one of the few snacks that wouldn't have cost us our entire savings. Can you believe the cotton candy was $12?? Luckily Nolan is just as content with the much more affordable goodies!
Here's Nolan clapping:
Abby & Nolan eating popcorn:Here are the respective family shots. These were taken right after the
circus ended and both kiddos were raring to follow the hoards of people (little did they know they weren't going anywhere exciting...just exiting). Anyway, both wanted to get out of the laps of their parents and on the floor to play, which is why they look like they are totally grumped. Abby actually looks much less grumpy...Outside the circus:
Nolan was so tired that when we got home he fell asleep right where he landed (literally). The dogs were totally okay with it, probably because he gives them lots of treats when he's not snoozing.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Mrs. & Mrs. Ryan & Meghan Murphy. You two are beautiful and we wish we could be there to toast to you in person. We love & miss you!

Brandon's 1st Birthday

Saturday we had the privilege of celebrating Dan & Staci's youngest son, Brandon, turning ONE! They had a petting zoo and two ponies, one for riding! Nolan was beside himself with excitement. Brandon looked absolutely adorable and seemed to have a great time. I would put money on it that every kid at the party had a fantastic time and slept well that night!!
Staci & Brandon:
Big brother Cameron and Brandon on the first pony ride!Nolan holding the duck! Nolan riding the pony! Most of the ride he had a very serious look on his face, one of absolute concentration. We finally got him to smile!Brandon's yummy cake!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Enrichment Program

There's a fantastic woman in our community who volunteers three times a week by putting on a summer program for the kids. She brings a craft and snack to the park's gymnasium and plans games and activities. One day they did bubbles, one day they fed the ducks. She always runs around with them and tires them out, and it's just been a really fun, cheap way to do something fun. Last week she coordinated the coloring craft around firefighters because the park had some firemen come to the park and show the kids fire safety and firetrucks. It was Nolan's first day out of the house after being sick and he was pretty excited!
Dylan and Nolan running around:
Cameron, Nolan & Dylan playing hoola hoops with Miss Tabitha, who is the coordinator of the program:Coloring a Dalmatian fire fighter:This was the smoke house. The firemen talked to the kids about fire safety and explained that smoke rises. So if there's smoke in your house you need to crawl to safety (outside preferably). I thought Nolan would be freaked out, but he was one of the first kids who jumped up and crawled into (under) the smoke and outside to safety. He got a fire hat and some other goodies. They let the kids sit in the firetruck, but by then Nolan was pretty tired and it was just too overwhelming and big. He would say he wanted to, but then we'd get up close and he would say "no!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Train Museum

Friday afternoon I had a doctor's appointment in Pensacola, so the boys and I opted to make a day of it and go to the West Florida Train Museum on our way. It's in a little (but from what we saw, cute) town of Milton. They have some great trains that they've restored that you can walk through, some replica's of trains, a diner train restored that you can use for birthday parties and such, and even a small train on a small track that the little kids can ride. The gentlemen that run the museum were so generous to us and turned the air on in the diner so we could eat our packed lunch in there and even though there were no other little ones at the museum, they drove Nolan (and Brian) in the train. Unfortunately, Nolan was not himself. We kept thinking he was being shy or was too hot, but at lunch realized it was more serious. He was burning up a fever and would barely drink. We felt pretty crummy that we had been making him walk around in the could tell he WANTED to be excited, but he must have felt pretty bad. After we left, we headed to Target and bought him some Children's Motrin, which helped for a time. He ended up being sick all weekend and it was confirmed Monday that he had strep throat, poor baby. In the fall they have a festival at the train museum, so we plan on taking Nolan then...when it's both cooler and he's feeling better!!
The boys in front of the Flat Car, built in 1952:

Nolan and I in front of the "bay window caboose" built in 1965 : Who's that cutie in the window?This is the Frisco caboose, built in 1934! Beautiful!

Brian and Nolan had to climb a ladder to sit up here and catch this view in the Frisco caboose. Of course, it was like 120 degrees up there, which is really sad since we didn't realize poor Nolan was already running a fever!

The train Nolan got to ride. This was a huge red flag that something wasn't right with him, because he could have cared less...and he loves trains so much!! Later, when he was feeling better, he did talk about how he got to ride a train. We're in the diner car now, getting ready to eat. Next to us, a "real live" train is going by! Nolan said it was going to see Santa...because according to him, that's where ALL trains go!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I want to wish all the father's we know and love a very special Happy Father's Day!! Most importantly today I wish to thank my husband, who makes me fall in love with him all over again when I see him interacting with Nolan. We've had a VERY rough weekend, which is why this post won't be longer. Nolan is very sick with a sore throat and Brian has been amazing, patient, sweet and strong. The last two nights he's endured kicking in the ribs and back because Nolan has had to sleep with us and is in so much pain that he is thrashing. Anyway, there is no greater joy than watching the adoration that Nolan holds for you, Brian. Your unfailing energy and creativity dedicated to our son is beyond comprehension! You're an inspiration. I love you so much, happy father's day!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My love affair

I am having a platonic love affair with none other than Mr. Clean himself. Yep, there, I said it! Most of my friends have at some time or another have had the disadvantage of hearing me complain about my kitchen floor and how tough it is to clean. The only true way to get it clean is by getting a Magic Eraser sponge, a bucket and getting on my hands and knees and cleaning the entire floor. Then I follow up with the wet swifter. Mopping does no good whatsoever. I've tried 3 different mops since living in this house (one broke I was scrubbing so hard). I've tried every chemical known to man with the mop, just to avoid scrubbing on my hands and knees for over an hour. This isn't meant to be a self pity or woe-is-me post...just hang with me a second. Recently I mentioned to Cheyna that Magic Eraser should make a mop device. Last Friday Cheyna and I were at the store together when she came around the corner with a huge grin on her face and this beautiful mop!! Ta-da!!!
I was even more impressed when I discovered that even though they sell an entire mop, they also sell 3 different kinds of mop heads for 3 different kinds of other words if you already own a mop, you can just buy a magic eraser mop head and not throw money down the drain for yet another mop! I used it this weekend and I don't think cleaning ever made me happier. It works JUST AS GOOD as when I scrub on my hands and knees. Go out today and buy one and make your life easier and your floors cleaner. I hope you love Mr. Clean as much as I do!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Surprise Pool Party

Saturday Brian welcomed me into the 30's club with a surprise Birthday party. I knew something was going on because he was a very busy bee with the yard and house, but because the Vrabec's invited us to dinner Saturday and Brian said yes, I just thought maybe people were coming over for cake. It was a fantastic surprise to realize friends were coming over for a barbecue and to swim! There is truly nothing more important to me in this life besides my family and friends and I thank God everyday for them, so I feel truly blessed to have celebrated this milestone in such a way. Growing up my birthday was always on or around Memorial Day weekend, and we would celebrate both occasions at my Grandma & Grandpa's house at their pool. Those memories are so fond and special, so having a pool party couldn't have been more perfect. My only regret is that my parents and brother and my extended family couldn't be here, but they were here in spirit!!
Lindsey & Cade:
Becca, Wesley & John...they came all the way from Germany for the party!! (okay, so they may have come so that John could go to SOS also...and to visit Cheyna & Andrew who they were staying with this weekend)
Jake & Donovan:
My very first pool party: And now an "old" lady: Me & my adorable helpers blowing out the "forest fire" on the cake. Brian insisted we put 30 candles on there. I guess I sort of gave him a hard time when he turned 30, so it was coming.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Did He Say???

Okay, so this is just one of those rare moments we happened to catch on film. Poor sweet Nolan being so innocent about finding a place that Ants reside. Hope you find this as funny as we did!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Big Home Improvement!

AFTER:FINISHING TOUCHES (We finally have a place for the table we love that's been in "storage" since we moved in)!!!: