Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Nolanisms

  • I asked if Nolan would like pancakes for breakfast one morning and he said "Well, Mommy those are only delicious-light. I wanna have something WORLD delicious." When I asked him what that meant he said, delicious light is a little delicious, but WORLD delicious is "really, really, really delicious."
  • When we told Nolan who sings Puff the Magic Dragon he said, "Who are Peter, Paul and Berry?"
  • Every day Nolan asks what we're bringing to Boston. "Will we bring my bed? Will we bring my toys? Will we bring the doors (of the house)? Will we bring the stove? The sink? The roof?"
  • Whenever Nolan does something he knows he is not supposed to do he goes over and tells the babies, "Joseph/Daniel, don't do that when you are bigger, its not a good idea."
  • Nolan loves the Laurie Berkner song, "I'm not perfect" but he keeps trying to convince me he CAN and WILL be perfect.
  • I have to change the name of these soon, because this one is about Joseph. He now can sign "more" and does it often and is impatient. It's adorable and quite frankly AMAZING to me!!
  • Daniel says "Mama" really well and quite often! I'm not certain if he is referring to me, but when he's upset he starts saying it, so I like to think he's calling for me!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happiness Is...

Okay, so this is how it goes trying to get these two rascals to smile for the camera. First Daniel:

Then Joseph:

Then Daniel:
 Joseph again:

And now they're done....


Saturday, January 23, 2010

PJ Day

Nolan's preschool had their annual "PJ Day" at school. Nolan was way excited! You can't see them, but he's also sporting his slippers (which he asked for because he wanted to have something cozy to wear around the house like me)!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boys Playing

The babies can officially sit, unassisted, now! They both mastered the skill in the same 2 day time frame. I still put pillows beside/behind them if I'm walking away and they still lose their balance some, but the span between is becoming less and less! I have always said I love this stage, it truly opens a new world for them, for me and for Nolan who absolutely adores playing with them. He thinks its hilarious to have an audienceof 2 that find Nolan to be the most humorous being in their existence. Joseph is now rolling both ways and has made the realization this is a great way to get to where he wants. He still loves to stand the most and will thumb wrestle me until I let go, he'll stand by himself for a second, then topple over with delight. Daniel has no interest in rolling over, but has the upper body strength to do so. Hopefully we'll be seeing the rolling stuff soon (he HAS rolled, but just not often or really on purpose). Daniel's physical therapist is really amazed at how well he is doing and at far he has come since she began working with him. He amazes me, too...I feel I need to add that we try very hard not to compare the boys. They are totally different little guys in personalities and in their development, but they both are truly awesome, humble and amaze me everyday, and are just plum fun!!

Okay, check out these two. They look so much alike its crazy to me. Exhibit 1, see their noses and their lips?

Exhibit 2:

The 3 of them sharing. How long will this last? (Note: Joseph toppled over into the corner of the Chutes & Ladders game of all things, and got a pretty nice scratch on his head. The day it finally healed he tried to climb out of an exasaucer at the YMCA and got himself a new scratch in the same place).

Daniel & Joseph:

Oh wait, what's that? It's my favorite toy, my brothers hand!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mmmm, delicious!

Who doesn't love to snack on their toes? Daniel LOVES his piggies!

Smiling at his momma is another one of his favorite to-do's!

I wanted you to see how well his scar is healing!! I should do a "before" but its incredible how well its doing.
WAY better than my scar, but don't worry, you'll see no pics of that. Ever.

 P.S. He looks like Jospeh in this pic, doesn't he?


09 NYE

New Years Eve was fun, pretty low key and relaxing. Evan, Erin and the kids joined us for dinner, then we let the kids do noise makers around 9:00 or so to ring in the new year before we riled them to bed so we could play games. The kids were not having the go-to-bed thing, but finally caved. At least for awhile. Shortly after the real New Year was rung in, Nolan and Griffin peaked their heads sneakily around the corner and we just gave up. Good parenting at its best, I know. They were thrilled to be up so late and part of the games. 2009 was a year full of memories and blessings and we sent it off the way it should be...with friends! Happy 2010 (a couple weeks late)!!

I'm sure our neighbors loved us. For 3 kids, they were LOUD!!!



Griffin & Nolan helping Evan with Guesstures. This game is my new fav, I think we'll have to get it to add to our collection. You pick 4 cards, each with something to act out, like charades, but you only have a certain amount of fun!


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

We'll Always Love Haley

This past weekend Brian and I had to make a decision that literally broke our hearts. After years of showing aggression towards our other dog, Tootsie, Haley initiated a rough scuffle with Tootsie (again). I don't want to dwell on this, because I don't want to remember Haley in any light, but the beautiful, wonderful dog that she was to us. But I will say our top concern had to be for our kids. The incident happened where the babies normally lay/sit/play. Nolan was awake and next to the dogs, which I think is what put the fear of God in my heart. It was just too close of a call. Anyone who knows dogs, knows when they are fighting, they are completely unaware of what is going on around them. We took Haley to a wonderful shelter on base that does a phenominal job of adopting dogs and cats out. We were told that with her size she had a REALLY good chance of going quickly. I know she'll go quickly becaue of her personality, though. I will imagine, for the sake of my heart, that she is adopted by a nice retired couple, where they will walk her daily, multiple times. She will shake her body/tail at every elderly person they encounter and she will brighten up lives with every passing day. I will try not be jealous of her new owners luck at finding a one of a kind gem like Haley Joe. I try to ignore that weird ghost-like sensation that she is waiting around every corner of our house, wagging her tail, ready to give my nose a soft, Haley kiss. I will push down the urge to be a crazy woman and go explain to the squirrels that she's not coming back. They acted as foes, but I know they were all in one gigantic game of catch and chase. I will swallow the lump when I realize that Brian and I barely spent a week of our lives together away from home before Haley was brought into it and that she has seen us through the start of our marriage, our moves, ups, downs, babies, TDY's, a deployment. I will work on remembering the lessons she taught me and most importantly how she unconditionally loved us all.
In closing, I will include the letter I wrote to go to Haley's new family. We love you, Haley, always and forever, no matter where we are or you are, we love you always. Don't ever stop shaking that butt, Haley Joe. My Hale Bale, our little "bug."

To Haley’s Adoptive Family:

Haley came into our lives 8 years ago when someone in a neighboring apartment had to give her up because they had too many pets. She was four months at the time and the moment we met her, with her toosh-wagging body, we were in love. We know she was bred and born in Canada and we adopted her in California. We then moved to Wyoming where she was able to enjoy her first taste of a backyard. She was a big fan, to say the least and to this day loves running and playing in the backyard. She makes the lives of squirrels very difficult and loves chasing them. She has been a happy Floridian for 4 years. On nice days she is happiest simply laying outside in a patch of sun, relaxing and hoping a squirrel may wander by. If it’s a bit chilly, she will find a place indoors that has a patch of sunlight and settle herself in for a nice cozy day. She is not too advanced in her years yet to enjoy a game of fetch, but she is not so young that she needs to be played with every minute and after a bit of play she prefers a nice snooze. She is a cuddler at heart and will keep your lap warm and really appreciates in return to have her ears and belly scratched.. Haley can sit, shake, roll-over and even plays “dead” if you say “Bang!” She adores going for walks and will greet any human, small or big, with tail wagging and excitement. She is loyal and loving and fun and our family will not be the same without her, but it is our hope that she’ll be just as happy, if not happier. Her stomach does not handle people food very well, but if she were to be spoiled on occasion, her favorites are eggs, popcorn and peanut butter. If you have chosen Haley we thank you and we know your lives will be fuller and richer because of her, just as our lives have been blessed in every way by her and her beautiful personality.