Thursday, November 30, 2006

Welcome Reagan Audrey Daane

Reagan Audrey was born November 27th! She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Sam & Beth!!! We hope it's not long before we get to meet her and give all 3 of you big hugs. God bless you!!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Trip to McDonald's

I promised our niece Maddie an ice cream treat if she went to bed on time and she obliged! She went to bed right on time. So the next day Brian, Nolan, Maddie & I went to McDonald's for an afternoon snack. It was lots of fun!

Baby Samuel

Brian and I did make it to see Kim & Steve and their newest addition, Samuel. WHAT A HANDSOME ADORABLE BEAUTIFUL little guy! He was a doll and slept almost the whole time we were there. Kim kept saying, "I wish he would sleep this good at night!" Nolan meanwhile ran around and tried to climb in their (unlit) fireplace. We figured they needed a glance into their future to see what baby proofing needs to be done. Their house is gorgeous and we loved seeing you guys, if only briefly!! Congrats!!!

Pictures to follow eventually

Hi all, just wanted to drop a line and say happy (belated) Thanksgiving. I hope yours was as wonderful and blessed as ours. We had so much fun spending the day with both sides of the family and we were so tired we all slept in on Friday (even Nolan!). We have returned safely and keep wondering why the Christmas elves didn't stop by and clean our house and do our laundry from the trip. Not to mention they didn't stock the fridge, so we had to go grocery shopping yesterday. So we are up to our necks getting settled, but I'll also try to get some pictures posted when I can, hopefully sooner than later. As always going to St. Louis was wonderful and sad at the same time. It's been much harder to be living so far away with Nolan, so it's a little bittersweet. And as always, we're always disappointed that we can't see all our friends and only were able to spend a small amount of time with most of our family. We joked that we need to hire a planner...instead of a wedding planner, we need a planner for when we return to St. Louis, so we can accomplish everything we want and see everyone! Nolan did great on the trips, he's such a trooper. When we got home you would have thought our house was Disneyland he was so excited. He kept running from toy to toy and running around laughing. And when the dogs came home he was beside himself. It's always nice to be home. God bless you and we'll be posting more soon!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Nolan!

Ahh, a year seems like a decade and like a moment ago all at once. Everyone told us how quickly the time goes, how fast the first year will go but when I was blurry eyed from lack of sleep and starved for just 3 hours of consecutive sleep, I thought they were crazy. But oh how I cherish those memories, when my little guy could barely keep his head up. I had no idea what each milestone for him would mean to me. I had no idea that I could be proud of and delighted by such little things. Like turning his head to follow a toy. Like turning the pages of a book for the first time. Like discovering that bath water tastes good, so why not pour a whole bowl full in your mouth? Before Nolan was born, and before I was even pregnant, I had this ridiculous fear that I could never love and truly nurture anyone, anything, as much as I loved my dogs. I worried that I would have this baby and think…ahh, but my dogs are just as cute and cuddly and they are so much less dependant. I laugh as I write this at how ludicrous this sounds. My friend Tammi laughed too and told me to just wait, that I would see. I am happy to say that I still adore my furry babies and my life wouldn’t be complete without them. But comparing them to my son now is funny. It’s just different. So different. I didn’t know I could love like this. I thought I was all “loved out” the day he was born. But here’s the thing. It just kept growing and some days I feel like I am literally going to burst. As his personality begins, just BEGINS to blossom, I am so far gone in love with this little boy. He’s so amazing. He is so full of life and love and when he hugs me, even if it’s the tenth one in an hour, it still melts my heart. When I chase him around the island and then I get him, and he laughs his little belly laugh, I know that this is truly what life is about. I thank God every day, but not enough, for this miracle, my son. Nolan we love you so much and we just can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the year to come. Happy 1st Birthday my sweet, my turkey, my honey bear, my sugar plum, my pumpkin, my bubbas, my baby boy. Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Last night Nolan and I decided to color! I taped his "canvas" on the table and showed him how it worked. He proceeded to try to eat the crayon. We went back and forth this way until I decided to give him his pacifer, then he was intruiged for about 2 minutes. Then bored, took out the paci, let's eat the crayon. Yum, yum!
In this first pic, he looks like he's coloring, but the crayon's really en route to his mouth. Don't be fooled.
And then, this is my favorite, a clip of him eating a crayon, me taking it away. Watch his first expressions, I was telling him NO! And he knows what that means, but really likes to see what I'll do. So defiant. And you'll notice his red head temper here...gosh we need to get sound!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Saturday was awesome. Brian and Nolan had a "Dad & Nolan" day, while I had a very refreshing afternoon to myself. I went first to get my hair cut. I have gotten my hair cut once before since we moved and it was so-so. I went to a different salon and the woman was awesome. I have never been so impressed with someone cutting hair. She gave me a terrific cut, one that's easy to manage and fun to play with, and I even got something I haven't had for 16 years...bangs!!! They aren't too drastic, I had to point them out to Brian...they just sort of go along with my layers. Anyway, after my nice hair cut, I went to the mall, had lunch in a food court by myself and just ate slowly and relaxed. Then I went shopping for an outfit for my 10 year high school reunion. It was like HEAVEN to not rush around and just take my time. I even went to a bookstore to browse some book titles I have been meaning to look into (the new John Grisham book is based on a true story), but found myself in the children's section for a 1/2 hour, missing my little guy. Go ahead, laugh at me, it's okay. I mock myself. Brian and I ended the evening by having a "date" dinner. Meaning we ate a nice meal AFTER Nolan went to bed. We needed some quiet time before the craziness of the Holidays begin officially!!! :)

Fridge Toy

Jake & Jamie bought Nolan the coolest toy for his birthday. It's a magnet that talks when you insert a letter (A-Z) or number (1-10). It sings a little song and explains how to say the letter (B, B says "ba!") or counts the number inserted. All of the letters & numbers are magnets, too and Nolan just LOVES it! It really is more like a gift to me because it keeps him busy while I'm in the kitchen. They stick to our dishwasher, too! Here is Nolan and Dad playing with it. Thanks guys he just adores it! Way to go! :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Birthday MEGHAN!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Meghan!!! I can't wait to see you next week! Love & miss you!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

His own plate!

Earlier this week, as I made dinner, I decided to cut up everything I was making for Brian and I and put it on a seperate plate for Nolan. So far, we've been giving him what we eat, but not doing it ahead of time. In other words, we cut it up for him while we eat and hand it to him. But he's eating so much more now and so quick that by the time we're done cutting it up and giving it to him, he's ready for more and one of us (Brian or myself) is stuck giving him food throughout our whole dinner. Okay, you get the idea. It was like a whole new world was opened...for him & for us! He loved having all the variety at once (he had avacodoes, tomatoes, cheese, rice & chicken). He loved having so much food and we loved getting a chance to eat our meal while it was hot and (gasp) talk a little bit! We used one of our summer plasticware, as we hadn't bought him his own plate yet, so it was a little big. But he didn't attempt to throw it on the ground until he was almost done! Good times! I wish I could say he licked the plate clean, like Avery did, because that was the cutest thing ever, but he didn't. He did however take most of the rice and put it on the tray, in it's own little cubicle.

Happy Belated Veteran's Day!

A big thank you to all our friends, familys and those we'll never meet who have or currently serve our country. It's the best one in the world, and we couldn't have the freedoms we do without you.
My sweet hubby came home Thursday night with a bouquet of flowers and an even bigger surprise...he was off work Friday for Vet's Day! YIPEE!
Friday we headed to Destin for some shopping and lunch at a place I had heard about on the radio. I had no idea it would work out so well. The place was RIGHT on the beach and it was such a great atmosphere, with music playing and even a playground on the beach to use while we waited for our table. Since the weather has cooled down so much, the sand was nice and cool on my piggies. Friday was a warm day, though, in the early 80's...PERFECT! There were even boat races going on in the water...we're not sure if they were practising or really racing, but these race/speed boats were zooming by at unimaginable speed, with helicopters flying right behind them, really low and close to the ocean. We're not positive what their purpose was, but Brian's guess is just in case they crash, there is medical attention immediately. My guess was the helicopters were clocking how fast they were going. Who knows? We'll look it up. We tried to get a picture, but they were so fast, it was impossible. Anyway, we had an awesome day!!!
The flowers Brian brought's hard so to see, but they are in a coffee mug, how cute is that?

The play ground, with my two favorite guys!

Here's Nolan on the slide, not quite sure what to make of it:

View from our table. If you look to the right, almost smack in the middle of the picture, you can see the waves one of the speed boats are making, and a TEENY TINY dark blob above the water...that's a helicopter.

Brian & Nolan (who's drumming on the table & yelling loudly, which is why the little boy at the next table is looking over, as if to say, "What's going on?")

Nolan & Momma:

Nolan playing PEEK A BOO!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Welcome Samuel Stevens!!!!!!

I just recieved a call from Steve. Kim & he are proud new parents of their son, Samuel, whom I hear they will call Sam! LOVE IT! I love you both, and when you have time to send pics, we'd love to see them. Or we'll take lots when we come to see you in a couple weeks. Congratulations to the new family!!! Here's a pic of a pregnant Kim she recently sent me...I am crying tears of joy!! I LOVE BABIES!

My Washer Boys

Brian had a work picnic yesterday and brought the washers along. Apparently they were a big hit (when are they not?)! A couple mornings ago after breakfast Nolan and I went outside to play for a bit...just threw some shoes on over the PJ's and went out. He discovered the washer set that morning and loved them...he's definitely our son! :) He refused to toss the washer in the box, it had to go in the ring...guess he takes after Grampie, the Ringer King! :)
And here's a short clip of him "playing" washers:

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Birthday Celebration, Continued

Here are some pictures of Nolan and his smash cake (the bakery gives us one for free for buying the big cake)! We were kind of expecting more of a reaction or perhaps a louder reaction, but Nolan for the most part was in awe. He definitely had fun, though. I think he would have loved it if the doggies were in the kitchen to share...can you imagine? Here are a couple CLEAN shots in his sweater & hat, before we stripped him down to his onsie & got his bib on! Nolan listening to us sing him Happy Birthday! Doesn't it look like he's blowing out the candle? We worked on it before the party, but when the time came, there was too much excitement (and cake) to be worried about blowing out a candle!

First couple bites:

Now we're getting into it!

Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday afternoon we had a 1st Birthday party for Nolan. Yes, it's a couple weeks early, but for various reasons this weekend worked best! We are so blessed to have the friends we do. Nolan was king of the world yesterday and although he was a bit overwhelmed, he had a great time! Thanks to our friends for coming and for the very generous gifts. And thank you Jamie & Jake for picking up the food on the way, you guys saved us so much time! You're the best!
And of course, we took a ton of pictures, so here they are!
Brian & Nolan carved this, then toasted the seeds...YUM!
Jamie & Missy:
The three of us, opening gifts: Nolan & Abby, on Nolan's new toy from Abby:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nolan's 1st Halloween

Nolan had a great first Halloween. Cheyna & Abby joined us for a trip to Pensacola, as I had a doctors appointment in the AM. Cheyna was awesome and watched the kids while I had the appointment. Then we headed to Chili's for lunch and of course had to go to Target! Then we had some down time at Cheyna's, while the kids played on Abby's swingset and in the sand. Then we got them dressed in their costumes and headed to Orange Fest to meet the dads! Orange Fest was held at the same location we went Pumpkin Patching and was a bigger deal than we thought. They had a live band and food and also "Trunk or Treating." People from the community set up their vehicles, pop open their trunks and hand out candy to the kids. It was absolutely perfect for the age our kids are at, because it's all right in one place. It was also a treat to be able to see so many other kids costumes. It was a beautiful night, in the upper 60's and the atmosphere was just perfect.
Nolan was so excited he couldn't stand still. Brian and I took turns chasing him. The Trunk or Treating was on a slight downhill slope and he was RUNNING away from us. We tried to take his hand and he refused to let us hold it and was pushing us away. So we would chase, pick him up after a tumble, stand him up and off he went again. And as he was running he was babbling LOUDLY, and it kind of sounds like this "Bitty, Booty, Pretty, Boo!" Brian mimicks it perfect, but you get the idea :)
Here are some pictures of our awesome night, hope everyone elses was as special as ours!
The three of us:
Lobster profile (with his light up shoes on):
A couple close ups:
View from back of lobster & a cute chicken in a stroller!
Cheyna and Abby, the cutest chicken ever, chowing on pizza:
Here's me laughing because Nolan won't stop running!
Da-Da lobster & baby lobster:
What do you get when you cross a lobster & a chicken?
Absolute cuteness!! (and they are very curious of each other's costumes, as
you can see in this pic: