Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just Call me Rocky

I have a new trick...sucking my thumb! Mom and Dad were thrilled at first because I look pretty cute doing it and it means less running in and "re-binking" me (as they like to call it). The only problem is, now that I can suck my thumb, I can't seem to control my 4 fingers near my nose. I keep managing to scratch myself (11 knicks and one pretty big scratch). I keep scratching the healing scab off the big cut, so when Mom comes to get me from a nap, I have blood on my nose and often on my little hand. She pulls her hair out (literally), then gets all teary eyed. While she's mending my wounds I try to make her laugh by smiling, cooing and laughing. It takes some work, but I can always crack her. She has cut my nails and filed them and even Miss Kim looked and couldn't find how in the world I keep managing to scratch myself. But I do! Mom even has tried mittens, and you'll see below that before I managed to get that silly thing off of my hand, I first found a way to suck just my thumb with it on (but that got BORING, so I took the whole thing off). So I am napping right now, with this ridiculous band aid on and mittens (ha, like those will last). Poor mom, she's really at her wits end, but she's gotta know I am a little boy. A couple of scratches on my nose? HA! This is just the beginning!

Monday, February 20, 2006

'Ello Matey

We bought Nolan this outfit and didn't realize there was a hat that matched because they were sold out. Luckily Nolan's buddy Evan lent him his since he has out grown it. Thanks Evan!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Happy Anniversary Beth & Sam!

How cute are they? Sam had these beautiful roses delivered during the basket auction (which was the day of their 5th year anniversary)! Congrats guys!

Brian and I

This pic wouldn't upload for some reason on the last post, so here it is (hopefully).

Basket Auction

Friday evening Brian and I attended the WSC (Warren Spouses Club) basket auction. The whole affair was planned by our friend Beth and it was such a good time. It was a semi-formal dinner (themed Winter Wonderland, which was ironic since the weather was in the negative digits and there was snow on the ground). Groups on base and in the community donated these awesome baskets and desserts. After dinner a professional auctioneer auctioned off the baskets and desserts. All the proceeds go towards the scholarship fund that are awarded to military dependants. It got fairly competitive, but we didn't get anything. Our table did win a chocolate cake!! Well, we PURCHASED a chocolate cake! It was very yummy! Nolan had his first babysitter! The event did offer child care, but since it was his first night, we figured we would leave him home. Otherwise, I would have been checking on the little man nonstop! I only left one note for the babysitter (okay, front and back). But Tammi can vouch, I didn't call home once and he did great! Here's how the night began. It was so stinkin' cold, the window froze shut and Bri had to WALK thru the ATM!

Friday, February 17, 2006

-1 Degrees

That's how "warm" it is today! Winter is officially here. We had a good amount of snow this week...I think I read about 9 1/2 inches in the Cheyenne area. On the same day we were getting hammered with snow, I heard it was 60 in Florida!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Nolan's Baptism

We had a fantastic weekend. It was very special and will be a time we'll be sure to tell Nolan about as he grows up. Sunday we had him baptized during Mass. Meghan, his Godmom, and Nathan, his Goddad, both flew in (along with Grandma & Grandpa M) for the big event and we are so grateful to them for that. Nolan slept through the water being poured on his head...didn't bother him a bit! Sunday afternoon we had some friends over to celebrate. It was such a great weekend and we feel so blessed. Here are some pictures!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Seeing as its Friday (almost a week later) and I have yet to download the pictures from my camera from last weekend, I stole this pic from Kim's blog (thanks Kim)! Here's the four of us last Sunday enjoying some yummy food and what not's at Kim and Matt's (who are Steeler's fans). We had a great time and Nolan is convinced that next year the Rams will be present at the Superbowl.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Guess What I did??

Rolled over for the first time!! On Friday I showed Mom my new trick and on Saturday I showed Dad! I can roll from my tummy to my back and am working on the reverse rollover:)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

So "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" is not a good song to sing to a little boy when changing his diaper. Nolan took this literally and took his best shot (luckily, I had a burp cloth handy, or I would have been in trouble)! Our little man is turning into our big man. In 5 days he gained one pound! Then another 3 1/2 ounces in 3 days. He is filling out and we are so relieved, proud and happy. Mom is struggling with the time consuming process of building my milk supply and I can't make any promises on how long I'll do this. Feeding with formula is convienant and it takes the guess work out of how much he is getting. I am truly lucky to have such a good friend (Kim) who listens to me daily go back and forth on the issue and lends a shoulder when I have just had enough. Her and hubby Matt watchded Nolan last Friday so that Brian and I could go out to dinner and have some much needed alone time. Thanks guys!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Great Visit

Kim & Steve Roedl (who were married this past summer) came for a visit this past weekend! They arrived Saturday in Denver and did the fun tourist things and went out on the town. They had a blast at Sing Sing, where I have yet to go! Sunday morning we picked them up at their hotel and headed to Breckenridge so the boys could enjoy a day of skiing (well, Nolan didn't ski, but he had fun hanging with us)! Kim and I were APPALLED all day at the lack of nonbaby friendly/non-handicapped friendly environment of the town. Not only were the stores not set up for strollers and wheelchair's (stores that were up and down stairs had no alternate routes), but MOST of the stores and restaurant staffers were not helpful, nor friendly. Kim and I were struggling to get the stroller down a flight of stairs (it was very wet and icy) and it took quite a few passer-byers before one gentleman FINALLY asked if we needed help. I will say that the gentleman at Gretta's coffee house were more than polite and we had an awesome cup of hot cocoa there! Thanks guys! Unfortunately the rudeness of town wasn't the only thing that left a bad taste in our mouths about the Breck (as Brian likes to call it). We learned as we were departing the beautiful, snowy town, that there was a traffic jam. It took us over 6 hours to get home and 3 of those were spent in standstill traffic. It was a NIGHTMARE!! The 5 of us were in the truck, so it was not comfortable for anyone. We figure that since we're all friends after that trek, we'll be friends for life! Sunday was Kim's birthday and we were planning on stopping on the way home in Denver for a nice dinner, but that was changed to a quick bite at McDonald's. I was actually very relieved that we have been supplementing formula for Nolan because we were able to feed him in the truck. I couldn't take him out of the car seat to feed. Granted we were only going about 5 miles an hour, but it was so icy, I was concerned that someone could hit us. So Monday evening we went to Sanford's Grub & Pub and ate a great meal and celebrated Kim's birthday in better style. Then we went home for some Texas Hold 'Em where Kim celebrated by smoking us all! We are so happy they came for a visit and just hope that we didn't scare Steve too much in the world of babies!