Saturday, May 30, 2009

May's "Nolan Says the Darndest Things"

  • Nolan was looking at a picture of Brian and I from a couple years prior to Nolan's birth. He asked, "Was I living in your belly?" I said, "No, not yet." And he asked, almost more of a statement, "Oh, I was living in your eye?" (Because at one point I had told him about another picture that he wasn't even a twinkle in my eye).
  • We were driving by the airport in St. Louis, where one of the National Guards F-4 plane is displayed and has a face painted on it. We pointed it out to Nolan and he laughed and said, "That plane has a mouth! Planes don't have mouths. That's so silly!"
  • We were leaving the hospital after a doctors appointment and had to stop at the ticket window to pay the parking fee. I started driving away and Nolan said, "Wait Mom, Wait! Where are you going?" I said, "We're going bye-bye, we're all done." And he said, "But you forgot to wait for your food!!" It took me a second to realize he thought the ticket booth was a drive thru restaurant!!
  • Nolan adores his older cousin Maddie and is constantly asking, "Where's Maddie?" or if I tell him to do something he'll say, "But Maddie's not" etc, etc. It gets frustrating for all of us! So Uncle Kurt (Maddie's dad), asked Nolan, "If Maddie ate a spider, would you?" Keep in mind, Nolan is TERRIFIED of spiders. But he only paused a second before he answered in a tone that suggested Kurt was crazy, "Yes!"

  • After a long day, we had the TV before bed. My usual non-snuggly little boy lay his head on my big ol' belly, let me stroke his hair and proceeded to say to me, "You're so cute Mommy."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Totally Surprised

Last night Brian's parents said they'd like to take me out to dinner for my birthday since Kathy had to work Wednesday (my actual bday). She mentioned it so casually last week that I actually forgot until she reminded me what time we would leave. We headed to a Greek restaurant and I was wondering if Brian had told them greek food is one of my favorites. We go inside and head to what I think is our table, but instead is a banquet room full of friends and family. I seriously was soooo confused (aka surprised)! My parents had been in on fooling me and had invited me to dinner Wed night, so I couldn't understand what they were doing there, much less my brother who I had just talked to like 3 hours before. My awesome husband actually set up a surprise party for me FROM Florida. I'm a pretty tough person to surprise, but I can honestly say, I didn't see this coming at all. I'm just relieved I decided to take a shower and put something nice on, which I almost didn't! Anyway, thanks to everyone (those who were there and those who couldn't make it), who made my day so incredibly special!! And my husband...thank you!!! Brian, you are truly the best!

The cake. Ha ha ha :) My sister in law, Tish and my brother, Jack: My mom and I. Sorry Dad, where were you? Probably playing a prank on someone! Dennis, myself & Kathy (Mom & Dad M) My awesome ladies! These 4 girls were my bridesmaids (Angie was too, but she lives in Cape these days). Anyway, this is Meghan, myself, Beth, Kim & Andi. I love these girls so much and being able to see them all was just so freaking awesome. Nolan and my beautiful (sneaky) niece, Morgan. These two were sitting at the bar and charmed their way into a couple of lemonades.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

34 Weeks!!!

Here I am today, at the 34 week mark! Here are the facts and some updates on what's going on!
  • As of last Friday, I was measuring 42 weeks. Which explains why my uterus gets irritated sometimes and I cramp.
  • So far, we have only been to Labor & Delivery (L&D) one time, for a scare in the middle of the night. Turns out it was as the above mentioned, "uterine irritability."
  • At my last ultrasound, two weeks ago, Baby A was measured at 4 lb, 14 oz and in the 90% of weight (aka huge). Baby B measured at 3 lbs 15 oz, in the 32% of weight (aka normal).
  • For surgery purposes, they would like baby to be at least 5 lbs. Going by their calculations, that would happen around 35 weeks....and after 36 they most likely won't stop labor!
  • Our birth plan is still unsure. If either baby is breech we will get a C-section and if they are both head down with no other complications, we'll go ahead and try natural. Natural with an epidural!
  • The doctor here did something crazy the first time I saw him...he took me off bed rest. I am still resting when I can, but its strange to be "free of it completely.
  • I have lots more to share, but I'm falling asleep!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happiness is a Swing

Thanks Pop Pop!!!

Great Grandma's Surprise Party

Happy 80th Birthday Great Grandma M! Last weekend Nolan and I were able to join in the surprise party festivities and go to Great Grandma's party. The party was a hit and it was wonderful seeing lots of family!

Grandma definitely seemed surprised!

Happy Birthday Grandma, we love you!

The kids playing the "tail" game:

Nolan loves Great Grandma for many reasons, but he sure doesn't forget the "sweet" things she giving him icing from the cake before it was even cut into! He was so excited!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Biker Dude

Nolan has been riding around, and loving, his cousin Maddie's pink Barbie tricycle since we've gotten to Grandma and Paw Paw's house. Brian and I decided as soon to be big brother, he deserved a bike that didn't have any pink in it. Nolan really wanted a "big" bike, 2 wheels and not a big wheel, so we figured we'd give it a shot. He did really good on it and loves his new bike! I just can't believe what a big boy he looks like!Here's a short video of Nolan on his first venture into the world on his "big boy" bike. We thought you would like to see, Daddy!! Of course, I am sucking in my breath and gasping a lot in the clip, he was a little wobbly at first and I was worried he would topple down. He didn't topple though and held his own really well!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mmmm, yummy!

I am a bit behind on blogging, but I'll catch up soon! I need to get an updated belly picture on here because I'm growing at quite a fast rate! In the meantime here are a couple of cute pics of Nolan at a place we found, called Pei Wei, part of PF Chang franchise, but a more casual, less expensive version. As always, Nolan loves using the chopsticks!
Of course, you can't really eat frozen custard with chopsticks, but Nolan managed to have fun anyway....mmmm, nothing like Spanky's frozen custard!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Getting There is Half the Fun!

Our 12 hour trek to St. Louis was not nearly as bad as I think we thought it could be and actually went rather quickly and smoothly. Brian had to administer me shots of meds that would help prevent blood clots (only once a day, plus some days before we left) and that was really the worst part of the trip! We did run into some nasty weather in Alabama, but luckily we avoided the worst of it. We stopped half way, in Nashville, and rested up before finishing the drive Monday. We were told by the doctors to stop frequently so I could move around (again, there is worry of blood clots), which ended up being no problem with my already tiny bladder and Baby A's favorite activity of dancing on my tiny bladder.

Nolan was awesome, although a bit more restless the second day, but he really is such a good kid on long drives. Of course, that's with a DVD player, I don't know how our parents survived long trips!

Here he is mesmerized by one of his movies. I think it was A Bug's Life, that was his movie of choice this trip.
One of his "car surprises" that we saved for the trip.
Nolan's bed at the hotel was a fold out couch. He was pretty excited about the idea that he had a big TV in his "room."
We made it! We ate at Red Robin for a yummy dinner with Brian's parents and brothers. Here's the boys. Brian, Nolan, Nathan (the youngest brother), Kurt (middle brother) and Dad:

Monday, May 11, 2009


The Saturday before we left Florida, Abby's Grammie Susan offered to watch Abby, Olivia and Nolan so that the four of us could enjoy a nice dinner out. Thanks a million Susan!!! We went to the Harbor Walk and ate on the water and pretended that it would not be the last time we saw each other for a long time. I know I've been pretty mushy lately, so I'll just say again, that I love you guys so much and our lives are fuller from knowing you. Here's a pic of Cheyna and I. We have so few pics of the two of us over the past couple years because we were always the ones with the camera. And when we did get a picture of us, one of us or both of us, usually disliked it. And here's a pic of the four of us. I think this ones a framer!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To the boy who makes me Mom

Nolan, how has another year passed and how could I be celebrating being your mommy again? I am so truly blessed and grateful to have you. So the tradition continues, sweetie...
  • Because I'm your momma, you ask for me every night to sing you the "pancake" song and scratch your back. When daddy says he can do it, you inform him, "No, only Mommy can." Being the daddy's boy you are, you'll never know how much that means to me! (The "pancake" song is really Jewel's song, "You were meant for me")
  • Because I'm your momma, I get to push you on the swing until my arms ache (I confess lately, Daddy's doing more of the pushing). Now you are on the big boy swing, but your love for swinging has yet to cease and you just giggle and ask to go as high as the birdies.
  • Because I'm your mommy, I get the privilege of seeing your excitement at rubbing lotion on my belly, to help avoid stretch marks. You ADORE this and its such a sweet time.
  • Because I'm your mommy, I get to watch you interact with other kids at the park or wherever and love how absolutely fearless you are at making friends. You are quite the social butterfly!
  • Because I'm your mommy, I get to snuggle with you while I'm resting (or as you call it, "growing the babies") and adore when you lay your head on my tummy and when you give me kisses!
  • Because I'm your mommy, I get to watch as you process the idea of being a big brother. Already I feel like there has been too much expected of you in ways of change. You've been a little trooper about coming with me to doctor's appointments or staying with friends, you've taken my modified bed rest like a little angel and even remind me I can't pick you up, when I have the urge to do so. And now we've moved you away from home and away from your bed and you're still being such a good boy (most of the time!)! I truly believe you are going to adapt wonderfully to the big brother role and every time you kiss my belly, my heart warms in anticipation. Remember this Nolan, please...though I will love your brothers just as much, neither of them will ever take your place and you will always have my lap to sit in, my arms to hold you and my ears to listen. I love you so much, bubbas!
  • Because I'm your mommy, when I say "good-night sweet boy" I get to hear you say, "good night sweet girl!" Makes me chuckle and melts my heart!
  • Because I'm your mommy, I strive even harder to be a good person, to be aware that you are watching my every move (you seriously don't miss a THING) and I pray that you're love for God only strengthens in the coming years. Thank you for being my son, my handsome little man. I love you to pieces!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Just Beachy

Last week Brian, Nolan and I went to the beach one afternoon to frolic (Okay, Nolan and Brian froliced) and to snap some pictures. It's dawning on me that even though I don't always love the way I look right now, especially in pictures which usually adds thirty ten pounds, this pregnancy won't last forever....and I really truly LOVE being pregnant and the miracle of it all. So I really want to have pictures of us and this time of my life. Here's a couple that I thought were cute. We also wrote the names' of the twins in the will be really cute to frame!

Oh piggies, where art thou?

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Packing, packing, and Packing

We are getting ready to head out for our big trek to St. Louis. I knew it would be tough to pack, but I didn't realize just how overwhelming a task it would be...or maybe I did, but I didn't allow myself to think about it. We forgot how much stuff newborns need and we are at a loss of how much of it to bring with us, how much we'll need, what sizes...because the truth is we just don't know how long we'll be in St. Louis.

Nolan's beside himself excited about going to St. Louis and cried last night and this morning when we weren't leaving yet. Can you imagine if I had started packing a week ago? He keeps packing his bag with toys, then getting the toys out to play, then re-packing.

I have been extremely emotional about this whole ordeal. Taking the dogs to the kennel was not the highlight of my day and bidding them farewell about broke my heart. At Nolan's first peep last night, I went to his room and let him crawl in my lap on his rocking chair. I held him as best I could around my growing belly and sang to him, trying not to cry, knowing that when we return, the rocking chair would be retired from his room and my sweet baby would be forever the BIG brother. No matter how many times or different ways I'll try to tell him, he won't believe me that he'll always be my baby. Is it wrong to admit that I'm just not ready to leave? That I'm not ready to leave my home, whose walls have seen us go through fertility challenges, lost babies and have soaked up my dreams of a time when I would bring our new babies home? I know I will bring them home, but not initially, and its just a difficult idea for me to grasp. But I will not allow self pity or bitterness to overwhelm me or win. I just have to redefine our families story and our dreams...and as long as we are together we are just that...FAMILY.

On the bright side, what I am very much looking forward to is seeing lots of people we love that we haven't seen in over a year!! As difficult as it is for me to leave our routine and friends here, I know that sadness will diminish quickly once we're surrounded by a completely different support system in St. Louis! Change is inevitable and although I sound like I'm not taking it well (which today I don't think I am), I am excited to see what God has planned for us and realize the more we fight change, the less chance we'll be able to enjoy it. Well, I better get back to some packing! Bon voyage!

Strawberry Pickin'

Last Saturday we headed to the local strawberry farm. I snapped some photos and then went inside to where the A/C was running and put my feet up (doctors orders, after all)! I love this annual tradition!
Daddy showing Nolan how to pick them, after Nolan squished one all over his hands trying to pick it.