Friday, June 24, 2011

Beach Party

We had the twins birthday party the Saturday following their actual birthday. It was a beach of course, Mother Nature thought it would be funny to have it rain most of the day. We had originally planned on having a kiddie pool and slip and slide, but the torrentual downpour an hour before their party was our final decision against such activities. Thankfully the rain stopped enough that the kids could enjoy the outdoors some and Brian could still grill.

And this breaks my heart, but I was really good about taking a bunch of pictures before guests arrived, because I knew it would be hectic. And it was. And I wouldn't change it, because we're so blessed to have so many people we adore. But I didn't get ONE picture of Nolan, who was in a matching shirt. Not one picture of Brian or myself. And certainly no family photo. Oh well, it did make me take a vow to get a family shot every weekend, no matter what.

I got a bit creative this year and made their banners.

I made the cupcakes, but ordered these adorable cupcake wrappers and toppers from Etsy.

I made their hats, too.

Unfortunately, they had no interest in wearing them. Thats okay, Cami liked my crafting...And the boys liked the cupcakes, so I guess that's the important part.
The "crab" cakes that the cupcakes were served on. Kathy and Dennis actually made these, they turned out super cute! The food was served in beach pails!
Mary, enjoying dessert! Callie: Their birthday present. We have had our eye on one of these since Nolan fell in love with it at Andi and Mark's years ago. Now that we have 3 boys, it just seemed like a good time. The boys LOVE it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Duck Tour

On the twins birthday we took the family downtown and started off the day by eating lunch at Legal Seafood. I had envisioned us eating outside, but mother nature had other ideas. Thankfully, they sat us next to the huge fish tank, which the boys loved! It was very kid -friendly and the food was really good. Then we headed across the street to board our duck boat. Its a tour (on land) of the city of Boston, but then goes into the Charles river. The boys loved it!

Our duck boat:
The boys in front of the boat. On the way back, we stopped at Modern Pastry, a local favorite. They are famous for their canoli's, but we opted for cupcakes instead.
Nolan had the job of putting candles in the cupcakes.
Nicely done, Nolan!
Joseph didn't want to wait until we were done singing to blow out his candles:
Nolan helped with D's first candle, so we made sure he got to blow out the other one: Daniel then took the candle out and ate some icing off of it. Then he took a big bite of candle. This is Brian trying to get the wax out, but then D bit him. Apparently candle wax is tasty. Joseph was really good at sharing: The boys both ate all the icing, but very little cake.

To My Youngest Boys

Dear Joseph & Daniel,

Another year has passed. Well, a little more than a year, but I've learned that life with twins means being late a lot and this post is no exception. Two years ago we embarked on the scariest adventure of our lives. We welcomed you both into our lives on a sunny June afternoon, earlier than we expected, but late enough that we knew we were blessed that I could carry you so long. When I read my posts leading up to those days and the days after, I am amazed, humbled, saddened and overjoyed all at once. I can't fathom that I had to have a baby that I couldn't see, hold, touch or talk to for a full day. Daniel, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make that up to you. And Joseph, I look at those days when it was just you and I fondly, knowing I leaned on you in a way I never expected to and you saw me through some very scary and dark times, that were also laced with such beauty and perfection. I guess bittersweet is the word I should use. But those days are behind us, and now my days are filled with chasing, being a referee, kissing boo-boo's, reading stories, feeding, cleaning up, changing diapers, getting hugs, getting kisses and laughing.

I've learned that life with twins means never being able to make a quick trip to the store. Someone will ALWAYS stop us for a friendly chat. I've learned that there are a lot of people out there that don't have filters. I've learned that having more than one child is a juggling act and that mommy guilt is an ever present emotion. I've learned that two children that grow in the same womb at the same time can be total opposites. I've learned that I could have the hardest day possible and then two little toddlers decide they want a double snuggle and climb into my lap to be rocked and sang to sleep and my day suddenly turns into the very best day in the whole wide world. I've learned that hearing my youngest say my oldest names is magical. I've learned that double (and triple) laughter is the best sound. I've learned that bathtime with two little boys is a very messy job. I've learned that love languages are spoken differently for each child. I've learned that this job is hard, but important. I've learned that being a mommy is not pretty, but being YOUR mother is beautiful. I have enjoyed the past two years so much sweet boys and I look forward to the next year. I love you both all the way to the moon and back.

Love, Mommy

Monday, June 20, 2011

Silly Goose

Nolan has gotten to the age where he LOVES hearing stories about my childhood and Brian's childhood. I've mentioned before that I come from a long line of pranksters, so Nolan gets a kick out of things my family did to me. He often says, "Mom, is your dad mean?" I'll laugh and say, "No, why?" He'll answer, "Well, he used to put you on the fridge, that's mean!" Yes, my dad did put me on top of the fridge, but I always giggled and laughed and he would pretend to leave the room to take a nap and I would laugh and protest. Nolan explained he would have just climbed down onto the counter, but then I explained when I grew up there was no counter next to the fridge. He was stumped. So when we arrived at Fourth Cliff and the fridge had no escape route (attached counters), Nolan was very excited!

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was chalk full of get togethers, BBQ's, dinners out, friends and family outings. Friday my sweet friends took me and Cheryl out for a birthday dinner and then we relaxed outside with sangrias when we got home. Unfortunately I didn't snap one picture that night. The next night Brian and the boys took me out for sushi and then we came home and had cake that Nolan and Brian spent all day making. Brian also cleaned the house so that friends could join us for the cake...I'm so spoiled!
If you can believe it, it tasted even better than it looked!!
Monday we took the boys to the city for some water play and to eat at Quincy Market. If you've never been to Boston, Quincy Market has a ton of little eatieries, street performers and shops. We grabbed a cheap bite to eat and took it outside to eat.
On a whim, we decided to take a carriage ride downtown. The boys loved it! Of course, Nolan's favorite part was when the carriage ride was over and as we passed the horse, he decided to potty and splashed a different passer byer. Nolan laughed so hard I thought he might bust a rib. The fountain:
The twins wanted nothing to do with the fountains, but were more than happy to snack while Nolan played. The pretty greenery/arch tunnel. It probably has an actual name, but I don't know it. Nolan being a goofball after playing on a playground:
More pictures of Memorial Day to follow...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fourth Cliff

The week before Memorial Day weekend, we took a mini-vacation to Fourth Cliff, a place the Air Force owns on the Cape. Upon a friends' suggestion, we requested the house by the playground and it was perfect. Great view and although the water wasn't out our back door, the playground was!

View from our deck at sunset:
Nolan befriended a worm!
D reminds me of Grandpa D in this picture: Joseph and Daddy throwing rocks:
Joseph was a bit unsure of the water at first.
Brian & Nolan go after a crab, who was not as dead as we originally thought. One night a friend and their 3 kiddos joined us for some beach play and dinner! This is most of the gang running wild down the hill.
This picture is decieving. It appears they LOVED playing in the sand and water. But everytime the tide came in, the water would startle them and they would scream for 5 minutes until we could convince them we had moved far enough away and they were "safe." They did have fun, though! Three superheros eating popcorn after a long beach day! Brian & Nolan (mostly Bri) making names in the sand: