Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Nolanisms

  • Nolan told me, "Mommy, even when I'm grumpy and mean, I still love you."
  • One morning Nolan must have sensed my frustration when he asked for a glass of juice because he looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I'm sorry you have so much work to do, but I really am just so thirsty."
  • While Grandma & Grandpa M were visiting earlier this month I asked Nolan whose birthday it was. He didn't know so I said, "it's someone with grey hair." He looked at Paw Paw and shrugged, so I said, "It's Paw Paw's birthday!" Nolan said, "His hair's not grey, its WHITE!"
  • Nolan was picking flowers for me and said the more he picked for me, the more he loved me. Then he headed out back and said over his shoulder, "I just love you so much I could cry."


Monday, February 22, 2010

Girls Weekend!!

For close to a year now plans have been in the works for a girls weekend away in Las Vegas. We have the opportunity to meet the best people, but then of course, we all move away from each other. This was a great way to get some of us together. There were 7 of us total, all military wives and 6 are moms so we were leaving hubbies to play Mr. Mom. I was scheduled to arrive in Vegas at 10:30 AM on Friday. And then snow hit the south for the first time in like 10 years and my plans were not so definite. I think later I'll do a whole post on my travel experience, because it really was crazy. I did make it to Vegas on Saturday by 4, in time for dinner and the show (this would be way too late for my liking, but most Delta agents assured me they could NOT get me to Vegas until Sunday evening so I really did feel really grateful)!! We had a great time, going out to eat, dancing, shopping and catching up. Even if I would have gotten there on Friday I think the time would have gone too quickly, I just love being with the girls. The best part, though, was coming home to my boys, all 4 of them. Brian is amazing and was so supportive of this trip and my taking a break, which helped ease my mommy guilt of leaving the kids behind. He did great and has taken lots of time to tell me since what a hard job I have and how grateful he is, which is the nicest thing ever in the whole wide world to hear!
Friday night I tried to make the best of it. I had some dinner watching the snow fall from the airport (reminding myself how much I love snow and hadn't seen it in 4 years), reading a book and having a glass of wine:
Here's the group of us at dinner Saturday at the Venetian: L-R: Michelle, Me, Kristen, Kim, Becca, Staci & Cheyna:
Now its officially a girls trip...we have jello out!
Kim, Cheyna and I cuttin a rug:
Chey and I:
At the Bellagio for the water show:
The Birthday Girls, Kim & Cheyna!!!
These guys were hilarious, I assumed they were in a show, but they would neither confirm nor deny that, but I had to get a picture them cowboys!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nolan & Daniel

Love this pic!

Big Boys

They're growing up so quickly!! Here are the boys' in restaurant high chairs for the first time. They are munching on their favorite snacks, puffs. They are puff addicts! Jospeh will eat cheerios, but Daniel finds them way too bland and gives me the stink eye when I try to sneak in cheerios.


Daddy's Return

Brian was gone in Colorado Springs the month of January for his Space 200 class. My favorite part of his returns is always seeing Nolan's reaction to his coming home. The babies were excited too and rewarded him with lots of smiles! Here's Nolan's mad dash for Daddy.

 Nolan and I made a paper chain and Nolan would tear one off each day that Brian was gone. When there was one left it was time to go to the airport and get daddy! Here they are together breaking the last ring!

 Joseph missed Bri so much he snuggled right into the nook for some cuddles and fell asleep.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Behind the Lens...

I normally don't post too many pics of myself, especially by myself. Mostly because I just am too picky about how I look. But I wanted to post this, because a special camera man took it, my adorable Nolan. I thought he did great. The other reason is because I'm wearing my favorite apron (you can only see part of it, but I promise its super cute). I have become obsessed in the last few years with aprons, I LOVE them! This apron was a gift from my sweet Aunt Jeanne, from her visit (with Uncle Ron) to see us last February. We had such a special day, going to have tea and having such a heart to heart. They had been with us the day before, when we learned of Daniels heart condition and I was still trying to process the information and wrap my brain around it. Looking back, I know God made sure they were visiting for a reason, their support was just amazing. Anyway, I didn't mean to get so sentimental, but Nolan taking my picture paired with the apron that I hold close to my heart, and the year mark of discovering our Daniel would have a tough road ahead just makes me so grateful...for so much!