Thursday, April 30, 2009

April's Nolan Says the Darndest Things

  • Brian and Nolan were outside in the yard and Brian asked Nolan if he heard that sound. Nolan said, "Yeah, its the squirrels" (it was). Brian asked Nolan what he thought the squirrels were doing. "Making Dinner." Brian said, "Oh really? What are they making?" Nolan confidently answered, "Coconuts."
  • Cheyna took Nolan and Abby to lunch one afternoon. When it was time to pay, Nolan looked at the money and asked if he could have some. Cheyna laughed and said, "No, you have to get a job to earn money." Nolan looked at her and said, "But I do have a job! I make dinner!"
  • Whenever I get frustrated with Nolan he says, "Hey, don't blow your whistle!" We have no idea where he gets that phrase...a cartoon? Another kid? It's a mystery, but if I figure it out I'll let you know. In the meantime, it cracks me up!
  • I saw a friend of mine, Lindsey, at the store and I said, "Hey stranger!" We chatted and then later Nolan wanted to know who "Stranger" was. He kept asking, "Where is stranger?" So then at dinner he told Brian I had been talking to a "stranger." We attempted to explain the stranger concept, but now he's totally confused because I used in reference to a friend. Oy vey, this kiddo is so literal!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fireman Nolan (and his Daddy)

One of Bri's co-workers gave this to Nolan when his son outgrew it. As you can imagine, Nolan LOVES LOVES LOVES it!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Shower/BBQ

This past Saturday Cheyna (and Andrew) put together a WONDERFUL celebration for myself, the twins and Brian and Nolan. Cheyna had the idea to do something relaxed and casual, in hopes that we could convince the guys it wouldn't be the "normal" girls-only shower type activities and games. Just friends getting together, having a good time. I honestly couldn't have asked for a more perfect shower. I LOVED having Brian and Nolan there with me. It's been such a journey to get where we are with these babies and it just felt right having them beside me. And although it was indeed casual, Cheyna and Andrew went all out and put on a fantastic party. It was even more special because many of the people we may not see again before we head to St. Louis. We were totally spoiled and we are so grateful! Thanks to all our friends who came, showered us with gifts and food and love!

There was only one shower game and when the guys heard it was for them, they weren't too happy. But when the discovered the origin of the game, they were good sports and we all had a lot of laughs! The game was who could drink beer out of baby bottles the quickest!

When the kiddos realized the daddy's were drinking out of baby bottles they were laughing hysterically and telling them, "No, those are for babies!!"
Our sweet friends not only showered us with a variety of awesome gifts, but with lots of diapers. Cheyna did a drawing for anyone who brought diapers, so we left with lots of them and considering how many we'll be going through, it was perfect!! Here's a pic of me opening up double trouble sleep-n-plays!
Nolan was not forgotten and even got special presents just for him!
All the kids had a blast running around the yard and playing. This is Lily pushing Abby & Nolan on the trapeze:
The kids didn't really want to stop playing to eat, so we bribed with a picnic! (Lily, Ella, Abby, Nolan & Brycen).And Bucky waits patiently and quietly in the background!
Our beautiful hosts. Not pictured together, but pictured, nonetheless!
The adorable and super yummy cake (can you tell from this picture that Nolan really needed more sugar? )
The only picture we didn't think of taking that day was a picture of the gals together or a picture of Cheyna and I. I can't believe the turn of events the last few months have taken. Finding out Cheyna and Andrew will be moving a year before we all originally thought. Discovering the heart condition of Baby B and the roller coaster of change and emotion that have gone with that. And of course, realizing that saying good-bye is in our near future. I just have to say that God has blessed me so much with this friendship. From the get-go, we've had so much support from so many people and always Cheyna and Andrew at every turn and every corner. I have cried on Cheyna's shoulders more times than I can count and probably more times than necessary, but she's always been there, ready to listen; always with comfort; always with a way to make me smile. I truly cannot fathom the rest of our time here in FL without them. I know that change is inevitable and that we are so so so lucky to have other friends here, whom we love and cherish! But I would be lying if I didn't say it won't be the same without the lovable and unpredictable and awesome Vrabec's. So...thank you, Cheyna, for making me want to be a better person and for this shower and all that we both know it stands for. I love you dearly and always.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday we awoke to Nolan playing with one of his toys the Easter Bunny had brought was just too tempting for him to walk past that full basket on the coffee table and wake us up, so he started without us! After we went through all the goodies the Easter bunny brought him, we headed to church and then went to brunch at the O club on base. Later that evening Cheyna, Andrew, Abby & Olivia came over for some dinner and the kids had an egg hunt in our backyard.

Nolan with his Easter basket:
The Easter Bunny on base was blue. Nolan was very concerned as to why, so I told him he probably took a blue bath. Abby said, "No, I think he ate a blue cupcake." I'm sure you can guess whose answer Nolan accepted as the truth!
Outside after brunching. I'm obviously still in denial that in a couple weeks these two will be saying good-bye's that will break their mommy's (and daddy's) hearts.
The kids later that night with all their eggs and goodies. Hopefully they found them all...I keep waiting to see a squirrel run across the yard with one!

Monday, April 13, 2009

27 weeks

Brian and I have been being harassed asked for some belly pictures by a certain Gramma M. I won't say who, though! :) We took these pictures Thursday, although tomorrow marks a really exciting milestone for us...28 weeks and in the 3rd trimester! We are ecstatic and by "we" I mean the doctors, too! By no means do we want the babies coming anytime soon, but it is a milestone none the less and one that makes me sigh a tiny sigh of relief! At our appointment Thursday both babies looked great. Baby A was measuring 2lbs15oz (69%) and Baby B was measuring 2lbs even (36%). The doctors reminded us that these are two different babies and not to compare them to each other. Even though they are not the same size, they are both measuring wonderfully and as they should. That was a huge relief for me! They were gorgeous and we even got some better heart pictures of B-bear. No change, but we feel better that the diagnosis they gave us is still the same and not worse or something completely different. I am feeling pretty good overall. I get pretty uncomfortable at night and am up going to the bathroom alot, but I know that's to be expected. The swelling has begun, but doesn't seem near as bad (yet) as when I was pregnant with Nolan. I think because I have my feet up a good amount of the day.
As soon as I stand posed for a belly shot, Nolan is ready to ham it up for the camera!
And I wasn't going to do any bare belly shots, but Nolan initiated this on his own (lifting both our shirts) and I thought it was too funny and cute to pass up (sorry Dad)!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have been having some great times preparing for the Easter bunny and enjoying the festivities! We are hoping the weather stays nice tomorrow, but either way are looking forward to a a great service at church, brunch and some more egg hunting! From our family to yours, may you have a blessed and very happy Easter!!
Nolan was very excited this year to meet the Easter bunny!
Friday night we dyed some eggs. I only (slightly) cracked one egg during cooking!Daddy & Nolan prior to the egg hunt at church:Mommy & Nolan:Hunting eggs. Really, its an egg dash, they weren't hidden whatsoever. This field was for kids ages 4 and under. The eggs were all empty, but the kids traded in their eggs at the end for a goodie bag, so everyone got equal treasures. The streak of light blue is Nolan:Abby & Nolan comparing their loot:

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mustache March Recap

One of the "perks" of being an Air Force wife is being supportive of our husbands in all things concerning their job. We've been told we serve our country this way and I've always been so proud. I had to draw the line during Mustache March, a tradition that we learned of when we lived in Cheyenne. Apparently a bunch of guys here decided this year they would participate in it, so Brian was gung-ho on it, even creating an "award" ceremony for his group. Brian kept telling me mustaches are the new sexy, but then again, he's been known to wear jorts, so don't always believe him. Anyway, at least I wasn't alone in my feelings, as many other wives were able to suffer through enjoy all the fun of Mustache March. Here are some pictures of the guys sporting their mustaches.
Andrew & Brian:

Andrew, Tim & Brian. Can you see Tim's? It really is there!He's too sexy for his 'stache, too sexy for his 'stache, too seeexy it hurts! (you'll totally have that song in your head all day, won't you?)

The guys celebrating the last day of their mustaches over a beer!