Thursday, December 31, 2009

December's Nolanisms

  • Nolan told Brian, "My animals hit Mousey because they didn't like Mousey. I put them in time out on my bed."
  • I thought by now the poop fascination would have ended. Not so much. After a recent potty Nolan informed me, "There's only one little poop. He's so sad. His family is at the park."
  • Nolan asked me where Jesus is and I told him his heart. He said, "Weeeell, if Jesus is in my heart, I'm not letting him out."
  • After the gingerbread house was complete Nolan looked very pensive and asked me where the Florida room was on the gingerbread house.
  • We were having duck for Christmas dinner and when Brian told Nolan he said, "Is it yellow? With a orange beak?"
  • Brian showed Nolan what a nutcracker was at the mall. Later that day Nolan proceeded to show ME (that's how it works lately...we tell him something and he explains in detail to the other parent). Nolan, however, had this to say: "This guy chomps nuts. He is a nut chomper!!"
  • We told Nolan we were going to eat at Chili's and he said, "Noooo, then I'll be cold!!"
  • I asked Nolan, "How am I going to break you of that habit?" He replied, "You're going to break me apart?"


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

We went to the 4:30 Candlelight Christmas Eve service, which was BEAUTIFUL with Evan, Erin and the clan of kids. Then we headed back to their place for some yummy dinner and much playing in order to wear out the little ones who were so excited about Santa's visit.

This is a shot of all 5 kids. Simone, Griffin, Daniel, Nolan and Joseph:

Joseph's Milk Belly, I love it!!

And Big D's blue eyes...LOVE THEM!

Not a bad family pic...too bad the boys' aren't smiling, but at least they're all looking and no one is mad!

Our live entertainment for the evening, provided by Nolan and Griffin via puppet show:

When we got home we put cookies out for Santa, carrots on the plate for the reindeer and then sprinkled reindeer food in the yard that Nolan made at school. Then we all went to bed exhausted and very excited about the morning to come!!!


Holiday Baking

Last week we had filled the house with lots of holiday cheer by making way too many goodies. Nolan and I put together and decorated a gingerbread house, which was lots of fun. We learned the hard way not to leave the gingerbread Christmas tree cookie within reach of a dog...Tootsie ate it while taking Nolan potty and appreciated the delicious icing and sprinkles. Nolan was not at all happy with her.

This picture demonstrates why its probably a bad idea to eat anyone's Gingerbread house but your own. I'm just sayin'.

Finished product, minus a tree.

The day before Christmas Eve we made cookies to decorate for ourselves and for Santa!

I told Nolan to pretend he was giving me the cookie. This was as close to my mouth as he would get it....

Some of the yummies completed!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laughing Baby

Here is a clip of Joseph belly laughing. I will try to get one of Daniel soon. I have one where he is kind of laughing/smiling alot, but not the true, deep belly laugh!


December Cuteness...

I'm super behind on posts and on my house being in order, so here's some randoms.

Daniel in the beloved exasaucer and Joseph in the bouncer.
Yep, its official. Their twins!!!
Yum, yum, give us some grub!
It's not Christmas without a visit to SantaCow (this is the cow from Chick Fil A we saw on Family night at the mall):
Daniel is doing really well at sitting up, almost solo! Here he is in the pac n play, with help from the corner, happy as can be. He played in here by himself SITTING UP for a half hour!

Nolan's Christmas Program

Nolan's preschool had their annual Christmas program the week before Christmas. Last year we were in Disney during the program and we missed it, so we were really excited to see Nolan sing. I had prepared myself for the possibility that he would be too shy/nervous to sing or go up on stage, but that was far from what happened. He did great and so did all his classmates. It was adorable and we were soooo proud of him!!! I am so honored to be his mommy and love that when he walked in he immediately started looking for us and upon spotting us his face lit up with joy and relief and he yelled, "HI MOMMY! HI DADDY!"

Nolan's teacher, Miss Camika, or as he calls her, Miss Mika:

This is Nolan's pal, Joeli. It's a bittersweet story about them. Joeli was in his class last year with Abby and Joeli and Abby were very good friends. Her mom told me how upset Joeli was to learn Abby wasn't returning. These two have formed quite a bond even though (and partly because) they miss sweet Abby so much!

Griffin immediately jumped in the pic, these three are like the 3 amigos at school and at Nolan's party Joeli was determined to keep up and play with the boys no matter how wild they got...yet she stayed spotless the whole time! So cute!

Here is the class playing their drums and drumming to the song, Little Drummer Boy. (Nolan is 2nd in on the left).

Singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town...

Daniel and I:

Santa paid a visit after the show, here are the 3 boys. Joseph was interested in grabbing Mrs. C's fur collar & Daniel looks annoyed, but no one is screaming surprisingly!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 Yr old Version of Feliz Navidad


Friday, December 18, 2009

Work Christmas Party

Brian's work Christmas party (family party) was a couple weeks ago. It was lots of fun this year! Instead of cookies, everyone brought a finger food and it was much better this way to have a variety of yummy food. There were crafts, cookie making and a visit from Santa, of course, who brought all the kids presents. Well, almost all the kids. Nolan, Joseph & Daniel's presents were missing. Santa called every single child by name up to his lap and gave them a present. And there sat Nolan, waiting, waiting, and finally worrying. How on earth could one kid be left out? Was he that bad this year? Or did a certain Daddy elf put the presents in the wrong place? We may never know, but for a wide eyed, heart broken Nolan we quickly explained that there were LOTS of Christmas parties that day and "those silly elves accidentally took their presents to a party in Alabama." It wasn't long before the elves were able to fix the problem and Nolan had his present. Whew...pretty sure it was more traumatic for me, since Nolan thought his present going all the way to Alabama was the coolest thing in the world. Nolan & Grffin making eating decorating cookies:
They both waited SO patiently while Santa called the names of the kids:
My sweet boy smiling despite the fact Santa had no present for him. What a trooper!
Ahh, at last the present arrived at the correct party!
Daddy & Joseph:
Erin and Daniel. Erin is always such a huge help with our boys!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two Bugs

Snug as bugs in a rug...well, with two of my bugs, that is. Daniel was already asleep in his crib and Joseph was not far behind, as you can see!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

6 Months Old

Dear Joseph and Daniel,

I cannot belive that you both are a half of year old!! Even though its been so challenging, the time is really flying by and if I dwell on just how quickly, my heart will break! This is such a great age, though. You both are constantly trying and doing new things, your personalities are developing, and you are just plum fun to be around.

Joseph, you are just the opposite of everything I have known about babies. Your sweet chubby cheeks and pot belly remind that you are my only boy that has not had me worried to death about weight gain issues. You absolutely love food and everything that goes with it. You absolutely want to be a part of our family meals and just smile and coo and laugh during our dinner conversations. Lately you also do a lot of chomping and reaching for our food. So far your favorites are sweet potatoes and avacados (Daniel's fav, too), but I will say the other day you sucked the remains of my chicken nugget lunch from my fingers and you were absolutely delighted. Mealtime is a little traumatic for you. You are appeased for .1 seconds that the the spoon is in your mouth but the moment it starts leaving your mouth (to go to the bowl for more), you cry. You are so not impressed when I show you an empty bowl. You also think napping is for the birds, not for babies. Every few days you'll nap really well and I get used to it...then you have enough energy to get back to normal, napping only for 10-15 incraments. You won't let us set you on our lap. You HAVE to be standing/jumping. Your little voice is the sweetest thing and you love to squeal and coo and laugh. Baby laughter is the best thing ever and you have plenty of it. You are ticklish, you love peek a boo and you adore and worship Nolan. I hear you two laughing at each other daily and it's music for my soul. I love you, Joseph Bear and what you've brought to this family. You have made me more laid back and have allowed me to laugh more often and more freely. Happy 6 months, sweet boy.

Daniel, oh, sweet, sweet, strong, amazing Daniel. You are awesome. You have been through a lot, but your disposition doesn't show it. Yes, you can be my fussy one, but it's almost always for a good reason. I have hated that we have spent so much of your first months of life just trying to control pain. But I have loved seeing you rise above it. You are very much like Nolan. When you meet someone new, you take them in, stare at them and after a few minutes, and some built trust, you will finally flash a smile. Your smile is the most beautiful thing, you use your entire body. It's more like an activity for you, smiling at me. You are laughing more and more and are ticklish and think its the funniest thing in the world when we dance together. Nolan lectures me daily about how I need to cover you up in your bouncy chair or on the playmat (between you and me, I don't cover you on purpose, because Nolan loves to do it and you love it, too)! Your eyes are so piercing blue, Daniel, that its shocking, they are so beautiful. You love to hold my hand while you drink your bottle and that helps me remember how right this all is, how wonderfully blessed I really am. Like Joseph, you adore sweet potatoes and avacados. You are not a fan of applesauce and look at me with disgust when I try. Your weight gain is still a struggle, but you are working so hard. Developmentally, you are on track and continue to amaze and amuse me. You have opened up a part of my heart that I didn't know I had, you've filled places that were controlled by self-pity and sadness and are now filled with the reminder of God's grace and miracles. Thank you for your patience with me and for your unconditional love, your laughter, your smiles and for a heart of gold. I love you so much. We've made it 6 months, baby boy, here's to many more!

I love you boys forever and ever and more.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Joseph has been big enough to use the jumperoo for at least a month, but seemed to have no interest in it, which makes NO sense since all he wants to do is stand up (and he of course needs assistance to do this). So at another attempt, I moved the jumperoo from the kitchen to the living room, wherehe can watch Nolan play. Joseph now ADORES it and jumps and jumps and much so the first day he was really using it I suddenly realized it was awfully quiet...

I finally found a way for my no-napper to nap! Standing up, of course!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Another baby

Guess who thinks she's the 3rd baby?

Monday, December 07, 2009

Tummy Time

It's pretty fun when one is the other's prop (don't worry, we don't let Joseph lay on Daniel...yet):
But tummy time watching Nolan play with the train is really the best way to go! They have both come so far with laying on their tummies. Both hated it, but we've been making them work hard and it's definitely paying off. Way to go boys!