Monday, May 31, 2010

Easter Pics

Um, better late than never, right? Here's a few cuties! Here's Daniel with the ears, Joseph wouldn't hear of it.
Simone, Griffin, and the boys:
I love how Joseph is checking EB out here:
Easter day we brunched at Harbor walk:

May Nolanisms (and more....)

This month Nolan must have done a thousand things that had us rolling, but I was terrible at recording them. So annoyed with myself! But I'm also including some updates on all three boys. I also need to think of a new name for these monthly updates...

  • Nolan was very excited about taking me to dinner for my birthday. He came upstairs while I was doing my hair and said, "Mooooom. You are going to be so happy about what I got you for your birthday. Its big and square and flat and its your faaavorite." (he motioned his arms in a big square). I thought it was a card, but he was referring to the dollar that he insisted Brian put in my card from Nolan. At dinner, when I opened it, he told me, "Mom, that is for your piggy bank. It's all for you!!"
  • Nolan is great at stores these days. He will completely entertain the twins, until they laugh so hard I think they may puke! The only down side is sometimes he gets too wild and loud, but its so funny to hear him say, "Peekaboo!" and then hear the twins belly laughing. We're quite a sight, I imagine.
  • Nolan and Brian went on a city tour, while the twins and I decided to stay back and shop since it was in the 90's that day. Anyway, at dinner that night I was telling them how a little girl at the store was enthralled that we had two babies. Nolan's face dropped and he said, "Mom, did you tell her you have 3 babies?" I assured him that every single person I talked to knew the boys had an older brother (which is true)!
  • Obviously, the "3 babies" thing is an issue with Nolan, because at the grocery store with me he kept telling strangers. "We have three kids, I'm the older brother and I have two baby brothers."
  • Nolan told some girl at a restaurant, "I'm almost a daddy."
  • So, apparently Nolan is flirting with the talent of lying. Recently he found a child safety door handle and put it on his bathroom. However, I thought Brian did and Brian thought I did it, both thinking that was strange for Nolan to be unable to get into his bathroom and go potty. When we realized neither of us did it, we asked Nolan. He wove quite the tale, but has the worst poker face imaginable. Finally, after he stuck to his story (to the point I thought maybe I HAD put it on myself) he admitted he had done it in order to keep the babies safe because they like playing by/near the tub and toilet! I just think its funny of all things to lie about, why lie about keeping your brothers safe??
  • Joseph can now also do the sign for "milk" and asks for "milk" and "more" all day long!
  • Daniel raises his hands when we ask "how big is Daniel?"
  • Daniel surprised us, happily, with crawling on all fours, during one of our many hotel stays on our way here. Up until then he army crawled, and the physical therapist was a bit concerned he may go from that to walking. We're super happy!
  • Both boys cruise alot still. They fight over the walker toy constantly. Joseph has taken a few steps solo here and there, but has no interest in walking on his own.
  • The twins eat just about anything...and everything. I think the only thing left to introduce is Peanut Butter. They were eating homemade baby food up until we left and then we were at the first restaurant and decided to order them a meal to share. They devoured it! So now when we're out they share cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, chicken and more. Same at dinner at home, they pretty much eat what we eat, and they eat ALOT of it. I think they definitely eat more at this age than Nolan did, but then again I had Nolan on baby food until he was well past a year.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Moving Day

Moving Day was insane. Insane! It was a pretty crazy time trying to stay out of the movers way with two babies that are crawling and a very talkative 4 year old. And it was also kind of sad. How do you say goodbye to a home that housed so many memories? All 3 of my boys learned to crawl on those floors. They all got their first teeth in that house. I'll hold dear to my heart the memories our family created there. I'll miss the sunlight pouring in the Florida room and the big pantry. But more importantly, its crazy that I'll never see Nolan tearing around the corner from his room bursting into the living room in the morning. I'll miss checking his height in the laundry room by the measuring board he's already outgrown. And I'll miss my friends, some who already had moved, some that are still there. Surrounding us with support and filling our home with laughter, fun and good times. So long Florida home. Farewell.

Nolan was enthralled with the moving truck.
The babies would not nap in the morning with all the excitement, but by afternoon were tuckered out enough to actually snooze together. They were too sweet to skip chancing them waking up by my picture taking. Luckily, they stayed asleep!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We've Arrived!!

We are in Boston, getting settled in our new home. We're living on base and trying to unpack all our boxes. Its getting better daily, but we still have a long way to go. I can't wait to post some pictures of our trip, the base, and of course, the boys! They are loving it here and the easy walk to so many parks. I'll be sending out our new info shortly. XOXO,

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Being Your Mommy

To my sweet, sweet boys, Thank you for making me a mother. There is no greater gift in this world that your daddy has given me but you. Truly, I am so blessed. Here are some of my thoughts and thanks this Mommy's day for you.

Daniel, because I'm your mommy:

  • I get to see those big beautiful eyes every single day. And I get to see them crinkle with laughter multiple times per day.
  • I get to watch you look at your brothers and smile in a certain way that only they can get you to smile.
  • I get to kiss your head/face many times a day because you are on the move and fearless, so always getting bonked.
  • I rejoice that you are a good eater now that you are eating finger foods. A great eater. Every day Daddy and I ask, "Where does he put it?"
  • I get to watch you smile and flirt with strangers at restaurants endlessly, the same way your big brother did. You will turn away from us completely and smile/giggle/chat with anyone in the vicinity.
  • I am humbled by your ability to do everything your twin brother does, even though you have been faced with challenges. You amaze me!
  • I get to throw you into the air just to hear you laugh.
  • I get to cuddle you when you are sleepy. Its rare, but you do like to snuggle every once in a while.
  • You absolutely love when I dance/sing in the kitchen while I'm making meals.
  • I get to see how much you act just like Nolan. But more so, you are the son that reminds me the most of your daddy. I see him in you in every move you make and your attitude is confident and humorous and completely laid back. I'm so, so glad.

Joseph, because I'm your mommy:

  • I get to listen to you belly laugh endlessly! You especially love "this little piggy" and pat-a-cake.
  • I get to kiss your owies when you fall and crash.
  • I get to rock you to sleep when you are teething and nothing can make you feel better, but cuddling doesn't hurt.
  • I already have to try to teach you that taking toys from Daniel, especially when you have two in your hand, is not okay.
  • I get daily snuggles from you, wonderful perfect hugs and pats on the back.
  • I get to comfort you when you get scared, which seems to be often. Vacuum's, Nolan and daddy being wild, loud crashes...all of it sends you into hysteria.
  • I get to kiss those chubby cheeks daily!!!
  • I get to watch you and Daniel grab each others hands and hold onto them. I also get to watch you in your double stroller eat Daniel's toes. You both are very amused by this.
  • I think sometimes I am able to enjoy you more easily because I don't have the worry with you that I had (for different reasons) with your brothers. I am more relaxed with you, for better or worse, fair or unfair.

And my Nolan, because I'm your mommy:

  • I say at least 10 times a day, "Please stop arguing with me." You now start arguing a point, then put your hands up and say, "okay mom, I won't argue. I almost did, but I stopped."
  • Like last year, every night, I still sing you the "pancake" song and scratch your back.
  • We get to have movie night and snuggle up on the couch watching a flick and chowing down on popcorn.
  • You have asked me to marry you and insist that I am the girl you will marry when you grow up.
  • I get to watch you make your brothers laugh.
  • I get to listen to your belly laugh.
  • I get to dry your tears when something or someone hurts your feelings.
  • I get to be the one whose hand you squeeze when Daddy puts the "burning" medicine on your scrapes. And afterwards I get to give you a popsicle.
  • I get to hear you sing songs you learned at school.
  • I get to watch you process things and then verbalize them way better than I think you should be able to. You are so intelligent and equally, if not more so, creative. And I get to witness it each and every day.

Well boys, I wish I wasn't so tired and that I could think of more to write, or at least to write more eloquently. I am typing this in the dark while the younger of you two sleep in the same room of our hotel. In the next room sleeps the oldest. Tomorrow we move to our new house and onto more adventures. I'm thrilled that we get to experience this all together and not a day goes by that I don't realize what a miracle and blessing each of you are. I love you to pieces and forever.

Love, Mommy