Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Kid-Ism's

  • Instead of "instructions" Nolan says, "Re-structions."
  • Nolan was shocked one morning when he saw me putting on deodorant. He screamed, "But you don't have hair under your arms!!!" (Daddy told him he couldn't put deoderant under his arms until he had hair, but he always lets him pretend to put deoderant on with the cap on).
  • We were tying to get Nolan to repeat something we were saying. Brian said, "Say it out loud." Nolan screamed it at the top of his lungs. "You said to say it loud..."
  • Nolan calls his bookshelf a "book dresser." Which in all fairness is very accurate...there are drawers on the bottom for clothes and a hutch/booksheld on top.
  • Joseph started choking one night at dinner (and was totally fine), but after the fact Nolan said, "Poor Joseph, his throat is too small." It took us a second to realize he meant, the food was too big, so J's throat must be too small....
  • When I was having a chat about being nice to some of his friends after a disagreement, he said, "Well, they were being mean and I had to stop them." We had a longer talk....
  • Nolan felt bad for laughing at Joseph & Daniel when they were being naughty, so he apologized (on his own accord) and then said, "Sometimes God just shoots a laugh in me."
  • Nostrils are called "Nose Holes."
  • Nolan got whoppers for Easter and asked, "Why are they called whoppers, does it jump up and whop you in the face?"

Joseph & Daniel:

  • Their language is taking off!!! They are saying lots of words and even putting two words almost seems overnight.
  • The twins will repeat whatever Nolan says, which is great speech practise. Nolan's favorite words to teach them are: eyeball, booger, chickenbutt, duck cheese, etc....
  • If I am present, J will NOT let Brian do simple things. It has to be me. For example, if he can't reach his milk, he'll say "Mik!" Brian will hand it to him. Joseph FREAKS OUT! "No!! Momma! Momma! Momma!" We are working on it, but as you can imagine, it takes a toll, its so hard to not get involved when you know its an easy fix.
  • D will not stay out of the fridge. He likes to explore and recently the water pitcher fell and got him soaked. Luckily he was not hurt.
  • J will not stay away from the DVD player. He opens it, takes out a DVD and puts a new one in, then gets frustrated the movie won't start...see, its not a generation thing, DVDs, VCRs, they will always be tricky!!
  • They scream "Da-Da!" to anyone in uniform.
  • These boys are ready for outdoor weather...they want to spend 24/7 outside and when we do bring them inside they have the most awful meltdowns I've ever seen!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Note to Easter Bunny

Just in case you can't read this, its from Nolan, written by his babysitter the eve of Easter. It was next to a plate of carrots and a painted egg (with a bag of ice): Dear Easter Bunny, The egg has to be cooled, so make sure you have some ice. I hope you have a happy Spring! I hope I was good enough for a chocolate Bunny. I really would like one. Thank you very much. -Nolan

Thankfully, EB did bring Nolan a chocolate bunny!!!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Childrens Museum

The same day we attended the base Spring Fling, we also had passes to the Boston Children's Musuem. For any local folks, if you are a library member, you can't beat this deal. For four people, its only $3 each and active duty member is always free!
The museum is behind the boys, across the water.
Nolan & Joseph rolling golf balls down the hill:
When the boys had seen and played with all there was to see (their favorite was the ball room, we visited that one twice), we headed for a stroll around the area. It was such a nice day...until suddenly a storm rushed in and we got a bit soaked!
It was a long, fun filled day that we finished off with some lazy pizza and early bedtimes!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Fling

The first weekend in April the base spouses club put on their annual Spring Fling. There were baked goods, crafts, egg hunting...and snow!! Well, snow left over from the day before. It didn't stop the kiddos from having a blast.
These are the boys waiting to start. This is the last year they'll be in the same egg hunt, next year Nolan will be in the school age hunt.
Daniel could care less about picking up the eggs, but LOVED watching the action.
Joseph was grabbing as many eggs as he could.
The boys showing us their eggs.
Katelyn & Nolan:
Joseph and Daniel were not fans of the Easter Bunny. If I got within eyesight of him, Daniel would shake his head and scream, "No! No!" So we didn't torture them by making them sit on his lap.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Chocolate Messiness

Eating chocolate ice cream can be messy... Wow, even Nolan felt the need to be really messy...
But the messiest award really does go to Daniel.
Love that chocolate smile!!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Fenway Lunch

We met Becky (and her hubby, Tim) when we lived in Florida. They lived right down the street from us and when I was pregnant with the twins, Becky was preggers with her beautiful Emily. I got a message from her that she was visiting a friend in Boston and would like to meet up. I was so excited!!! We met her and her friend at a brewery/restaurant right across from Fenway Park. It was wonderful to see Becky and catch up!!! Its funny...military life is tough. We seem to always be saying good-bye. But its days like these, lunches like these, that make it all worth it. Meeting with a friend and chatting as if a day has not passed. Thanks, Becky, we had a blast!!! Nolan & Miss Becky: Becky's friend, Erin, is on a bowling league and we stopped in for a bit. This a 3 story bowling alley, and it was the coolest place I've ever seen. It was hip and trendy, so I fit right in with my 3 young kids! HA! ;) Opening day for the Red Sox is Friday!!! We are looking forward to going to a game this summer!

Monday, April 04, 2011

My Date!

Nolan has been asking me for a couple weeks if and when we could go on a "date night" with just him and I. We picked Friday night. Nolan picked our dinner destination...McDonald's. Then we wandered around Barnes & Nobles, riding the HUGE escalator, a treat for Nolan since riding escalators with a double stroller is a no-go. Then we went to see HOP and pigged out on popcorn, candy and sprite. I loved every second of it and Nolan was as sweet as he could be. He told joke after joke (it was April Fool's, after all). We laughed and laughed together and enjoyed not having to hurry around or be distracted. Nolan wanted to wear this necklace so he could be extra "handsome" for our date and he asked Brian if he would take our picture before we left (Joseph wanted in on the pic). And...the best part? My date and I held hands all night!!!!