Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Almost caught up!

We're almost caught up with posts from the move! Aren't you all excited? Nolan is!!!!

Dinner with Jake & Jamie

I just love it when couples have the same first letter name's. Jake & Jamie. Tim & Tammi. So fun. Anyway, our first Sunday in town Jake & Jamie had us over to their place for a FABULOUS dinner. It was so yummy. Jake grilled up perfect steaks and Jamie made this shrimp/avacado salad and tomatoes stuffed with cheese rice (a recipe she just inventions are never as good) and warm bread. Wow. Not to mention wine to complement the meal. And after dinner we took a stroll to the beach. Yes, these lucky birds live on base and were able to get a double-water front property. I say this because they have a lake in their backyard. Then to the right of the lake (and their house) is the bay. It is gorgeous and so peaceful. Here are some pics! Jamie in front of the lake (in their backyard):

The bay by their house (where we can park our boat if Brian gets his way):

The three of us in front of the beach by their house:

Friday, May 26, 2006

Fun in The Sun

So, guess who went met at the beach a few weekends ago? Tim, Tammi & the boys and TJ, Beth & Bryant. We had a blast. The weather was perfect, the water was enticing. We brought Nolan's pack n play, but he was pretty much anti-napping, until it was time for all of us to eat lunch. See how tired he was? Poor little guy! The sun zpped all of Tanner's energy, too...he was asleep at the same table...

But Bryant & Evan were able to hang a little bit longer...Meanwhile, the rest of the gang (aka, moms & dads) enjoyed a FABULOUS meal. I didn't know crab legs could taste the way these did. They were out of this world! And we had a window seat facing the ocean. It was beautiful!

Here's a pic of the Hall's, Brian & Nolan (in the Halls backpack/highchair that they were kind enough to lend us):

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Congratulations Beth & Sam!!

Some surprises are the most priceless of all. Beth & Sam are expecting a bundle of joy in late November. We couldn't be more thrilled for you guys...and now we have one more reason to come back for a visit. You'll both be phenominal parents. That baby chose you! Can't wait to meet him or her...I just hope you choose a name for him or her quicker than you did for Sophie! We can't go around calling it "baby" for too long!

1st view of the water

This is our first full day, when we went onto Eglin Air Force Base.

Brian and I (self portrait)!

Nolan's first time at the water (he looks pretty happy!)Later that night we met Jake & Jamie at a restaurant on Okaloosa Island and ate at this AWESOME shrimp place. After dinner we went for a moonlit stroll on the beach. It is so great having them here!

More St. Louis Pics...

The three of us at my brother Jack & Tish's ( whose picture I did not sad!) But I did get you on video! Brady, Sarah (cousins) & Morgan (my niece): Grampie & Nolan Andi & Nolan: Nolan's Godmom, Meghan & Nolan: Grammie & Nolan:

Morgan & Sarah (silly, gorgeous girls):

Morgan, Nolan & I: I also took a bunch of pictures at Grandma & Grandpa M's, but I realized today I was using Kathy's camera all that time! It was right there on the dining romo table, so I just kept snapping shots with it! So, if you want to email me some of those pictures, I can post them! Thanks!

Meet Me in St. Louis

We had such a great time, although it was much too short. Here are some snapshots of the great time we had. Can you believe Brian and I got all gussied up for a date (while Grandma & Granpa M babysat) and we didn't take one picture??? How sad somebody! Eric found someone who is on the same maturity level, at last, ha ha! (kidding, Nolan is of course much more mature):

Look at these boys!

Our gracious hosts, Mik & Miranda, snuggle a very tired Nolan:

Such a Helper

Nolan was sure sad to leave Cheyennne, but he must have been really excited about the trip, because look how much he helped Momma pack her Cherished Teddies!

And look, he had to nap in the kitchen while the packers were there. What a trooper!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Poor Landry (okay, and poor Samuel)

During the Hlivko's bash, a bunch of us were sitting in the living room, chatting having a good time. Landry, Kari & Tony's little girl (who is about as adorable as they come) and Sam D. are great buds. She adores him and vice versa. So, Sam is telling us all a lavish story, entertaining the crowd, so to speak. Landry is right next to him, and thinking she has his attention, throws him a toy ball (small plastic ball). Sam was taken off guard and tried to catch it, but instead (sorry, Sam, I am literally laughing out loud as I type this) it ricocheted off his hand and onto his face, just to the left of his left eye. He grabbed his eye and kind of double over. We all started laughing, until we noticed poor Landry was extremely upset and worried, crying because she thought she had hurt Sam. So Sam reached his hand out to comfort her and tell her it wasn't her fault...and that's when we all saw blood (and stopped least temporarily). We distracted Landry with cookies (no one is really sure how many she ate?) while Sam was tended to with frozen veggies. Kim & Matt have more frozen vegetables than anyone I know. Sorry you had to sustain an injury at our last night of fun in Cheyenne, but at least now you'll never forget us! :) Here's Sam and his injury:

Air Force Going Away

The Saturday before we left Kim and Matt threw us a party and since we were staying with them (did they go above and beyond the call of friendship duty or what?) it was a late (but very fun) night for all of us. I remembered to take more pictures, so here are some from that night. Here's the girls doing the infamous "kissy face":

Here's the boys, posing (aka making fun of the kissy face) during their cigar break:

Amanda, Myself & Kim

Sara & Nolan:

Tammi & Nolan:

When Kim & Tammi hijacked my camera (you didn't really think I wouldn't blog this, did you?)

Ron, Sam, Brian ("Snaps"), & Amanda:

And a picture of the fam (right before Nolan went to sleep, as he is in his 'jammers):

LCCC Going Away

On our last Friday in Cheyenne Molly & Jeff threw a party to wish us farewell. Seeing that things got so crazy near the end and I wasn't able to make to LCCC as much as I would have liked, it was great to see so many of you. And to those I didn't, I was sad, but appreciate the phone calls, cards and kind words. Unfornutaely, I didn't take nearly enough pictures that night. I am so bummed. But here are a few I snapped. Brian also wants me to mention that he was really sad he couldn't be there. He had a much later night, and enjoyed saying farewell to his work buddies. Remember, we have an extra bedroom...and a pool...and we're close to the beach. Come visit!!!! And Molly, thank you SO much for throwing us this party. It was such a blast and we are so glad to have met you (and I guess Jeff, ha ha). We'll miss your CFD party so much. Here's Amanda, Myself & Sara: (we 3 always had a blast)

And here's Jeanne & Nolan: (she talked to NOlan so much in the womb, I think he knew her voice better than mine):

Who's that Lady in the Mirror?

So, my last hair appointment I had with Korinne (sniffle), I surprised everyone...including myself: I couldn't go to FL without some blond (plus, my grey hairs have grown in number since little bits appearance). I wish I had known how easy it was to straighten my hair all this time. Every other time I have had it done, they would blow dry it out and that took SOOOO long with my hair. I have lost some of hte natural curl after the baby, as well, so now I have something fun and different I can do. I have since bought my own flat iron and am slowly learning. It's so easy! Brian told Tammi he felt like he was having an affair. And when we showed this picture to my dad he thought it was Kim (although I am not sure which Kim he was thinking of?).

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Home At Last

Hey Everyone! We have arrived safely and our intranet was hooked up yesterday! The first thing I did was check blogs...I have to say, I loved checking them before, but now that I am far away from more of my blogger buddies, it rocks even more. So to all you people who love to check blogs, but don't have one (umm...Lindsay, Krystal, Amanda...), get 'em started! Brian and I love the house, beyond words. It had a few minor flaws, but it is everything we hoped for. Our stuff was delivered Wed, and it has been crazy since. We were able to (mostly) finish Nolan's room that night, and have since completed the kitchen and most of our room. Next is the family room, and then of course the office/spare bedroom...have to have that ready for all the visitors. And let me just tell's gorgeous here. I still cannot shake the feeling we are just on vacation. Okay, as Tammi always says, I know you are all here for the pics, so I am sorry to say, they are not all uploaded yet. Working on it! I have a ton of pics and lots of stories to share. But we are safe, and we do miss you all. We did see Tim & Tammi & the boys our first weekend here, so home felt alot closer. We also saw TJ, Beth & Bryant that same day. Bryant has grown SO much and is a doll! We went to dinner with Jake & Jamie and then went to their place for dinner another night. They have been so good to us and has been awesome catching up with them., he's already changed even since St. Louis. He's laughing alot now (especially at the dogs, who he ADORES). He is trying to crawl and his temper comes out often because he hasn't quite got it (but not from lack of trying). He also learned a fun trick from Avery...walking (assisted by Momma or Daddy). It seems almost overnight he figured it out and now its one of the sure ways to make him happy. He goes fairly fast, especially after the pups. Ok, I have put off unpacking enough. Take care and keep in touch...we love and miss you all. I'll update with pics asap.

Monday, May 08, 2006

On the Road Again

Okay, we're leaving St. Louis in a few minutes. It went so fast! It was so good to see those we did, but we wish it could have been longer. There were many friends we didn't get to see and lots of family we wish we could have seen more. Poor Nolan is beat, but he loved seeing everyone and we're so grateful to everyone for traveling to see us. Next time we hope to see more people and to our friends, we promise to schedule more time next trip. I know we didn't get to see you all, but it wasn't for lack of trying, just lack of time. We love you all, those we saw and those we didn't. And please know...our door is always open in FL. We'll send out new address cards when we get there...we'll be 25 minutes from the beach, its a great place to vacation. We'll update the blog when we get to FL!!! Oodles of LOVE!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ode To Cheyenne

See, even now, I can't quite say good-bye. What a sap I am! Well, first off, we have arrived safely to St. Louis. The trip was tiring, but actually not as bad as we thought. Cheyenner's, if you think you saw Brian and I driving around Cheyenne around lunchtime Monday, your eyes didn't decieve you...we didn't leave until after noon. I want to thank everyone who came to our going away gatherings. Friday Molly hosted a wonderful get together for the LCCC folks. It was so surreal saying goodbye and even more so hearing everyone talk about Frontier Days. Brian and I will be wearing our cowboy gear and thinking of you all. Saturday Kim and Matt hosted a going away bash for the Air Force folks. That party wasn't any easier in the good bye department. But we sure had a BLAST!!! I can't wait to post pictures once I can upload pics again. It's storming here in Missouri. And my thoughts are everywhere. In the future, in the present, in the past. I think I have been mushy enough for one week, but to all my Cheyenne friends...who are very much like family...words can't express. The place in my heart I hold you is overflowing and if I let my brain wrap around our blessings we have had with you, my emotions will get the best of me. So...we shall meet again, I have no doubt.