Saturday, September 30, 2006

To my growing baby...

Where has my baby boy gone? Every time I look at you, you are changing, growing, blossoming into a little boy. You are such a chatter box these days, and your time on the swing yesterday was no exception. You laughed alot, you giggled tons and you babbled in between almost the whole time as if you had very important things to tell me. And I have no doubt whatever those things were, they ARE important and spectacular. How did I find pleasure in the little things before you? How did I look at the world? I try to remember, but I can't. You have expanded my world and opened it up and made me see the world through your curious little eyes and I love it. I love you. You will continue to grow, continue to amaze me, I'm sure, but you will always ALWAYS be my baby boy.

Beautiful Day

Fall is definitely in the air and I hope it's here to stay. Granted we miss the beautiful fall colors of Missouri right now, but I have to admit, you couldn't ask for more beautiful weather than what we are having. Nolan and I have been able to get out of the house during the day and not worry about dehydration and heat stroke. And it was so nice last night that Brian and I sat outside with SWEATSHIRTS on sipping wine. It was AWESOME! But more than the weather made yesterday such a beautiful day. Nolan and I went to an interactive dance/sing session at a local Kindermusik. Nolan had such a ball that we are considering signing us up for a class even though the price is pretty steep. Abby & Cheyna were there, too so after the class we went to lunch together. Then Nolan and I headed to Target, a huge treat for me since we don't have one where we live. After we curtain shopped we headed home. As we passed a local park by our house, I stopped on a whim to push Nolan in the swing. There was no one else in the area, no distractions, and Nolan had the best time ever. I was so happy we stopped and SO happy I had my camera. I took a TON of pictures and I will always cherish them because the half hour we spent at the park was one of the best afternoon's in my life. My little man is just such a treasure...can you tell I'm in love? We did miss Da-Da very much, but promised him we'll take him next Friday on his day off. When Brian got home from work we headed to dinner at Beef O Brady's, an irish family restaurant...SO good! Here are a couple shots of Nolan in our Kindermusik class, and pics of the swing will follow in another post (or multiple posts, I took so many pictures). This is Nolan under a scarf (each child got to play with one):
Abby & her scarf:
Abby & momma Cheyna:
Imagine that, Nolan won't look at the camera when I'm in the shot!
Best buds, Nolan & Abby:

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Too Funny

Here's Nolan with some CRAZY hair (and a crazy mood to match)!
Doesn't he look like he's "modeling" his hair here?
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Walking Shots

I am hoping these clips work. Today, for the first time, Nolan is letting go of furniture and walking toward me on his own (instead of me standing him up and letting him walk away). He is getting really good at his balance. The only problem is that now that he has discovered to walk he's pretty much not interested in napping. Too many other fun things to do... Here he is taking a couple steps toward me, then was sidetracked by a toy:
In this one, he is walking toward me. I wish there were sound, he just SHRIEKS with delight!
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Here's Nolan standing unassissted. I have some short video clips of him walking, but because I have the best luck in the world (being sarcastic here), it won't let me post it. When we go to a place with a Circuit City we'll buy the adaptor that will let us plug our real video camera into the computer(they didn't have one at Wal-Mart). In the meantime, it may be still shots for a bit. He was about to go down for a nap, which explains the no britches thing...
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Monday, September 25, 2006

Picnic & UFC

Saturday we did house and yard work. Late Saturday afternoon we headed to a park in town for a Family Night Out picnic with a local Mom's club I recently joined. We had lots of food and Nolan had fun playing on the playground. Dad put him on the slide for the first time and he loved it. It was already after 4 by the time we got there, but it was still very hot. So we didn't stay too long, but it was nice to hang out with other families (most are Air Force). Here we are at the park:
See Nolan's shoes in the pictures? They are squeeky! My mom's cousins, Court & Jane, gave them to us as a shower gift and we're so happy he fits into them. Everyone at the park got a kick out of hearing him "Squeek Squeek" by! So fun!
After the picnic we headed to Jake & Jamie's house to watch the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) game. This is the second one I've seen, and I have to admit, they are pretty entertaining to watch. Not crazy when someone bleeds, but Saturday night there wasn't as much blood as the first fight I saw a couple months ago. Of course, I spend the first half hour of the matches giggling and saying I just can't get past how the two fighters look like they are snuggling and making out, but whatever! Jamie made awesome taco's for us and an amazing chocolate mint cake that makes me drool just writing about it. YUM! I made it through the first few matches, but fell asleep on Brian's shoulder during the BIG match...come on, it was WAY past my bedtime! And Kutcher, their dog, was all snuggled up to me, so it was inevitable. But we had a great time and Nolan was a trooper, sleeping in his pack n play at the Malones and going right back to sleep when we got home.

Go Cards

Friday night Brian, Nolan & I headed to a local wing place for dinner. We were very happy to learn that the Cardinal's game was on right next to our table. Brian and Nolan switched places so that Brian could see the game. Nolan had a Baseball shirt on, but not his Cardinal shirt...darn! Dinner was great, the place makes a blue cheese dressing for the wings that is awesome. I had an unpleasant experience with my buffalo chicken sandwich being raw in the middle...I am just glad I never finish my sandwich, which is why I always cut it in half so that I can take the other half home. They remade it and the new, cooked version was very yummy! Here's Da-Da & Nolan at dinner:
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Here's Nolan, I just like this picture. He was clapping at the time:
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Happy Autumn!

It's my favorite season!!! Even though it's still in the high 80's, low 90's here, I love that Autumn is here. We pulled out the Halloween & Autumn decorations this weekend. Makes me so happy!!Nolan had fun playing with the Halloween candy bowl. We thought Brian's scary mask would frighten him, like it does the dogs, but he thought it was hilarious. He wasn't scared at all. I guess if we put it on the vaccuum, he would be scared....that vaccuum is mean and he yells at it!

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Thanks G&G M!

Friday we recieved a package from G&G M! It was full of clothes and goodies for Nolan, even some of his own toys that we had left in their car during their visit. He was VERY happy to have his teething toy back. And the clothes are adorable! Thank you so much, we were actually realizing we don't have very many clothes for the 12 month mark, but now he'll be dressed well! The little sneakers are ADORABLE! Nolan really liked how they lit up, but it was Brian who wouldn't stop playing with them. He put them on over Nolan's PJ's and had him walk around so he could see them light up! So cute! THANK YOU!!!! Here's Nolan "modeling" some of his new goodies:

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Action Shot...

If you'll notice, the background is all blurry. That's not the martini's you had at lunch (or is it?)this is an action shot of Nolan with his "walking ball" as Tammi informed me the Stewarts call it! Poor little Nolan has a bucket of drool on his chin, as he is cutting that second tooth!
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Corn Popper Video Clip

I wish this were better footage, but like I said, Nolan likes me RIGHT behind him when he is walking and if he turns and sees the camera, he is done with the walking game and wants to play the "let me have the camera" game. Which I have to admit I like much better than the "let me grab your toenails off" or "let me poke your eyeballs out" game. Anyway, here's the clip! :)
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Little Man is Growing Up!

Yesterday Nolan made it official! He walked! I handed him his stuffed bear and while standing behind him, he walked 4 or 5 steps towards Haley. Yes, his ultimate goal is to chase Haley. We knew those dogs would come in handy one of these days. So he walked to Haley a bunch of times. He would fall, I would pick him up and he would do it again. He was shrieking with delight. He won't walk towards me (see where I rank with the dogs), so I can't get a pic and even when I tried to get a pic from behind, he was on to me. I think that even though he knows he's walking, he likes knowing I am right there just in case he falls or loses his balance. I promise, buddy, I'll always be there for that.
He showed Dad his new trick, but it took a little bit, as I think he was way tired. I have to say, it is the cutest thing I've ever seen watching him "toddle" away. I see why they call them toddlers, it is such a perfect word. Although he is NOT a toddler yet. Nope, he's still my baby for two more months! :) And always...hee hee. I adore watching his face and hearing him laugh while he's doing it. It's like the best thing in the whole world. I feel so blessed. Of course, I talked to Andi last night and she said by next week he'll be running rampant around the house...will I feel so blessed then? HA HA, kidding, of course I will! And speaking of was SO great to finally talk. Miss you guys!!!Anyway, as soon as humanly possible I will take a pic and a short video of Nolan walking. I do have a clip of him standing and taking a step or two with his corn popper, I'll post that this afternoon.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Cheerio Outbreak

Last week Nolan decided to pull his cheerio container out of the diaper bag. He not only managed to get it open before I could get it, he poured them all over the floor. It took the dogs less than one second to realize their luck. Here are the three of them chomping away. I couldn't get much closer for a pic, but you get the idea.

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Monday, September 18, 2006


Thank you Kim for helping me figure out how to post friends' blog links to mine. I would have NEVER figured it out on my own. It was great chatting!!!!

"Giving Loves"

As Brian calls it! Nolan started "giving loves" in the past week. We'll just be sitting on the floor and he'll come up lay his head down in your lap for a second and a hug! Of course, it's not just us...he gives loves to his blankie, his toys & stuffed animals. At Cheyna & Andrews, he even gave loves to their dog, Bucky! Our dogs won't sit still long enough for him to do that! So here'a a couple pics of him Giving Loves to his giggling bear that he ADORES!
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Corn Popper

Here's Nolan with his newest toy, the corn popper. It's like a walker/scooter thing that they hold and it has a bubble at the end that rolls and pops balls up and down. Nolan mostly loves it because it makes Haley bark and chase it, which makes Nolan laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh....we like it because its so light it REALLY has helped him with his balance.

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Short Clip of Nolan "Driving"

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New Ride

Brian was able to find a great deal on a used riding lawn mower. Thank goodness!! Nolan was FASCINATED with Da-Da's new toy and jumped up to sit with him for a short while! Of course, as designated helper, Nolan had to wear his ball cap (from G&G M) to match Da-Da!
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We had a great weekend. The weather was fantastic and we took full advantage Saturday by boating with Cheyna, Andrew & Abby. I think Abby & Nolan are really starting to recognize each other, it's fun to watch them together. They had a blast swimming at Crab Island. I was surprised at how green the water was, I wish I knew more about science and what makes it green somedays, blue/clear others. Luckily there were no jellyfish, that's always my main concern! A couple weeks ago poor Jake & Jamie got stung! :( We ate at our favorite spot, Dewey's! I had a burger and it was sooo good! The rest of the weekend we mostly chilled. Nolan is getting closer to walking. He now voluntarily lets go of us or a "walking" toy to stand there on his own. We get him to do it by telling him to clap, and since he loves clapping he gets really excited to stand there all by himself and clap. He still hasn't stood up by himself without the help of a chair, couch, table, toy, etc but he is starting to try. And Saturday he was walking with the ball and when it rolled away he took a couple steps before dropping to his toosh. It is truly a fascinating time watching him go through these little baby steps (ha ha ha, pardon the pun). Anyway, hope everyone is having a good start to their week. We're just glad the blog is back, even the few hours I couldn't figure out the problem were scary!!! The three boys & Abby:
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Abby & Andrew:
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Bri & Nolan cuddling:
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Momma & a squirmy Nolan:
Sorry Cheyna, I guess I didn't get you in any shots! Next time! :)

Friday, September 15, 2006


My blog is gone...testing!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Avery!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Avery Grace! Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday...literally...we were snuggling you in the hospital. What a miracle you are and what a beautiful little girl. You have such a vivacious personality. We love you & miss you!! HAPPY BDAY!
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(sorry Kim, I'm stealing a pic from your blog, b/c this one is just TOO cute!)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Straddle

Otherwise known as the "Cheerleader Stance," but the Gymnast Straddle is much manlier sounding. Nolan does this ALL DAY! He goes straight from crawling to this and back into crawling.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Good Times!

Nolan learned to clap this past weekend. Ironically, I work with Nolan on almost a daily basis on clapping. I knew he was SO close to getting it. Then he was haning out with Brian and when I come in Brian tells me, really casual-like, "Oh, Nolan was clapping by himself!" That little stinker! Oh well, since he is such an awesome da-da, I guess he deserves it! Now that Nolan knows how to clap he does it alot and I have to admit, it totally melts my heart. This is him clapping!

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We Remember

Like so many, I can't believe it's been 5 years since the attacks on WTC. Brian and I watched a show on the Discovery channel Saturday night about family members who lost loved ones on 9/11. I was weeping and Brian...well, let's just say we were both taken back to that tragic day. We try so hard to remember, but it does hurt to do so. Today my heart goes out to all the families who aren't holding their children, their moms, dads, sisters, brothers, friends, because of this day. Brian said it perfectly on Saturday. "Those people did nothing to deserve to die that way." It's so true. I think having Nolan some how makes the pain of that day more raw. It makes me realize how fragile life is and how we just never know when our last day, our last minute could be. God bless America. God BLESS all of us. We will not forget, ever.

Dinner With Friends

Last night we had Cheyna, Andrew & Abby over for dinner. It was great to have them over and especially fun for all of us to watch the kiddo's play together. Abby learned to stand by herself ("No Hands!") this past week and she enjoyed showing us her new trick! She also started off the day by giving Nolan a hug! SO ADORABLE! After dinner they were playing on the floor and then sat in front of each, saw the other one's bink (pacifer) and in unision, reached out grabbed the other one's bink and plunked in their mouths. They traded binks before any of us could stop them. But then they kept doing it, so I don't think there was much we could do to stop them...switching binks is SO MUCH FUN! Then Nolan saw Abby's sippy cup and reached for it. I told him No and then said, "Well he won't drink it anyway, I try every day and he won't do it." So Cheyna offers it to him and what does he do? Totally chugs water from a sippy cup for her! Granted its the one kind of sippy cup under the sun I haven't tried, but I think it had more to do with Abby using it so it was way cooler. Anyway, it was a great evening, we were glad they could come over and hang out! Cheyna & Abby:
Nolan & Abby playing:
The infamous bink switcheroo:
Abby standing all by herself! YEAH! (And notice her bink is a St. Louis blues bink? Hee hee!)

Clip of Swinging

Didn't get much of a video clip, but here he is swinging. We're working on getting a cord that will connect our computer to our video camera, so hopefully in the next couple weeks I can post video clips with sound!

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Park Fun

Saturday Brian, Nolan & I went to the park for a bit. Nolan went swinging for the first time and REALLY enjoyed it. We couldn't get any pics of him smiling, because he was mostly enthralled with the older kids and the other baby (girl) on the swing next to him. I wish I could crawl inside his little head and figure out what he's thinking about when he sees the "big" kids running around chasing each other on the playground. Then we ventured down to the lake with some can't go to the park without feeding the duckies! The ducks were fun, until the very end when a very brave duck (looked just like the GEICO duck) was pratically in Brian's lap begging for more bread. We were worried if we ran out he would eat Brian's shorts. Hee hee! Then we stopped at Sonic on our way home and got fruit smoothies. Here are a couple shots of Nolan on the swing! :) Here he is enjoying the swing:
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Here you can see he's watching the "big" kids play:
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And here, he's checking out the little girl on the swing next to him:
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