Friday, September 30, 2005

32 Weeks

Here we are at 32 weeks (well, actually 32 1/2 weeks), both growing! He's moving around so much and we're getting so very anxious to meet him.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Deja Vu

It felt like deja vu when we were invited to a Toga party this weekend. We haven't been to a toga party since our college days, when Brian and I were just dating. We actually went to two different get together's Saturday. The first was at Brian's boss's house, Major D. We went for a "Farewell Summer" BBQ. It sure was farewell summer with the 50 degree weather. Not that my swollen feet are complaining! So we spent the afternoon at Major D's house and Kim and Matt brought little Avery. Kim's mom and stepdad were also in town so we got to visit with them. Saturday evening we went to the Daane's for the Toga party (and football game. Our hosts are from Wisconsin, so it was a great night for them). We didn't partake in Toga's this time, but the Hall family sure did! The whole family got in the spirit, including baby Evan and Tanner, with his Nemo toga (pictured abover). Tanner has a birthday coming up...he'll be 3 years old October 7th! Where does the time go? Here's some pictures of our Saturday outings. Michelle (Kim's mom) & Avery, and The Hall Family:

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Must I Be Clean?

Haley Joe has recently decided that digging is fun (for her, not us). We think there is a creature in our backyard, possibly a bunny or critter near the fence line. Her and Tootsie will sniff it out to no end, but most recently they have become more proactive in trying to catch whatever it is that is living near (or in) our yard. This makes clean up a little tougher. We'll keep you updated...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Outstanding Drama Series

The Emmy winning show LOST begins tonight. If you didn't watch last season, you can catch up tonight at 8/7 Central when ABC will show a recap of last season. Then at 9/8 Central the Season Premiere!! What is down the hatch? Here's a picture of my favorite cast with their VERY DESERVED Emmy's. Congrats!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Welcome Braden Richard

Our friend and co-worker, Jenny Riggs, welcomed Braden Richard Rigg Saturday evening. Braden weighed in at 8 lbs and is 21 inches long. He was scheduled to come into the world October 5th, but surprised everyone this weekend. Congratulations Mom, Dad & Big Sister Peyton!

Monday, September 19, 2005


Sunday afternoon I had quite a shock! I was leaving Jenny Rigg's baby shower (who didn't quite make it, as she went into labor and delivered her baby boy the evening prior!) and getting into my car when I heard my phone ring on the seat beside me. Brian seemed oddly concerned on why my phone was off. I told him it was on, I just left it in the car while I attended the party. Was there a problem? He insisted there was not, but made me swear to stay by my phone. I was wondering if he had accidentally fallen while putting up the new cieling light/fan in the nursery or if maybe he decided to have some cocktails while I was at the party. As I pondered his strange behavior, my phone rang again. I answered and heard a chorus of "Surprise" at the other end of the phone. I am not really sure what I said at that point, as I was thouroughly confused! Then Mom McMenamy explained that she and both sides of our family were at my Aunt Terri's having a baby shower for us! WOW! We are so lucky!!! I was then "passed" around to each person at the shower and was able to chat with each of the attendee's. Everyone said it was a blast and I wish I could have been there, but am so grateful and blessed to have such a great family. We look forward to watching the video and seeing everyone in action. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Welcome Avery Grace

Kim and Matt Hlivko welcomed their beautiful baby daughter to the world yesterday (Wed, September 14th) just before 5:00 PM. Avery Grace weighed in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Both baby and momma are doing and looking great!

Kim & Steve are on Cloud Nine

Actually they were AT Cloud 9 Ranch over Labor Day weekend. Cloud 9 is where Brian's family goes every year. Dad McMenamy goes hunting for deer in the fall/winter time, sometimes with Nathan or Kurt and when Brian still lived in the area, he would go along, too. As the weather gets warmer, its a great vacation spot. They keep their RV camper there year round and take their ATV's to go 4 wheeling. Brian took me to Cloud 9 a handful of times before we moved away and it was always a blast. Anyway, Kim Roedl (previously Dame) emailed me that her and Steve were going there for Labor Day. Brian and I were green with envy!! But we're happy they got to go. If we get stationed in a reasonable distance to Cloud 9, we plan on taking a vacation there in the next few years. And we expect not only the McMenamy's to be there, but the Roedl's too! :) Here are some pictures of Kim and Steve having a blast at Cloud 9 (lucky ducks)!! Oh, and of course, their newest addition Rusty...what a CUTIE!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Happy Anniversary Jack & Tish!!

Yesterday was my brother and sister in law's 2nd wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary you two love birds!! Here's a pic of Jack & Tish, with my niece, Morgan, and newphew, Corey!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Where oh Where has my Cell Phone Gone?

It is said often that when a woman is pregnant she becomes scatterbrained. I have taken every opporunity to blame any embarrassing moments or ridiculous actions on this very fact since March, when I first found out we were pregnant. Once I even tried to put a lit candle INSIDE a cabinet before I (luckily) came to my senses and realized the hairspray went in the cabinet, the candle on the shelf. Yesterday my memory seemed to test me in a very cruel and mocking way. My cell phone disappeared. Now, when I say it disapperead, I mean I lost it. I noticed its absence sometime Thursday afternoon, while home at lunch. I remembered it wasn't in my purse and I needed to grab it from my nightstand (where I always leave it). Hmm, not there. I went to the cell phone's second and third most popular locations, finding nothing but empty counterspace and coffee tables that seemed to be laughing at me. I decided I needed to get back to work and I would find it after work. Not a big deal, right? Brian called me at work to inform me he would be working late and then going to get his hair cut. I told him my phone was MIA, so not to worry if I didn't answer. On my way home that evening, I retraced my steps...when was the LAST time I had used it? I knew for sure I had used it on my way home from work Wednesday, as I had called Brian and he hadn't answered. We both arrived home at the same time that night, and when I got out of the car he said, "Sorry I didn't answer, I was talking to Eric." So the good news was it was on our property! Car, garage, in the house? I got home yesterday determined I just hadn't looked enough and it was staring me in the face. I retraced what I thought were my steps from the prior day. Brian was here, so he went downstairs and let the doggies out. I went upstairs to take off my painful shoes. Then we sat on the couch and read mail and magazines we had recieved in the mail that day. Aha! The couch, of course!! I began throwing pillows off the couch, then the cushions, while the dogs looked at me as if they wanted to help, but were pretty unsure of the crazy woman's behavior. It wasn't in the couch cushions. Nor was it in any drawers. Or on any tables, even amid magazines. I began to wonder if my phone was still on and if we could hear it ring if I JUST had another phone (reason #99 why we are getting a land line soon). I stepped over to our kind neighbors house and Nate and Hayden (their new beautiful handsome son) came over and he called my cell a few times. We heard nothing, but it WAS ringing on his end, which meant it was still on. Now I worried it was on vibrate, as I keep it that way during work. Hmm, that could pose a problem, but you can still hear the vibrations, usually. I convinced myself I must not let this drive me mad. I would clean the kitchen and begin dinner. But every time I started cleaning I would think of a new place (or a place I thought I hadn't checked thouroughly enough). This mad behavior continued until Brian came home at 8:20. He suggested we eat dinner and then search. I told him he was insane (remember, by now this had driven me to be wild haired and worried that I had not only lost my phone, but my mind). We checked his recent calls and indeed I HAD called him at 5 PM Wed. VICTORY! We knew the phone had to be somewhere at our home. BUT WHERE? We called my phone over and over, searching the house for the sign of ringing, vibrating or a blinking light (my phone has a light that is activated when it rings). We then ventured into the garage. We searched the car (again), under the car, the shelving in the garage. I was ready to climb into the attic. Maybe my phone had learned to fly. I sighed and told Brian, "I am afraid the only place left to look is the trash. I am worried that my phone was sitting on the counter and fell into the trash." We opened the big, tall garbage pail outside and dialed my phone. The most glorious sound in the world came from the garbage pail...MY RINGING PHONE, lighting up the whole thing! We were trying to decifer which bag it was in when Brian made the discovery that it wasn't in a was at the very bottom of the pail, on its own. Do you realize what that means? I threw my phone away. It didn't fall in. I THREW IT AWAY!!! We have concluded (after some more retracing, of course) that I was throwing away trash from my car and when I tossed it in, as I chatted with my hubby, I tossed my phone in as well. Poor phone was very traumatized but had played it safe by staying charged so we could hear it. Good thing, since the trash went out this morning. To get the phone out we had to take out almost all of this weeks trash bags, then take a shovel to dig the phone from the bottom (its a very tall and wide garbage pail, so "reaching in" is not an option). So, if you doubt that a pregnant woman is scatterbrained, take it from me...or from my poor cell phone, we certainly are certifiably DING DONGS!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Happy (Belated) Labor Day!

Brian and I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We were blessed to both be off work the entire 3 days. We cleaned the house Saturday (after sleeping in and having waffles of course...that won't happen much after the baby comes)! Sunday we had friends over for Brats and beer. It was so awesome to have everyone seems the summer flew by and we weren't able to all get together as much as we used to. Monday we just took it easy, shared some coffee at the Plains Hotel while we played Checkers and then after dinner that night (Papa Murphy's pizza, SO GOOD) we watched The Terminal with Tom Hanks. Excellent movie, I highly recommend it! Here are some pictures of the gang on Sunday! There's Julie and her (and Bryan's) adorable son Hudson. Next is Keelee with her and Lou's newest addition, Madison (nicknamed Maddie). She is BEAUTIFUL and we tried to keep her, but they wouldn't hear of it. Can you believe Keelee has a diaper bag for Maddie? She is such a good mama! Then we have Tim and his and Tammi's newest addition Evan. Next is Kim and I standing belly to's important for those babies to get some quality time together in the womb. I am 29 weeks and Kim's 39 weeks. Her due date is TUESDAY (the 13th). She is VERY ready to meet her daughter! Last (but not least) Brian is pictured snuggling up with Maddie.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


This past week Rowdy and Sally Yates came in town for a visit. It's so strange that they 've already been gone since May, living in Boston. They are loving it there and we can't wait to visit. There are 3 Thai restaurants within walking distance...I am so there! Here's some photos from their stay: Sally & Jamie Hug! Jamie, myself, and Sal after a yummy dinner courtesy of the Malone's:

Rowdy & Brian, drinking a brew, just like their Sig Nu days:

Friday, September 02, 2005

We knew him when...

I found out recently that Matt Cepicky, a boy I went to grade school with, is now playing for the major leagues. He is now playing outfielder for the Washington Nationals. Small world, isn't it?