Monday, July 31, 2006

Highlight of the weekend

Friday was one of Brian's Friday's off, so we headed south for the day. First Brian dropped us off in Niceville at the library, and Nolan and I attended Baby Bookworm, a lapsit story time, where we clap and have stories read to all the babies. Nolan was the only boy and he had no quams about ditching his momma to flirt with all the little lady babies (sorry Avery, but Nolan totally saw the pictures of you and Evan)! Meanwhile, poor Brian had to drive back to our house, because I am a ding dong and forgot my wallet, which of course had the Sears SmileSavers card in it. And since we were taking Nolan to get his pictures taken, we needed that. Ugh! So after fun library time, we headed to Mary Esther, where the mall is, and had Nolan's pictures taken at Sears. For the second time in a row (third, if you count when I picked up the pictures), we had an AWFUL experience. We're pretty sure we're not going back. I think I'll just drive to Destin or find a different studio altogether. The ladies there are SO unprofessional. But at least the last time I went it was worth it because the photographer was GREAT with Nolan and I think we got some of the best photos yet. This time the woman was awful, and she kept saying about Nolan, "He just doens't seem to like me." Yeah, well maybe stop yelling at his parents! We would try and make him smile and she would tell us to be queit! I am not kidding!! Then later she was LYING to our faces about prices. Hello, we KNOW the prices. Brian asked to see a price list and she said it was in her head. We asked again and she pulled out a price list. What do you know? Needless to say, we got the CORRECT price, but how many people do you think she scams? Anyway, I could go on and on, but I won't. We got a couple good shots, but most of the pictures I could have taken better myself. Okay, enough negativity! After a nice lunch we went to Old Navy and bought Nolan some 6-12 month clothes...that place is just so fun in the baby department! When we got home, I heard the ice cream truck, so Nolan and I went and bought a popsicle! Then Brian and I shared the popsicle with Nolan, who literally laughed out loud upon his first taste! It was 103 degrees and his gums were still hurting, so I think it was just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately that is about as exciting as the weekend got. We planned on swimming and going to dinner with Jamie, but Brian threw out his back Sat morning and was in bed the rest of the weekend. He is at the doctor as we speak (stubborn guy wouldn't let me drive him). Praying he gets to feeling better quick...his parents arrive tomorrow!!! :) Yeah!! So, here are a couple pictures of Nolan eating his frozen treat. Hopefully while G& G McMenamy are here we can get some shots of all of probably are starting to forget what Brian and I look like! Don't worry, we're still as gorgeous as you remember! Hee hee!! Scratch that, Blogger won't let me uploat any pics. GRR!! I will try again later today!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy, I am writing you this letter, as I am not sure who else is in the "teething" department that I can complain to. My son is 8 months old and is in a lot of pain. Maybe you haven't realized because you are prancing around taking teeth from underneath other children's pillows. What exactly are you doing with those teeth? Aren't they supposed to go to tooth heaven so that younger kids who are in lots of pain, up all night, crying and breaking their mommas hearts can have them? Come on tooth fairy, it's simple...its the CIRCLE OF LIFE (or teeth). Please send my little gummy soldier some teeth, he's been such a patient trooper, but he is in PAIN! Thank you in advance for your time and hopefully TEETH! Love, A tired and emotional momma who hates seeing her baby in pain

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Cheyenne Day!

We can't believe it's already Frontier Days and we are very much missing being in Cheyenne this week and especially today! My first Cheyenne Day is when I really got to know the LCCC gang, where I went to my first "Molly" party! Then on to downtown...good times had by all. Ahh, memories. Well, Brian, Nolan and I are thinking of all of our crazy cat friends in Wyo today and we are thinking of going out for a bison burger or a steak tonight...I mean, just because we don't live there, doesn't mean Nolan should completely miss out on all the fun on his 1st Cheyenne day. Afterall, he was born there! Here's Nolan (and Momma & Daddy) last year during Frontier Days, right before seeing TOBY!

And here are a couple shots of the little bugger now, who won't sit (or stand) still long enough for me to get a good picture of his shirt that's he's wearing. Hopefully the big ol' smile in the last pic will earn him extra points, though.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I love...

Something is going on with the uploading of pictures today (Tammi had problems, too), so I am going to do one of my favorite things that make me feel warm and fuzzy... I LOVE.... ...the first sip of coffee in the morning. It tastes SO good! ...a hot bath ...the smell of autumn ...when Nolan "hugs" me back by putting his head on my shoulder and patting my back ...Nolan's laugh ...Nolan's smile ...the moment Brian walks in the door at the end of the day ...trying new recipes ...a great book ...float trips ...getting a real letter from someone I love ...weddings ...belly laughing ...Toby Keith ...capturing people's personality on camera ...get together's with friends and/or family ...sneezing when I couldn't sneeze all day ...keareoke (spelling?) ...snuggling Nolan when he's asleep in my arms ...the first moment of every day that I go to get Nolan up ...Haley & Tootsie kisses ...hanging out with Brian in our PJ's and watching Saturday Night Live in bed (even though I am usually asleep by the first skit) Okay, I am off to prep dinner. Thanks for checking in on us, hopefully next time I'll have some pictures and something a little more exciting!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Dirty Work

Well, someon'es gotta do it! After reading in my "What to Expct the First Year" months 8-9, I decided we should try letting Nolan feed himself with the spoon. I was surprised, as he actually did REALLY good. It was messy, and slow, but we had fun. He was so excited and happy, we'll be sure to do it again.

Kitchen Helper

So these mats were my big garage sale find last weekend. I wasn't sure if we would use them, but they were so cheap, I thought I would give them a try. I cleaned them this week (they were already in great condition) and here is Nolan havign a ball on them. It's another great way for me to get some things done in the kitchen without worrying that he is getting into something he's not supposed to. The child has a natural born talent to find the one thing in the room he SHOULDN'T play with, and go for it. Yesterday he was an inch away from picking up a bug (that turned out to be alive) and I am sure sampling its taste. I did not take a picture of the bug, sorry people. But here he is on the mats I speak of: P.S. NOTICE HIS SHIRT IN THIS PIC? IT'S HIS FIRST OFFICIAL SEMO (Southeast Missouri) T-SHIRT!!! IT HAS THE "NEW" MASCOT, ROWDY THE REDHAWK ON IT! GO SEMO!!!!!!!

Project Weekend

So last weekend and this weekend, Brian was "project" man. He was haning pictures, light fixtures, even a microwave! We also have come leaps and bounds with our spare bedroom/office. There are actually walkways now! I am addicted to HDTV (Design by a Dime, Sell this House) and that room is my upcoming project. Here's a couple shots of the work Brian did:

Friday, July 21, 2006

Guilty Mom finds a Way...

To finish getting ready for my day when Nolan wakes up early! This morning Nolan WOULD NOT sit still for 2 seconds and I HAD to look directions up on the computer. So I popped him in the exasaucer, a Sesame Street DVD (purchased recently) in the player and worked!! It was only for 10 minutes, but I feel bad! So silly, I know! But he was laughing at the TV, and having a blast, so I guess if I don't do it all the time, its probably a VERY good thing. you think this would work while I am prepping dinner?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Peek A Boo!

Nolan pulled himself up in his pac n play last night...all by himself! Uh-oh!

What A Guy!

Look what I recieved today? Thanks Sweetie, I am SO LUCKY!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mohawk Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a fine weekend and a we wish you a happy start to your week!

8 months old!

Nolan turned 8 months yesterday! And what a big boy he's becoming. We realized that the baby bath tub was not only no longer necessary, but actually dangerous, as he was trying to crawl out of it. So now he's taking "big boy" baths! And we also lowered his crib mattress to the lowest setting (probably overdue on that one, too) since he can stand up on his own. We just can't believe how fast it's all going!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Little Monkey

Nolan is a little monkey! His new goal? Stand up!! Forget the toys laying around, and give him something...ANYTHING he can pull himself up on. It's a great game, especially since its usually me he's climbing on. But this morning, I was in the office and heard him under my chair...look what he was doing... But then he clonked his head because he tried to lift it and he realized he was stuck. He has figured out the standing part, but not the sitting from standing part. Uh-oh. Daddy, hurry home, first on your list is getting that mattress to the lowest point in Monkey's crib!!

At Last!

Thanks to Chris, Brian's cousin, Brian was able to get the pool to that perfect blue color (and chemically balanced). Thanks Chris! We finally swam in it on Sunday and the best part is, I have my husband back...indoors at least. He'll probably be running for that pool when he sees the Honey-Do list I have for him inside! ha ha!


Yesterday when I returned from running errands, I found Tootsie on the outside of the fence. We keep them in the kitchen, with their water and doggie bed. This is the THIRD time this has happened. Yesterday, I finally just said, "Go back to the kitchen" while the gate was still up. She immediately started trying to go under the fence. But it looks to me like she's too big and she wouldn't go all the way. She kept starting, then looking at me guiltily, then stopping. Haley was still in the kitchen, so I called her, to see if she could/would escape. She, too, immediately started trying to go under, but she was almost too big...and she is half of Tootsie's size. Here are some pictures, and following those are a few theories. Notice how far Haley (1st pic) can go. She made it to about the m iddle of her back, before I think it would have hurt for her to continue. Then there's Tootsie (2nd pic), who made it to about her neck. Theory 1: Tootsie jumped over. Though, I highly doubt it, as she is just not a "jumper." Haley I could see jumping, but Tootsie? And if so, why wouldn't she just jump over when I called her? Theory 2: She goes under the fence and it is a time consuming project that includes whining and crying because of the tight squeeze. Theory 3: Even though the mystery drives me bonkers, perhaps I have left her outside of the fence by accident. This is not really a valid theory. I just had to add this so you all didn't think I hadn't thought of a 1,ooo times. But I didn't. I am 98% sure. Maybe once...but 3 times? Theory 4: Both Haley & Tootsie somehow escape and have agreed to keep "how" they do so a secret. Haley is quicker, so she returns to the kitchen upon hearing the car in the driveway and looks innocent, leaving Tootsie to take the full rap for being naughty. On the bright side, the trash cans all are in tact, and it appears the couches are left alone. I think she just goes to our bedroom and sleeps on our bed, which is okay, considering our bed is the one piece of furniture they are still allowed full access to. Perhaps she is pleading a case here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What in the World?

This is Nolan's new expression, not sure what he is doing...any seasoned momma's out there know? He makes this face, then makes a sniffing noise, like he is smelling his lip? And I smelled..his lip smells like a lip should smell! He did this ALL NIGHT tonight and every single time he did it, I laughed! Good times!

Silliest Little Boy in the World

This is Nolan. This is Nolan in his pack 'n play (with mesh siding)... And yes, he has on a Christmas bib, it was laundry day!

New Toy

Nolan got this new toy about a week ago. We stole the idea from Miss Avery, since she has one. Nolan liked hers, but at the time, couldn't even sit up for long by himself. Now he is enthralled with it! There are little balls that go in the circles of the dragon and it lights up and music sounds and sometimes the dragon goes "ROAR!" Its super cute and he loves it, as you can see! Doesn't the gator on his shirt look like he is totally freaked otu by the dragon? Ha ha!!

Totally Bummed!!

Something is wrong with our computer and saving the pictures. I have posted pictures that people have emailed me before...even Jamie & Jake's! But for some reason, the boating pictures that Jamie emailed me and I saved to our computer will NOT upload no matter what I do. Jamie took lots more pictures than me, as I was holding Nolan. I snapped a couple of Brian, but you all will have to wait until our next outing to see pics of Jake tubing and of Jamie & myself driving the boat!! Aha! You can see Jake tubing in this picture! See how tightly I hang onto my little butterball (Nolan that is!)?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Huggable, Kissable...

Friday, July 07, 2006


Have you all heard about this? As an American, I am truly embarrassed and angry!! Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on Saved by the Bell, is in a bit of a pickle. The story goes, he had bad credit. So he found a loan elsewhere (apparently a bank would not give him the loan). Now he finds out since the land is good, the lender wants the land and house back and unless Dustin can fork over $250,000 in 40 days, he loses the house. From what I gather, his house is $500,000. So now, he is selling T-shirts for $15 a pop that say "I helped save Screeech's house" so that they don't take his house, aka, MANSION away. Are you kidding me buddy? He is playing the victim here, saying he didn't get paid "much" since his sitcom was on Saturday mornings and now it's "tough" because being a stand-up comic doens't pay much. And??? Let me tell you what kind of t-shirt I would like to see. One with a child standing in front of her non-existant yard, that used to have her house, but was wiped away when Katrina hit. And on the shirt it will read "Please help my family eat for a week" If you agree with me, please post a comment on a charity you would rather spend $15 on and then let's all actually do it. Let's do something to make this world, this country, a better place.

Lots of Happy To's Today...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO TIM & TAMMI! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MATT! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH O!!!!! I am so embarrassed I don't have any pictures of you (thank I can find). I have them all over my house, but I just realized I don't have any from my digital camera. Shame on me! Next time we're in STL watch out!! I will be taking pictures of you left and right. I found one of all of us from Andi's wedding, but you were in the background and it wasn't a good pic of ANY of us, ha ha!! Miss you, hope you have a great day! Tell Dave hi!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Have I mentioned?

Nolan can eat finger foods now!! Look at him go!


THANK YOU JAMIE!! Jamie was an angel and drove up to watch Nolan last Thursday so that Brian and I could have a dinner with just the two of us. I don't think either of us realized how much we needed it until we were out. THank you from the bottom of our hearts! Nolan had a BLAST!


Brian, Nolan and I had a terrific weekend. We went boating with Jake & Jamie on Saturday and it was awesome! The boys (minus Nolan) went tubing, but Jamie & I passed (for now)! Then J & J cooked us an awesome dinner. We were all pooped after being out on the water, but it was so much fun! I have lots of pics I want to post from that day, but just don't have time right now. But...I have to post a couple of my guys from the 4th. The 3 of us packed a picnic dinner and went to the park for fireworks. It was very small town and cozy and Nolan did GREAT! He was mezmorized by the fireworks. Too bad Brian wouldn't stop crying. Ha ha, I kid! It was really hard for me to watch the actual fireworks because it was much more fun to watch them through Nolan's eyes. Gosh, I love him!!!! I think this photo says it all. I am so unbelievably blessed!!! Here are a couple more shots from that day!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad McMenamy!

Hope you had a great time at Cloud 9! Miss you!

Happy Birthday Morgan & Sarah!

WE LOVE YOU !! Hope you had a blast at the lake!!

Happy 1st Birthday Evan!

We wish we could have been in Cheyenne to celebrate! Make sure Momma gives you a big kiss for us!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! I know I am way behind on blogging, but I've been spending quality time with my guys! Here is a picture of Nolan with an ADORABLE visor that Jake's mom bought him. THANK YOU SHELIA!!! He's definitely wearing it to watch fireworks tomorrow! :)