Friday, August 31, 2007

Nolan on the Swing

Here's a clip of Nolan on the swing. I think my dad thought I was snapping photos and didn't realize I was filming. They had so much fun!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grandma & Grandpa L Visit

We are so blessed to have had my parents come for a visit. I don't think my dad believed me when I told him it's as hot and yes, AS HUMID in Florida as in Missouri (if not more so). We had a great time and it went too quickly and my parents spoiled us way too much. Nolan was smitten with them and even though we thought they would continue to be "Grammie & Grampie" Nolan called my dad "Pop Pop" and did pretty well with saying Grammie. Here's a modge podge of pictures of the fun we had:
Nolan's 2nd haircut!
Nolan kissing Pop Pop in the pool :At the "turtle" pond on the lake when we gave my parents a tour of base: Lunch at the Boathouse:

G&G L and Nolan:

Matching Mizzou shirt & khaki shorts. My dad worked on Nolan saying "GO MIZZOU" all weekend (Nolan got pretty good, but it sounds more like "GO ZOO!")

Grammie & Nolan at dinner:

Pop Pop & Nolan at the beach:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Perfect Timing

It's perfect timing that blogger added the video clip feature. Introducing our new camera that actually has (drumroll, please!) SOUND! I am SUPER behind on posts, but here is a short clip of a very happy reunion. We're so glad to have Abby & Cheyna home. We look forward to Andrew's return, as well! But after this clip, he might be taking the curtains these days, I tell you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

College Friends

While Brian was in Ohio he had the privelege of meeting up with some old pals. Some were friends from FE Warren and some were friends from college. Aaron was Brian's fraternity brother and their senior year they were roommates in one of the fraternity's 8 apartments (located on the same property as the frat house itself). Aaron's wonderful girlfriend Danielle went to school at Mizzou and I went to SEMO, but there were lots of weekends we were both visiting at the same time, which makes for some great memories. Aaron and Danielle even got engaged around the same time Brian and I did. We've kept in touch via Christmas letters, but not much more sadly...of course that doesn't mean we haven't thought about them lots the last few years. They are living in Ohio while Danielle finishing her residency. She will soon be a pediatrician, which will be extra handy for them as they are now expecting their first baby in a few months. Aaron is working as a project manager for a plastics company. They welcomed Brian into their home and had a great time catching up and going out on the town. I am so happy Brian got to see them and I truly hope that one of these days we'll all make our way back to Missouri around the same time so I can see you guys, too (St. Pat's, anyone?). Anyway, thank you so much Danielle & Aaron, you two are the greatest and we miss you lots!
Bri's wonderful hosts:
Some things never change. Actually they do. In college this would have been a pitcher of "grotto" beer (the bar in Rolla):
Aaron & Brian:

I'm guessing this is one of those "you had to be there" type situations!

Me likey this view! Amanda, hands off, it's a snap shirt!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brian's Home (for now)!!!!

I am one of those people, call me an idealist if you will, who believes we witness miracles everyday. Because, really, every day is a gift. A miracle. I think that we just too often get boggled down with the stress of this life and we fail to take time to really see the most precious gifts we are given. Brian was away for 3 weeks. It wasn't terribly long. But we missed him greatly. Watching Nolan's face when I told him, "There's Daddy!" and then putting him on the ground to run into his Daddy's arms was one of those moments when God gently nudges me to see clearly the important things in life. I couldn't see Nolan's face as he ran into Brian's arm, but I didn't have to. Just watching those short legs run at him and those chubby arms raised in the air was priceless. This TDY has been like a preview of what's really to come. 4 whole months. My heart BREAKS thinking of Nolan being seperated from Daddy for that long. I have the luxury of understanding. Of email and letters. Since his return Brian can barely leave the room without Nolan at his heels. The beauty of all this is the reunion after 3 weeks is only a taste of what the reunion after 4 months will be. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. In the meantime, forgive us if we don't post much. We're trying to make the most of our time as a family. My parents get here next week (whoo hoo!!!) and then shortly after Cheyna and Abby come home. Words can't describe how much I've missed them and seeing the kids play together. Anyway, I am totally rambling. Brian, we love you so much. I can't say more right now, only it feels so good to have you home.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wow, 2 Years!

Today marks my TWO year anniversary of blogging. Every month, I look back to the previous year's month (in July, I look at last July). I love to look back and see what we were up to, what Nolan was into and how much he's grown. This blog has been such a blessing (thanks Keelee for getting me hooked)!. Now I get to look back at 2 months...crazy! Two years ago August I was preggers with Nolan. So surreal. Anyway, Happy Blogging Anniversary to me!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I would Die for That

This is a song about infertility and the struggles that many couples have to go through. It's beautiful...if you have kids or ever want to have children or just like kids, it will probably tug at your heart strings. EDITED TO ADD: The singer is Kellie Coffey, who has her own special story to getting her son (who was born in Nov 05, just like Nolan)! Thanks Kim, I can't believe I didn't add that!

Ice Scream, You Scream!

Last night Nolan and I went to Sonic for dinner. We tried to eat outside, but Nolan was flushed in the first 5 minutes. At 5:30, it was still 100 degrees. So we ate in the car and then on the way out we got a cookie dough blast...mmm!!! When we got home we had the ice cream and I gave Nolan his own little bowl. He loved it as you can see! Here's my sweetie (he's a great date) at Sonic:
Yummy!!!Hmmm, should I? Could I? Will I? Yep, you know I will!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Potty!

Oh, I wish it were true...I wish he was potty trained. But I know it's still early and we are having fun getting there. He refused to sit on his potty for the longest time, so I went the candy route. He sits on the potty without a diaper for a few minutes he gets an M&M or a sticker (guess which one he always wants?). I figure if he is asking to go a few times a day, eventually while sitting there SOMETHING should happen, right? The funny thing is, he'll say "I potty!" Or "I poop!" So we run to the bathroom, shed the britches & the diaper and sit...and sit...and sit...and read a book...and sit. Nothing. Then he gets up, dressed and goes & poops! AHHH! So I know he has some sort of concept, it's just not clicking 100%. One day when I have nothing to do (because you know those happen all the time) and he's a little older I am going to fill him with juice and sit him on the potty like every 20 minutes. Hats off to all my mommy friends that went before me...I remember before I had Nolan thinking, "Why are they so worried about this potty business. Put the kid on the potty, they go and move on for pete's sake!" Ha ha ha!
Saying Cheese! (see his latest owie on his knee? He fell running to the car yesterday).

Here he's saying "Poop! Poop!" Come on, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

Shutting the door for privacy:

Monday, August 13, 2007

Park on a HOT day

Saturday was another scorcher, but Nolan and I braved the park. We went to the spalsh pad in Crestview and I was surprised Nolan didn't get drenched...I wanted to! He had fun splashing around and running wild. I planned on heading to Sonic for lunch, but it was just too hot, so we opted for air conditioning and went to Wendy's. Nolan asked for a burger (Bewger) and I was certainly skeptical, but figured he asked for it over chicken. Then refused to take a bite. He wouldn't even eat a french fry! I was so frustrated, but Brian always tells me, "he'll eat when he's hungry." And he's right...Nolan waited until I was packing up to be hungry and then he tried a bite and ate the entire burger (no bun), some fries & his mandarin oranges. My guess is he was so hot he just needed to cool down before he ate. Do you know what they have at Wendys now? Frosty root beer floats! We were going to get one but we were stuffed, so when Brian gets home we'll definitely try one!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary Beth & Dave!!! I was all pumped b/c we have a scanner now, but the pictuers of your wedding I am scanning are all scanning really tiny. I hate to admit this, but I'm going to have to have Brian help me (gasp!) when he gets home! Anyway, congrats! Wow, 8 years!!!! Until I can successfully scan pictures, this is the only one I have on a digital camera (good thing you guys look so good)! Miss you both!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Big Project

Earlier this week I decided to tackle a project. In true Sam fashion, I thought, "it can't be that hard, it won't take long." HA HA HA!! I am one naive lady, but perhaps that's good or it would have never been completed. I drug two big boxes in our spare bedroom closet out...they are (were!) full of years of pictures, up to when we moved into our little rental house in Cheyenne and that's when Brian bought me a digital camera for my birthday. So...that will be another project to tackle, printing alot of pictures, but I can't think about that right now! So it took me about 2 1/2 days to put all the pictures in chronological order and put them in albums (there are a couple holidays not in chronological order, but those are really hard to remember which year is which). I still have about 6 packs of pictures in a box that I need Brian to help me put in order, but I have an extra album for that and it shouldn't take too long. It was alot of work, but it was so much fun to see the changes over the years...I know we're only going on being together for 9 years, but already I have to giggle when I see pictures of people we dated before one another. It's like looking at someone in another universe (and I am talking about ME)! It also made me really sentimental about the friendships I've had over the years, especially my college ones. I'm REALLY looking forward to looking through the albums together when Brian gets home, I think there will be lots of chuckling and maybe even some extra lovin's because how could I not fall in love all over again with this man when I see how far we've come?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Absolutely Precious

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rip Out my Heart

I think Nolan is definitely feeling the absence of Brian...we all are. Anyway, our normally go-to-bed-easily little boy has not liked to go down in the last few days. He only cries for maybe 1 minute, but I don't like the crying period. He makes up little excuses to keep me in there longer (which I honeslty didn't think would happen so soon). After we read about 5 books he then says, PIGGIE (this little piggie went to the market). One foot isn't good enough, the other 5 piggies would surely get jealous, so we must do both feet. Then more water, please. Then point at the pictures on the wall of Momma pregnant and point out Haley, Tootsie, Momma, Daddy. Then be extra cute & giggle and put his cute little hands on my cheeks and smile. It goes on and on and I love it....but today I put in him in his crib, left the room and do you know what I hear? Screams of the word "CUDDLE ME! CUDDLE!" followed me out of the room. I am broken hearted. I wanted to run in there and give him all the cuddles he wants, but then I'd be in bigger trouble later. He is quiet now, probably reading his crib books and it's taking every ounce of reasoning not to run in there and kiss him and love him. When he wakes up...he better watch out, I'm going to have all KINDS of snuggles stored up!!!!

Talking to Daddy

I am so grateful that since Brian is in Ohio right now (and not in another country) Nolan can really talk to him on the phone. We have a speaker button and I turn that on and hand the phone over. Nolan then kidnaps Daddy and takes him around the house, showing him toys, reading him books and chatting. We have also gotten into a ritual of calling Daddy right before bed and last night he even asked "Water? Night Night Daddy!" (translation: I need water and let's call Daddy). Unfortunately last night he got SUPER riled up talking to Brian (it's like Brian's actually home), and then was extremely mad and upset when it was time to be finished talking on the phone. Brian suggested tonight we call him right after dinner, before bath/bedtime routine and see if that helps....that way he can help Nolan get all of his energy out! Here's some pictures of him talking with Daddy on Sunday afternoon. He also gave Brian a drink of his juice during this conversation.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sno Cone

Saturday after an early dinner I thought I would treat Nolan to a snow cone. The little stubborn-pants REFUSED to try a bite. So there we were sitting at the table, Nolan playing with his truck and me eating a sno cone. Part of the problem was he ate a HUGE dinner and I don't think he was hungry, plus he wasn't terribly hot (you know when you're hot and sweaty a sno cone is perfect?). Finally when I stopped trying to get him to eat he asked for a bite. He said YUMMY and then ate like 3 more bites and was done. When we got home he waited until I asked if he was all done, he said YES, I threw the remaining melty sno cone away and then he said, "More bite!" Then there was the temper tantrum, but luckily it didn't last long!
Nolan & our sno cone (this is actually before he would take a bite, he's just checking it out)

FINALLY! A bite..."I do! I do!"

Yummy Dinner

Sunday night Nolan & I were invited to Neda and Kypp's for a home cooked meal (Bri and Kypp work together). It was so nice! Kypp grilled out some chicken and the fixin's and I'm not sure who ate more, Nolan or I! Nolan had so much fun and gave their dogs, Peyton and Heidi a run for their money. Peyton seemed to have as much fun as Nolan and they chased each other around the house forever, but Heidi was a little unsure. Tootsie is the same way with young kids which is why I think it's funny that she absolutely adores Nolan! Thanks so much guys, it was fantastic to see you and I appreciate you being so sweet to our wild child!
Here are Kypp, Neda, Peyton (bigger doggie) & Heidi, probably hiding from Nolan!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Big Owie!

Poor Nolan! He and I were sitting on the porch last night, in the two chairs out front. He likes to sit there and chat with me and can climb up and down really well. Last night, though he decided to be daring and stand on the chair. I told him firmly to SIT DOWN and I meanwhile got up to go make him sit or get down. He thought it was funny, of course, and was hurrying to sit down so he didn't get "in trouble" all the while thinking it's a game...and yep, you guessed it, he tumbled off the chair onto the concrete, landing on his face! I know he broke the fall with his hands or his face would have been much worse. It was so sad and so scary. I almost took him to the ER to make sure he didn't have a concussion, but Nurse Grandma M told me what signs to look for and he seemed fine. After a nice bath, we snuggled up on the couch to watch some TV before bed. Brother Bear was on and Nolan was loving it! He climbed out of my lap and went to the other end of the couch and we each had our head on either end of the couch, sharing the blanket. He's such a cutie pie. I checked on him multiple times last night after he went to bed and I'm relieved to report he's fine and into brewing up new troubles today. His face looks pretty scuffed up, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks Grandma M for the help and reassurance! My sweet cuddle bug. You can kind of see his bright red nose & forehead here. He scraped his forehead, nose, upper lip and got a tiny scratch on his cheek. I told him he was awfully tough, so all night he would say, "I'm tough!":

Friday, August 03, 2007

Adult Conversation

Last night I met Neda & Roxanne out for dinner at Beef O Brady's. Nolan did excellent until he saw that with his chicken there were Oreo's and he wanted them RIGHT THEN. We had a battle of the wills and he pretty much won. I only gave him one, then told them they were all gone (there was one left). Then he threw a pretty substational temper tantrum...just like his shirt warned he would! I had to leave earlier than I would have liked, but I got to eat half of my sandwhich and fries. If Brian's going to be gone for 4 months, I am seriously going to have to get a babysitter a couple times of month to have outings that allow me at least one hour of adult conversation. Of course, the second we got home he was as sweet as can be, telling me he loved me and being all cute. He's totally worth it. I LOVE HIM! Here's a picture of him & I at dinner...Daddy, we're so cute in our accidental matching shirts. Come home soon and give us a big hug & kiss! (We have to get Nolan used to the flashes, it constantly looks like he just drank a shot of whiskey)!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Yesterday was the "big" playdate in the group I am involved with on base. We all bring a dish, let the kids run wild and pig out. It's getting easier for me to actually hold a conversation now, where last summer I had to make sure Nolan didn't get run over. He was off playing cars and following the big kids. The only thing I could get him to eat were half of a chicken nugget, some chips & the icing off a cupcake. But hey...we all had a good time! And I made my gooey butter cake. I would get so mad in Cheyenne, the altitude messed it up. It works here and oh my...divine!!!!


This is the a cone! YUM!


When we returned from our trip to St. Louis, the first thing we discovered was that a hose to the pool had burst and was spewing water. Lovely. We didn't know if it had burst that day, the day prior or had been burst for the 10 days we were gone. Then lightening struck...literally...and although we certainly didn't forget the impending and scary water bill coming our way, it was pushed to the side while we dealt with alot of other situations. So Brian leaves Sunday and Monday I come home to a notice on our door that they checked our water meter and they think we have a leak. I called to explain we already knew, but the dates they told me got me all confused and I thought we had another leak due to the lightening strike. The tears well up, I'm so frustrated, poor me. Brian calls right then...and I'm sure he just loves to hear a crying wife on the other line. He gently explained that the water company was just now noticing what had happened a month ago, that's just how it works, a month behind. Just to be on the safe side I had to make sure there wasn't a leak.
Here's the good part of the story! I had to check the water meter when we'd be gone from the house for a few hours. No dishwasher or washer running, etc. Brian casually mentioned I might want to wear my gardening gloves. I'm thinking it's on a post. Nope, I go out there, "right by the fire hydrant" like he tells's a flipping hole in the ground!!!! I had to stick my ARM down this hole to rub off the dirt, to check the water meter. Just in case you don't know, I hate bugs and snakes. I get the eeby jeebies thinking about. So my first words when I saw this was a raised fist to Brian in Ohio, sitting in his air conditioning, bug free classroom were "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" Nolan helped me (I went in the house and got my swifter duster...the extended handle) and we are happy to report...NO LEAK! And no bug or snake bites either.
Brian said he knew if he told me it was a hole in the ground I would have said no way! But he reassured me he killed all the bugs in there, his FAMOUS line.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ellll-Mo & Elll-bow & Aaa-by!

Nolan is talking up a storm these last few days. Over the weekend he started using 2 and 3 word sentences. It's just amazing how one day it just clicks! Then all of a sudden he picked up his Sesame Street book and said, "Elll-MO!" instead of "MoMo!" I am so proud of him, but I'm a little sad, in a sentimental sense. He's growing up so fast. I always try to use the "real" words with him, even if his words are cuter, so I knew he would outgrow these words soon, but my heart just aches at what a little individual he's becoming. He also grasped the word "Abby" instead of "Bee Bee." They were "talking" on the phone yesterday and I have to say, both doing really well. I had to take the phone away from Nolan when I heard Abby say GO BRONCO''s getting a little out of hand. NOTE TO ANDREW...Better hurry home or Abby is going to be an offical Bronco's fan!!!
So anyway, among other things, he started saying ELBOW instead of "Bo-Bo."
He's constantly telling me things and usually I can understand what he's saying, but I feel bad when he's honestly trying hard to explain something and I am totally lost.
I love you sweet Nolan. You make me so proud to be your Momma.

Bye Bye Daddy

Friday was Brian's EDO day (earned day off...he works longer hours for the rest of the days and gets every other Friday off work) and so we made plans for some fun McMenamy time! We started off by going to story time at the library. I can't believe almost a year has passed since I took Nolan. He was not so cooperative. We took his truck away when the storyteller started reading and he was MAD! So we had to hide the dipaer bag. Near the end he was starting to get into and liked the singing and clapping part. And he loved the getting a sticker part! I'm going to try to take him more often, as I think it's good exposure to a teacher/child setting. They only do it every other Friday in the summer, though. We headed over to the park afterwards for a little bit, then we went home and played outside much of the day. Saturday we spent the afternoon in the pool and just lounging and hanging out. Sunday we took Daddy out to breakfast and then to the airport. Nolan hates the airport, he really does...somehow he remembers it and knows one of us is usually leaving. He started crying the minute we got there and had these big alligator tears when Brian said good bye. Talk about heart shattering. So Brian left for 3 weeks for an Acquisitions training course that all people in Acquisitions have to complete at some point. The class is at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio. The whole car ride home Nolan kept saying, "Bye Bye Daddy!" The good news is Nolan's talking on the phone with Brian extremely well. Last night he took the phone and was telling him what was on TV and then sat down and "read" him a book. As much as we love talking on the phone, though, we love Brian in person the best...can't wait for you to get home!
When I told Nolan to carry this, he got so excited he jumped in and waited. I was laughing so hard!

Daddy & Nolan on the noodle:

Eskimo Kisses:

Daddy & Nolan at breakfast Sunday morning: