Monday, August 31, 2009

Nolan says the darndest things

  • Nolan informed me one morning, "My heart is beeping." I said "yes, it is." He asked, "Does it beep all day?" I told him, "Yes it sure does, all day and all night.Always. But it's BEAT. Your heart is BEATING." Pause. "Nuh-uh, mom, it's BEEPING."
  • Nolan asked me if while I was pregnant, if the babies had a blanket in my belly to keep them warm.
  • Nolan asked me what a cemetery was, which took us down the path of some interesting questions that I wasn't quite prepared for. After my explanation he said, "So you have to go down in the ground to die to get to Heaven?" A couple minutes later, after more talk of Heaven and how God lives there Nolan said, in the most innocent voice I could imagine, "Mommy, when I go to Heaven I want to take you and Daddy and the babies and then see God, but just for a little while, then I want to come back here."

Friday, August 28, 2009


So, I finally captured some smiles! After solving some acid reflux issues for Daniel, both boys' are smiling and cooing throughout the day. It's the BEST! Joseph flashes a HUGE grin whenever I go to get him from his crib. Daniel adores diaper changing time (which is good, since he's getting his diaper changed alot) and loves to smile then. He's also a charmer at his early morning feed, which helps me smile my way through the fog of being bleary eyed. Truly, I know I'm their mom, but I think their smiles light up the entire room!!

Joseph all swaddled up!

A couple of Daniel in a bouncy seat. I couldn't choose just one, I adore how he sticks his tongue out when he smiles. Nolan did the same thing!

They both seem really content being in one of the cribs watching one of the mobile's together. Here they are just plum happy as can be!

The Nursery

I still have some very minor finishing touches I'd like to add, but for the most part we have the room finished. Brian did 99.9% of the work and I couldn't be more grateful. He's amazing! We love the room and will be very sad to leave it in a few months when it's time to move again.

Looking in from the hallway:
To the left, Daniel's crib:The right side, Joseph's:View with back to the window, the changing table:Their name frames:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surviving Tropical Storm Claudette

Things to do with an already bored 3 year old when there's a tropical storm:

Bake play-doh cookies. This is Chef Nolan (as his super duper high quality bakers hat states) with his "oven": Tell yourself over and over, "I will get over the colors mixing together. This is okay. If need be we'll buy more, play doh is not expensive, even in this economy. Let him have fun."
Play in the rain and puddles:
Make real cookies. Or in our case, reeses peanut butter cups. Let 3 year old lick spoon. Ask yourself why you would ever let a cooped up 3 year old lick a spoon filled with sugar.
No babies were left unfed, unchanged, or unloved during these fun times. They were, however, bummed they couldn't get in on the fun and look forward to running circles around their Mommy (with help from their big brother) in a couple of years.

Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Day of 3 YR Preschool

Dear Nolan,

Last week I drove you back to your preschool, but this time preparing you for the "big boy" room in the 3 year old class. As I drove the van, I also drove down memory lane. Last year at this time it was just you and me, kiddo, in the car that was plenty big for our family. We were certainly in the process of wanting another child, but at the time, you were still our only little boy. How could we possibly have known how much our lives would change in one short tiny year? I thought about how excited you were last year to be going to school with Abby and how last year at this time you wouldn't have dreamt of doing a single thing without her. And how this year, we have no choice. Sweet boy, I worried so long and hard about how you would handle this change of losing your best friend to an Air Force move, but you have been so strong. You are such a positive little guy by nature, it amazes me. When I asked you recently if you were sad about Abby's move you said, "No." That made me even more sad until you responded, "It makes me happy because Mister Andrew said I get to go visit her in Arizona."

Anyway, it was strange for me to drive you to school knowing I'd be missing many familiar, friendly faces that have since moved away. Since it rained the entire day prior, it was too muddy to drop you off on the playground and for a second, I thought this would be a problem. You looked at me and there was a moment of question...if you would fuss and not want me to leave, or if you would turn around and go into your new class, with almost all new faces and even a new teacher. I swear a look of brave determination came over your face and you hugged me really tight and told me good-bye. I got in the van and gave a huge sigh of relief. A break for me. Only two kids, not three. And then I cried. And cried most of the day. That fleeting look you gave me reminded me you are ONLY THREE, and not only that, but that three years has flown by and every day that passes is one more I can't get back. It reminded me how much you have had to endure for our family this past year and how awesome you really are, temper tantrums or not.

Nolan, you are amazing and funny and smart and unbelievably clever and creative and loving. We hit the jackpot when we had you as a son. Thank you for being you and for being my son. I love you to pieces sweet boy! Have a great year!!!

Love, Momma

Nolan with his new Thomas the Train lunch box, a surprise that morning!

Nolan in front of his new class:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2 Months???

How is it possible that our babies' are TWO months old? Wednesday was their 2 month birthday and although their official 2 month check up isn't until next week, we took Daniel in for a weight check. And they also lent us a scale to borrow so we don't have to keep bringing both babies in, so I was able to weigh Joseph. Who, as of Wednesday, was 10 lbs 14 oz. And Daniel was 7 lb 3 oz!! He gained 8 ounces in one week!!! That's above average for any baby, but for a "heart" baby, it's superb and we are SUPER proud of him!!! We're super proud of Joseph, too ;) In all the pics, Daniel continues to appear tiny because he's of course outweighed by Joseph, but we can totally tell how big he's getting. They are both smiling now and cooing, although Joseph REALLY coo's alot!! We are enjoying seeing glimpses of their personalities. Here's some pictures. This week I was really good about taking them, so there will be more to come!
My 3 sons, Nolan, Joseph & Daniel:

I was trying to get them to smile at the same time for a picture, but was only able to get Joseph's profile...still I ADORE that huge grin! And Daniel has a glimmer...

They would like to be like big brother and have some popcorn while they watch a movie!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The truth Behind Being a Big Brother to Twins

Everyone asks how Nolan is taking the transition. The truth is, some days are good, some days are bad and some days (like today) are freaking awful. Let's face this early stage my main focus is the babies. Unfortunately, most times their needs come first. Brian and I are trying our very best to make Nolan feel included, loved and special, but realistically we fall short too often. We've recently implemented a reward system where he gets balloons (blown up) that we drop into a cylinder tub. When the balloons reach the top he gets a prize. Um, no prize yet and we started Monday, although we feel like there is some progress in his behavior and realize it can't change overnight. The biggest thing is that Nolan realized quickly that after the babies were in the picture, we react to his screaming and try many different ways to stop him so he won't wake the babies (or scare them). We decided a couple days ago, we won't react anymore. He went through a screaming phase when he was younger and ignoring it was the only way that worked to get him to stop. Granted, now he is 3, so he may be punished for screaming, but we aren't going to rush in and try to make him stop. If the babies wake up, well...thus is life with 3 kids I suppose.

So today I filmed one of his fits. If you are a judgmental person don't even bother watching. Or if you do, don't bother commenting, I am my own worst critic. If you don't have kids and are on the fence about it...or are debating a second child...maybe you shouldn't watch this. If you have a sense of humor and a warm heart for parenting and little ones, pull up a chair and laugh at my expense.
After the camera was turned off, Nolan got even worse before I took away his favorite toy, which resulted in him falling into a pool of tears. Then he said, "I'm sorry I peed on the floor in the kitchen." WHAT??? Yep, the entire time I was talking to him on camera unbeknownst to me, he had wet pants... a BLATANT act of defiance he had done while in time out in the kitchen. When I checked there was a puddle of pee in his time out spot. On the floor that was just cleaned yesterday. And its only lunchtime....

Friday, August 07, 2009

Our newest babysitter

Daniel's Surgeon

This is the man who operated on our little guy, who performed surgery on a heart the size of the tip of my thumb. I knew I liked him when I met him. I was still pregnant and wearing a shirt that said, "The twins want ice cream!" When I told Dr. G that we weren't sharing the boys' names he looked at my shirt and said, "Okay, I'll call them Haagen and Dazs." He was always very upfront and honest with us, and yet was sensitive and caring. When Joseph was admitted back into the hospital he even surprised me by coming by for a visit to make sure he was doing okay and that I was hanging in there. That's the day I asked him how a person can possibly thank another person for saving their child's life. In his humble way, he told me there was no need, but I feel very differently. Yet, I still have not thought of a way, except to be grateful every day for Daniel and for his two brothers and for each day our family gets to spend together. Even if its not how I always planned it. So, thank you Dr. G, we will forever be grateful and will always hold a special place for you in our family's heart!

Water Day

Nolan's preschool had a summer program---much of which we missed because we were, of course, not in town. We did manage to return for the last couple weeks, though, and he got to enjoy his time at school/camp (it was a more layed back version of the school year). He was very excited to see Miss Marlo again and be around his friends! On the last day they had a little celebration where the kids wore their swim suits and got to play in all kinds of water outside. Then after lunch they were treated to a movie and popcorn. Nolan had lots of fun and came home with the coolest crafts and singing all kinds of cute songs. I'm very excited for the year to come!

Rain was in the forecast, but thankfully stayed away and the kiddos had a beautiful day for this!
A "water slide!"