Monday, November 30, 2009

Nolan says the Darndest Things

The month of October I spaced on Nolanisms, so this month I hope to make it up to you!

*Nolan knows he gets rewarded if he gets into his PJs the first time we ask him. He also knows we'll take away his nighttime play time if he doesn't. So his newest thing is to get dressed, and peak his head over the ledge between the kitchen and living room (so we can't see his body) and say, "I'm in big trouble, I didn't listen and my PJ's are not on." The first couple of times he really got us, but now we do the nightly ritual. "WHAT? Oh, Mister, you're in big trouble." At that point he jumps around the corner and says, "JUST KIDDING!" He thinks it's the funniest thing in the whole world.

*While having Thanksgiving leftovers Nolan asked where we got the turkey from. Brian told him "the store" which seemed to confuse him. Apparently up to this point, Nolan thought turkey's only came from the woods since Pa Pa brought one home after "catching" it this past summer. Nolan even got to keep a feather from its tail. I'm sure he was picturing Turkey's walking around in the grocery store and also wondering why he's never seen one there. So as Nolan was eating his turkey, he asked "When we put the turkey together does it walk?" We all had a good laugh, even the babies.

*Nolan and Brian had the following conversation:

N: Is it Christmas yet?

B: No, Christmas isn't here yet.

N: Is it somewhere else at someone's house?

*Nolan was in big trouble one afternoon and after many tactics, I took away his bin of match cars. He got very upset, but I assured him he could earn them back if he was good. He got angrier and said, " hid them, but I'm a good finder and it doesn't matter, because I'll find them and play with them anyway!" In total frustration I said, "Oh well in that case I gave them to another little boy who is a good listener." So the next day when he had been really good I gave him his cars back and he got kind of sad and told Brian, "Now that other kid is really sad and he doesn't have any cars to play with." Brian had NO idea what he was talking about until I explained.

*Nolan has been learning the song, "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" at school for an upcoming Holiday program. Part of his rendition thus far is, "and be good for Misses Sake. He's writing a list and checking out why..."

*In his nightly prayers he always prays for Taylor Swift, he adores her!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year my head is quite simply spinning with things to be thankful for. I'm of course extremely grateful for my family and for our friends. Without them, this year would have been almost unbearable. We have depended on so many of you, so much, and we are humbled to the core. I am thankful that this morning Brian got up to feed Daniel and brought him in to snuggle with me while he got his bottle ready. I can't wrap my brain around this little miracle. Thank you all for your prayers for him throughout the year. He's strong, he's growing, he's happy, he's developing normally, he's healthy. Seriously, he's our miracle, but that's not to say our other boys are not miracles. Nolan came tearing into our room this morning, bounding in to yell, "MOM!!!! IT'S THANKSGIVING TODAY!! I GET TO WATCH THE POLAR EXPRESS!!!" (we made him stop watching it a few months ago, so the excitment of Christmas would seem more magical when watching the movie). And my sweet Joe-Joe Bear had us rolling this morning as he tried to move his bottle into his mouth telepathically. His belly laugh is like listening to gold.

I am grateful for a God that has guided me this past years through obstacles I thought for sure I would fail. He is my rock and my hope.

Yes, today is a day of thanks and a day of grateful hearts. May your homes be filled with the same sweet happiness and full hearts that we are blessed to have.

This is Nolan and I at his preschool Thanksgiving lunch. I love spending time with him there and hearing his teacher tell me stories!
Daniel & Joseph in their Thanksgiving gear!

Monday, November 23, 2009

No More Sweet Tea

We have our "unofficial" orders for Brian's next assignment. No more sweet tea, no more flip flops at Christmas. No more swimming in our pool in October or being able to grill steaks in the middle of winter. But we will have gorgeous autumns and our sons will absolutely know what snow is (finally)! We'll have museums and sites to see beyond our wildest imaginations and one of the best Children's hospitals. We'll be dining on lobster and may put our lives on the line when we cheer for the Cardinal's. This spring we are delightfully heading to our new home in.....


Friday, November 20, 2009

Punk'd by Daddy

After the birthday party was over some of the kids were still running wild. Nolan and Griffin were running and jumping, belly first, into the "lake." You would think it would hurt, but you know, they are 4 year old boys, so what's a little pain? Brian decided to prank Nolan and throw some water at them since they kept joking that they were making a big'll have to watch to see Nolan's reaction!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Camping Party

For Nolan's 4th Birthday we decided to have a camping themed party. We were super blessed that the weather was gorgeous, making it easy to have it in the backyard. This was such a fun party to plan, with endless possibilities.

Upon their arrival the kids started out with s'mores! Brian's friend Mike came over to supervise the fire and make sure kids stayed safe.

After their s'mores were eaten and Phase I of "Sugar High" began, we sent them to the craft portion to get their creative juices flowing (of course I stole this idea from Abby's 3rd bday party)! I bought 4T shirts as smocks, which was ridiculous because they made the kids look like the incredible hulks, they were way too tight. What was I thinking? Oh well, the paint is washable!

Next the kids got to go fishing. We joked about getting a boat since we knew we were making a lake, and then decided they were so cheap to rent at base to go ahead and really do it. The kids loved it and even insisted on wearing life jackets!!

After fishing the kids went on a Snake hunt. Then it was time for lunch. Hot dogs, trail mix and "bug juice" for the kids, chili for the parents. Then of course it was cake time. What better to eat while camping then dirt??

A few of the kids were a little freaked out by the dirt cake and we had to convince them the worms were gummy and the "dirt" was oreo cookies!!

That was followed by Nolan opening up presents in the yard.

Me, Nolan & Brian. I made Nolan's shirt and it said "Camp Nolan" & underneath it was a 4. So fun!

After present opening the kids ran wild, played in the tents, did more snake hunting and fishing and just wore themselves out! The babies were so sweet and slept a better part of the party, the little rascals!

That evening, after a nap, Nolan's friend Griffin came back over to have a real sleep over in the tents. Brian got to stay outside with them, but it was pretty chilly and about 2 AM they all headed back inside. Chilling at the campfire before the kids had to turn in:


Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Boy!

My Dearest Nolan,
It seems like the time between these letters I write to you are growing shorter and shorter and you keep growing faster and faster. Your 3rd year of your life was a whirlwind and you grabbed hold of the adventures it had in store for you. Last year at this time we had not yet told you that I was pregnant with twins, or  even that I was pregnant at all, even though we knew. I was glad you would get to enjoy one more birthday just the three of us. You seemed somewhat uninterested when we told you that you would be a big brother, but it wasn't long before you were wanting to kiss my belly and talk about whether you were having two brothers, sisters or one of each. You were convinced it was a boy/girl and basically told the ultrasound tech she was wrong, making us burst out in laughter. You love to do that, you know...make people laugh. Anyway, I know it was a lot to expect of you to be so patient while Mommy had to "grow the babies" and be on modified bed rest. I am so grateful to friends and family that took your mind off things and kept you busy, but I can tell you now that it also made me sad. I wanted to be doing all that fun stuff with you and even then it began...this juggling routine mothers have to do to take care of more than one child. Some of my favorite times of this year are when you would climb into bed with me and we would turn on a "kid movie" as you call it and we would snuggle and snack and talk.

On top of all that upcoming change, you were expected to uproot for two months while we went to St. Louis to have the babies. You had so much fun, but I also know you missed Florida and your friends a whole lot. And I can't imagine how sad it was for you to have all that change, return home only to find out that a lot of those good friends and certainly your best friend, had moved away. If it was me, I would have felt jipped, robbed, self pity. Not accepted it with grace and with courage. My second favorite moment of the day your brothers were born this past June was the moment you came bursting through the door of my room at the hospital. When you came around the corner your face changed and I could tell you were worried, seeing me in a hospital bed looking so worn out and just different. Then you climbed into that bed (with no concern of the IV's coming from my arm!) as fast as your legs would carry you and gave me a big bear hug and just cradled into that nook in my arms. I wanted you to stay there for good, snuggled in my arms, my first born beautiful boy. Nothing has really been the same since, and although I knew that would happen, I didn't think you would get it. And yet you have. No, it hasn't been perfect and you've had some adjusting to do, but you have taken it all in stride and your role as big brother has pierced my heart with pride. Every single time I put the babies on their play mat to play I find that they have been covered with a blanket and usually an animal of yours is their to keep them company if you can't. They ADORE you and both of their faces light up a room when they see or hear you. It's the most humbling and beautiful, unexplainable phenomenon to watch the bond of brotherhood grow. You hold such an incredible honor, being the "big Brother" and I'm so giddy with excitement for you (and for Joseph & Daniel)!

You are truly so bright, so full of charm and creativity and you absolutely are the FUNNIEST child I've ever met. You love telling jokes. You love "kidding" us. You learned the pledge of alliegance word for word and know your ABC's and numbers and how to spell words. You are very self sufficient, but often want help just because you want our attention. Your pictures that you draw are actual pictures now and not just scribble, with people and animals and I can actually tell what they are! You love it when we read to you and I've caught you reading to Mousey and to your brothers on numberous occassions. I write these things to you, Nolan, because I can't hold on to these days no matter how hard I try and my baby is now becoming a little boy. You're not even considered a "toddler" but a pre-schooler. There is so much more I have to tell you, so much more I could say about how endlessly proud of you I am and your character and your sweetness and your kindness. Thank you for being so patient with Daddy and I this past year. Thank you for your hugs, kisses, beautiful artwork, your stories, your jokes and your unconditional love. I love you Nolan. I've had some wonderful times in my life, I've loved and been friends with some amazing people and seen awesome things. But nothing holds a candle to the past four years. I knew I wanted a baby for so long, but the experience of raising you, getting to know you and loving you with every pore of my being has been the best thing that's ever happened to me. Happy 4th Birthday sweet Nolan.

Love, Mommy


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mmm, so Yummy!

Daniel and Joseph are now both eating cereal. We've already gone through a box of rice and are now almost finished with oatmeal. The doctor said we can start them on veggies and fruits, and I plan on it, but want to make my own (since we're feeding two and formula's costing us so much). Ooops, just realized we don't have any pictures of Joseph eating yet (just video). I'll get on that!
Nolan loves feeding them!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Train Museum Fall Festival

For the second year in a row we went to the festival at the Train Museum. As always, Nolan loved everything about it. It was the first true fall-like weather of the season and we loved every second of it! We also ran into one of the couples we sat with on our cruise a couple years ago, it was so bizarre!

Nolan and I on board one of the trains!

Nolan riding the kids train:

Nolan & Daddy at lunch, this year it was served in the dining car:



Daddy & the boys:

Me & the boys:


School Party

It was really more like Halloween week around here. Last Monday at our Mom & Me group we had a party. Nolan dressed up, but I did not get the babies dressed up. Then Thursday was his party at pre-school. Both parties were a blast. Nolan was sick last year so he missed his school party, but this year he was well and he was adamant that I come, too. I wasn't the only parent and it was fun to see him in action. Pretty funny that his assigned seat is next to his teacher. She laughed when I pointed that out...apparently he is quite the chatter box!

Our Mom & Me group:
Brycen & Nolan trick or treating at church:
I refused to let Nolan take his sword out of the belt loop for fear of him getting too wild and hurting someone. Preschool class: Nolan eating lunch with his friend Joeli: This was on the wall of his classroom. I was very proud of my little boy!And Nolan loved showing off his brothers!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloweenie Day

It was an awesome day. Brian and Nolan made orange/chocolate chip pancakes, which we drank with our pumpkin spice creamer coffee. Love this time of year. Then we carved pumpkins. Then Bri roasted the pumpkin seeds. Mmm, what a day!

Halloween Night

Okay, I think I have blogger under control temporarily. I'm still way behind on blogging, so let's get this party started!! Saturday, Halloween night, we had friends Erin and Evan over so the kids could trick or treat together. Griffon and Nolan are in school together and we're all part of the Mom & Me group here in town. We had a quick dinner and then dressed the kiddos up. My plan was to take the babies trick or treating so the neighbors could catch a glimpse of them, but it was a little too breezy and cool (believe it or not), so Erin, the babies and myself stayed behind to give out candy. Nolan scored quite a bit of candy and lots of fun was had! Here's the group together before trick or treating. Nolan, Joseph, Simone, Daniel & Griffon. The older boys were so not excited about pictures and were ready to get out the door for some CANDY!
The trick or treaters. Griffon is a dragon slayer and his sister Simone was the dragon, too cute! Erin made his costume, I am still so impressed. I made Nolan's costume. And by make I mean I cut the tags off and took it off the hanger.
Our three boys. Joseph and Daniel hated their costumes. Joseph asked me why I would make him dress up if he doesn't even get candy. I see his point!
Argh, walk the plank! Nolan couldn't decide between a sword and a hook, so he sported it all. XOXO,