Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Kid-Ism's

  • Nolan asked Brian why he was late coming home from work and Brian said, "Well I ran into a hiccup at work." Nolan said, "You mean you laughed too hard? Did you drink some water?"
  • "Is the Polar Express in the world I live? When will it pick me up?"
  • Nolan sings songs to his brothers every night. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, She'll be Coming around the Mountain and Moon Song.
  • Nolan made this song up one night for his brothers: "Close your eyes, be quiet, Don't say anything, not even secrets. Mom's going to go and close your door. Close your eyes, be quiet."
  • Nolan said, "...the whole wide furnacy." Translation: Whole wide universe.
  • Nolan has a friend at school (and who lives in the neighborhood) named Trenton. They've taken to calling each other "Noly" and "Trenty." I was explaining to Nolan that's called a Nickname. He wanted to know Daddy's nickname, and so I jokingly said, "Studmuffin." Nolan has told everyone...neighbors, teachers, friends, "That's my dad. His nickname is Studmuffin." Studmuffin is now teased daily...oops!
  • When Nolan gets dressed for soccer, he says "I have my legs and feet on!" (shinguards and soccer shoes).


  • Joseph gets FURIOUS if I don't let him throw his own diapers in the pail.
  • J also gets mad if I put his milk in the fridge. He knows to take it from the table to the fridge or dishwasher and wants to "help."
  • Joseph mimics almost any and everything Nolan does. If he sees Nolan putting away toys, he'll do the same.
  • Joseph has gotten over his fear (mostly) of baths and is back to crying hysterically when bathtime is over.
  • When he knows its naptime or bedtime, he'll book it down the hall at full speed, half laughing (mischevious), half crying (he knows his fate).
  • Joseph is suddenly obsessed with books (yay)! He wants to be read to all the time, but his favorites are still touch and feel books.


  • Danny can say Nolan's name almost perfectly! It sounds like "Nonan." I have a video clip of it, I'll post soon, but its sooooo adorable!
  • D has started to fight back. Today, for example, J took something from Daniel and D grabbed both of J's shoulders and just pushed him straight back. Thankfully we were at gymnastics and on a padded floor.
  • Daniel has figured out how to climb onto Nolan's train table (Joseph has too). Joy!
  • Daniel is coming around in the cuddling department and definitely appreciates a good mommy hug when feelings have been hurt...such a relief!
  • I put J in timeout after multiple warnings to stop scraping/hitting a toy against the wall. He was looking up at me with eyes full of tears and I suddenly hear the SAME scraping/hitting noise. I turn to find Daniel, in the same exact spot, same toy, same crime...but with the biggest michevious grin I've ever seen!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday's and Football

A couple weekends ago we spent a Saturday in the neighborhood. First we headed to a 2nd Bday party for a little boy a few doors down. Daniel was ready!
Joseph was totally spoiled by Logan's grandmother, who scooped him up and fed him as much cake as he wanted. Nolan helped, of course.
Then we headed to another neighbors for football and crazy good bbq. The boys were delighted with these chairs and I was delighted to have an excuse to have them sit on pink chairs!!D eating some grub and sporting some semi-crazy hair. But Josephs hair was all out crazy curly!
See? I don't love this pic, but I am so used to being the one behind the camera, I was really happy Bri snapped a shot of me (and Kaden)! And Nolan crashed EARLY. Granted we had been going strong all day, but that's not all that unusual for a weekend and it was only about 8 when he fell asleep.
I woke him to tell him we were heading out but he wanted to play more....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Art Class 101

Last week I took the boys to a kids art studio. They offer classes and drop-in hours, so we gave the drop in a try. There were four crafts set up, finger paints galore, where they could paint on the wall or paper, a cardboard castle for play and decorating and lots of messy fun to be had. The twins were entertained, but did not do much "crafting" (to be expected), but Nolan did all the crafts and loved it. The owner was great with kids and was very sweet (didn't charge me for the twins). Daniel in the castle: Joseph in the castle:
Nolan making his lion mask. There was lots of activity, so I didn't get as many pics as I wanted. Then we came home for some lunch in the back yard. I love these special days with my boys, who are growing up so so so so so fast.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Biker Dudes

Nolan and Brian can now bike together!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend Jess and Tyler had a bbq/get together. It was a lot of fun and always a success when the kids get tuckered out and sleep great! Hostess with the mostess: Daniel and Kaden playing together: Kaden with his momma, Heather. Kaden is a couple months older than the twins, so they have a lot of fun together. J-bear is ready for football! Go Mizzou!
Daniel trying his hand at Wii. Already? We're in trouble...

Almost Fall

It's not quite full swing fall, but we're getting close and the weather lately is phenominal. Okay, actually, today its raining, but before today, its been wonderful! We're trying to teach the twins to eat at the kids table. Its a work in process. Lesson learned, make sure table is VERY far from concrete. This is lunch a couple Sunday's ago after church.
Afternoon snack and "story" time. None of them would pose or smile well, but I still think they look pretty adorable.
Well, okay, Nolan just looks goofy here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Choo Choo

Labor Day weekend we suprised the boys with a trip to Edaville, for a Day out With Thomas. It was threatened to be cancelled because of hurricane Earl, but the weather ended up being gorgeous, thankfully. There was something for every age and it was a fun filled day.

The boys in front of the amusement park. Nolan's getting great at posing for pictures. Look at those muscles, you have to use your arms...
Nolan and Thomas! We rode the Thomas train and all 3 boys loved it, Daniel was of course dancing to the famous Thomas music almost the whole time. We even got to meet Sir Topham Hat. Nolan was very concerned that he had no ears and asked me (very loudly) if he had no ears, how could he hear us? Sir Topham Hat's helper lady explained he does have ears, they are just super tiny. Nolan couldn't find them and remains skeptical.
Ferris Wheel :
They had an incredible indoor playground. I thought this would have gone the other way, but D hated the balls and Joseph LOVED them!
Of course, that's because Daniel would much rather do this. He's so so so much like Nolan was at this age.
Nolan fishing, with Thomas driving by. No fish were caught,
but Nolan still loved the fishing part.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lil' Bruiser

If I were a betting woman--and thankfully I'm not--I would have guessed this guy would have been my first to earn the prestigious award of stitches. But no, the award goes to Daniel. Brian's taken to calling him Scarface, though I prefer Rocky Road. The stitches came yesterday, after a scary fall into the corner of the TV stand. That's on the left side of his face. The scratches/bump on the right side are from his fall off their picnic table Monday night while we dined outdoors. He's doing great, he's so so tough. I'm a little shaky, to say the least, and wouldn't even let them out of their stroller today to play at the playground. Ridiculous, I know, and I know it'll pass. My poor baby!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

First day of Pre-K

Dear Nolan,

Here you are on your first day of Pre-K. You keep telling people who ask that you are going to kindergarten this year, and then when I correct you, you say, "Oh yeah right, silly Nolan." I think perhaps you kept hoping if you said it enough times, we would let you (as if we have a say in it). I just re-read my letter to you from last year and was so humbled by how raw my emotions were. It's hard to believe that just a year ago, we were in a huge transition stage and that your brothers did nothing but eat, all day and all night. At least that's what it felt like. And now, as you begin your newest school adventure, they want to come along. I love my special time with them while you're at school, but they kept looking for you and as soon as I said "let's go get Nolan," they raced to the door!

I love your new school almost as much as you do, and I'm so excited about the upcoming year and all that you'll get to do, see and learn and the friends you will make. One big difference was how much you told me about your day. Last year it was like pulling teeth, but today I got to hear all juicy details! Maybe this will wear off as the excitement does, but I hope not, because I love nothing more than hearing Nolan-woven tales about you and your classmates and teachers. And next year, when I sit down to write this letter, it will be as I send you off to big boy school. My heart can't quite grasp it, sweet boy, and I won't let this year pass without enjoying every special moment I can. I love you dearly and I'm so so so proud of you.

Love, Mommy

My sweet boy: Contrary to how it looks, he is NOT in timeout, he's showing off his wicked cool shark bookbag. He is over the moon about getting to have a bookbag. A little rain won't stop us...but it did make traffic slow moving!
In front of his new classroom, standing RIGHT in front of his name.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tops In Blue

Last week we got a babysitter for the twins and took Nolan to Tops In Blue. We've heard great things about this Air Force singing group for quite some time and it was really fun. The club (on base) was offering a dinner/transportation deal, so we ate at the club and hopped a free bus to the (free) show. It was so so so awesome being able to focus on just Nolan. He's growing into such a sweet boy. The only bad part of the evening was leaving the twins. They weren't too happy last time we got a babysitter, but I was very comforted because Nolan was there. Watching their crushed little faces realize that all 3 of us were leaving was heartbreaking, but I know they need it, we need it, and they were in great hands!

Daddy & Nolan before dinner: When did I stop worry about a place setting with real table clothes and actual glassware with this one? His only bad manner during dinner was his elevated voice as he chatted, chatted, chatted away... In front of the auditorium.