Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Nolanisms

  • Whenever Nolan is misbehaving or acting out and we say, "Nolan you are being naughty." He'll say, "I don't want to be naughty!!!!" Or "Nolan, you are not being good." He'll say, "But I WANT to be good!!" ....or "But I WANT TO LISTEN!"
  • At Burger King we were asking Abby and Nolan about best friends, which of course they said they were each other's best friend. Then I asked Nolan who he was going to marry and he pointed to Abby. Then we asked Abby if she was going to wear a pretty white dress and she said, "Yeah!" (very excitedly). We asked her what Nolan would wear and I think it was Abby that said a dress. So I said, "No, boys don't wear dresses, not to weddings anyways." And Nolan replied as serious as can be, "But sometimes I do."
  • Speaking of dresses, since I'm outing Nolan anyway, we were recently at a friends house who has two girls close to Nolan's age. Ella wanted to play dress up, so course Nolan did, too. So they both went to Ella's room to get some dresses on. I was in the living room with the younger kids and Ella comes out looking all pretty in her dress. I wait for Nolan. Nothing. After a few minutes I begin to worry (did he have accident? What's going on?) So I called out and asked him what he was doing. Nolan doesn't reply, so I say, "Nolan come here!" He comes running around the corner like Will Ferrell in Old School, totally naked!! No shirt, no pants, no underwear, not even socks! I was so grateful at that point I was the only adult there. I said, "Nolan what on earth are you doing? Why are you naked? Where are you clothes?" And he said, "Ella took hers off!!" And I said, "Not her UNDERWEAR!!!" He said, "Oh." So I went and helped him put his manly underwear on so that a pretty blue dress could be worn. I was relieved to hear my friend Staci's boys had just played dress up at Ella's as well!
  • Nolan and I were at Wal-Mart and he had just picked out a birthday card that had loads of glitter on it. It got on his shirt and hands and he got so tickled he kept saying, "I have lights on me!" But to the untrained ear of my toddler it sounded like, "Look, I have LICE on me, Mommy! LICE are all over my shirt! LICE are on my hands!!!" Which is why I love that my toddler knows two volumes. Sleeping and yelling.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh my!

This was 100% Nolan's idea. He just needed some assistance getting the "baby" situated. He was very excited to be just like Mommy! And then after 30 seconds, he said, "I'm done having a baby in my belly." Yep, he's definitely a boy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roller Playdate

A couple weeks ago, the day before Valentine's day, Staci had some of us over so the kids could have a valentine's play date. They have a great (flat) driveway and a terrific subdivision for bikes and scooters, so the kids biked, skated and scootered until the rain came in. Then we talked them in to coming out of the rain by letting them decorate cupcakes. It was a great afternoon and the kids had a blast. And Nolan slept GREAT that night!
Nolan roller blading:

Nolan, Cameron, Abby & Dylan:

Brandon riding a bike. I think this kid needs a Harley:

This picture doesn't do Dylan's cupcake justice, the sprinkles were at least an inch think. But I hear it was yummy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

There's a phone WHERE?

Nolan was beside himself that there was a phone in the hotel bathroom. We told him he could touch it unless it rang, for fear he would call another country or something. So on the last day, "Abby" called him. It was really Brian, pretending to be Abby. Sorry for the loud TV in the background, I didn't know we'd be doing impromptu video!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Weekend Getaway Pics

Just a few more pics of our weekend away!
Two years ago I have a picture of Nolan napping in his pac n play at this hotel. Now he's napping on the top bunk! It's so crazy to me how fast he's growing up. And after we let him do this, I woke up to him at 4 am Sunday morning trying to sneak to the top bunk. He may have gotten away with it had he not turned on the light first!

Brian wrestled the camera away from me for a picture. I'll be honest, I don't think this picture does the belly justice, but its probably because I've grown a bit more since then, too. It has seemed like overnight that people (strangers) are asking me when I'm due, even though I haven't fit into my regular pants in months!The boys checking out the view on Sunday morning when we realized it was going to be a GORGEOUS day!

This was the town of Seaside, where The Truman Show was filmed (we didn't learn that until after we visited). The town is really cute, right on the water and has this grassy field in the middle so all the kids could run wild. There's a big stage, I assume they have lots of concerts in the summer. We can't wait to go back, the beaches here are gorgeous too! (on a side note, I should add, that grass this nice, that you can walk around on barefoot is a rarity and luxury around here)

A beach a few miles down the road from Seaside.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sandestin Pictures

Daddy & Nolan walking on the beach: Swimming in the heated, but not REALLY heated pool:
Flying a kite on the beach, Nolan was ecstatic!This was Saturday night's dessert. We didn't realize until we went to pay that anyone shorter than the moose gets their ice cream for free!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Brian, Nolan and I decided to take one more weekend away as a family of three. We took advantage of the beach winter rates and returned to the Hilton in Sandestin, the same hotel we stayed at a couple years ago. Since Brian travels alot and usually stays at Hilton, they upgraded us to a beach view room and it was fabulous. Nolan loved the bunk beds and begged us to let him sleep on the top, but we declined, but did let him nap there on Saturday. The weather really cooperated and we had some nice warm temps for the beach, especially on Sunday! I think this is my favorite pic from the weekend, but I have more to share...hopefully this will do for now!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Cheating (kind of)

Sure, I bought the pre-made cookie dough, so I can't say we actually MADE cookies. But Nolan did arrange them all by himself and I told him we were making cookies.
And it seems like the end result is just the same:

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Farewell Party

Saturday night we went to Kypp and Neda's, who were hosting a surprise going away party for the Siglers. I met Katie a couple years ago when she first moved to town, but only briefly and we lost touch. Then last spring she was in a Bible study I was taking and we became buddies again! Her son, Cole, is a few months older than Nolan, so they had a great time getting into trouble playing together. Neda made a gourmet and yummy spread and Katie and Nick were truly surprised! It was a great night and I'm glad they aren't leaving for a few more weeks so we can get to see them a few more times!

The cake:
Neda took this picture of Nolan being a total goofball!
Cole and Nolan:
The girls. Myself, Katie, Neda and Alysia:

Monday, February 02, 2009

Work Dinner

Friday Brian's group (SDB) went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom in Destin. There was probably 20 or so people and it was great meeting so many of Brian's co-workers that I hear about and their families. Nolan was the only boy, but had no problem making friends and was actually very sweet about sharing his cars with all the ladies. And some hugs and kisses at the end of the night! I only snapped a couple pictures since Brian had the office camera and was playing photographer.
This is Nolan and Justine:
Daddy and Nolan pose for a picture: