Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve we had plans on having friends over for brunch, but Daniel got pretty sick and his fever wouldn't go away (or come down), so we had a quiet day. Nolan and I went to the Christmas pageant and mass on base, then we got chinese take out and had a relaxed dinner. Followed by sprinkling reindeer food outside, placing the cookies and carrots on the table, with a big glass of milk (Nolan insisted Santa would be very thirsty). Nolan then proceeded to wake up at 2:30 am, hoping Santa had come. Then he woke me up at 3:15 again...he finally went back to sleep and slept in until 7. We had a very relaxing day and all little boys in our house were very excited about their gifts. Danny was struggling, and not feeling well...turns out my poor baby had pnemonia!

The three boys in front of Santa's cookies:

Opening frenzy:
The fam...even Tootsie wanted in the pic (and by the way, she was extra spoiled this year)!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dear Nolan,
I can't believe my baby boy is seven. I have no words to describe my awe at how fast this all goes, nor will my words do justice how proud of you I am. You make me laugh, you make me crazy, you make me proud, and you made me a mommy seven years ago. Happy birthday, my favorite little red headed superhero. I love you all the way to the moon and back!
Love, Momma
Here's Nolan with his birthday donut:
 The twins were not happy, Danny was bawling because it wasn't "his" birthday. We enjoyed Nolan's favorite dinner, clam chowder soup. In a rare twist of fate, the electricity went out, so we were playing in the dark and pioneering our way through dinner. Thankfully it was restored just as we sat down to a candlelit dinner!

Monday, October 15, 2012


I'm just going to pretend that I didn't just upload enough pictures to my computer that embarrasses me to tell you the actual number. I can literally remember it like yesterday when Nolan got his Thomas the Train bike with training wheels. I was scared out of my mind for that little guy and couldn't believe how quickly he'd grown. In true Mommy fashion, I filmed the whole thing. This time around I realized three days later that I didn't take a picture of the twins on THEIR "big boy" bikes. They are amazing and have not an ounce of healthy fear that keeps them from going too fast. Joseph: 

 And Danny (with the Thomas bike):

Ummm...where are my babies????????

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Dear Joseph & Daniel,
I think it is very true that with your second child (or in my case second and third), we parents don't rush things as much as with the first. We are in no rush to get to the next stage. Crawling, walking, all these things we know will come in time. So, we don't rush them, but rather tend to live in the moment a little more. Enjoy it, if you will. With twins, at least for me, there wasn't much enjoying that first year. It was more like surviving a tornado. Don't get me wrong. We loved it; loved the chaos, laughed at our mistakes and the insanity of it all, but it was just that...sweet survival. And I really can't say I would go to back to that. But the irony is that I thought it may never end. The idea of taking a shower by myself, without a screaming baby in a bouncy seat on the other side of the curtain seemed magical and mystical, but the idea that you may grow up and someday go off to school? That was completely foreign to me. But, time, it always passes. And once we had that first year under our belt, you two rascals had no problem rushing into each next stage before I was usually ready. You just keep growing up too fast. You are suddenly little people. Little men. With opinions and loves and humor and compassion and tempers and beutiful little personalities. I am no longer thrown off by peoples shock that you are twins. In fact, I relish it. My two little guys, shared my womb, but from day one were determined to prove you are NOT THE SAME. Nope, not the same. But best friends, none the less. Best friends who left me today, on a bus, with not one single tear between the two of you when happily waving good bye to your momma. Off to a big world of school, friends, playdough, coloring and playgrounds. The house is eerily quiet. I look forward to the many things I can get done. But I am heartbroken that we've crossed another first. Ask any of my lady friends who have older children, who just kissed their son or daughter as they left for their first day of high school; who helped them move into their college dorm. They remember their childs first day of preschool like it was yesterday. I remember holding you in my arms, babies, squishy and tiny and helpless as if it were yesterday. It goes too fast. Period. But I'm so unbelievably proud of both you. Of the challenges you've faced and overcome. You both will do big, big things and I'm so grateful to be a part of it, and most importantly to be your mommy. I'm not sure how it works, up there in Heaven, but if you were a part of it, thanks for choosing me. I'm not worthy nor perfect, but I'm grateful and humbled and head over heels in love with you two michevious boogers. I will love you  more each day until the day I die. Good luck today. And come home quick so I can have a double bear hug.
Love, Mommy
Danny & Joey at their meet and greet at school yesterday:
 The boys waiting for the twins bus. Its pouring down rain. Fitting, I think:

Nolan is so proud of these two:
 The boys with their first day of school cookie cake yesterday after N's first day:

Seriously, when did they grow up???

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First Grade

Dear Nolan,
Well, here we are again. This summer really flew by. I was so excited to have you home, all to myself (and your brothers), so we could do what we wanted, when we wanted. We had a lot of fun, but somehow I blinked and the summer dissappeared. By the last week of summer break it became EXTREMELY evident to both your Daddy and I that you were ready to go back to school. You and your brothers were so tired of each other. So, I was rather looking forward to Tuesday morning and the new adventure you would be starting. I thought with your brothers getting ready to start preschool, I would have no issues kissing you goodbye. But then, as we stood there, and I watched you bravely walk up to friends (new and old) and chat and laugh, full of delight and all smiles, I realized how much I was going to miss you. Last year, you were a bit on the timid side. Not today. Nope, you were ready to go and you were so excited, that I as always, I was full of pride. And amazement. How did you go from a little boy of barely three, who ran into preschool, to a big kid, entering first grade? Its going to fast, little man. I am so excited to share this next year with you and see how you are going wow us all. I love you, Nolan. Slow down a bit and remember to snuggle your old mom. XOXO, Mommy

Nolan's first day of school was also the twins Meet and Greet at preschool (more on that later). Our dear friend and one of Nolan's FAVORITE ladies in the world, Miss Kristy, made the shirts for the boys!

When they aren't wrestling each other, these boys are best buds. Max and Nolan!
 Nolan's teacher, Mrs. Sullivan.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Circus Train Party

I often joke that our life is a three ring circus. So, it seemed fitting to have a circus themed party for the twins. Truthfully, when I asked them what kind of party they wanted, one said circus, one said train. So it was actually a "CIRCUS TRAIN" party.  I had so much fun planning this and I'm so grateful to my friends Tara and MC who helped with crafts and planning and even babysitting so it all came together! This was the front door:

 This was the centerpiece table, with most of the circus snacks. Enough sugar that I'm quite surprised I have any friends left.

Popcorn, lollipops, circus peanuts (marshmallows), cotton candy.

The menu:
The bday party treats; There were tags attached that said "Thanks for Clowning around with us"

 I've always wanted to do this...we set up a photo booth for the party. So fun!
This is Emma:
Bella! Side note...Bella lives to the left of us and Joseph adores her. Emma lives to the right of us...and he adores her. They have little crushes, its so sweet.


Kristy and Maddie!!

Our family of clowns:

 I put Brian in charge of the games I wanted in the garage. We had four games set up! A  huge thank you to Taylor and Erin and their hubbies for manning the tables. You are brave! In the game below, the kids squirted ping pong balls off golf tees with water guns.

 Nolan telling me how many tickets he had won in order to win his prizes!
Danny LOVED the pretzels!
Cake time. It was the only time during the day I cried. I ordered the cakes with the circus icing, then added the bunting with their name and the circus trains. They LOVED them, it was so cute!

So...thats a taste of the pictures I have. It was such a fun day and one I will hold dear to my heart for years to come. I'm so blessed beyond words to have had three wonderful years with these boys. I love them more each day.


Twins Birthday

Well, it went and happened. The birthday that I in many ways dreaded. My twins, my BABIES!!! turned THREE!!! It is such a milestone birthday. I had just found out I was pregnant with twins two days before Nolans third birthday. I remember that birthday and his party so vividly. He seemed so much older. And of course, when the twins were born, Nolan was three. The reality that my babies are that age is mind boggling and my stomach drops when I think about it. Their birthday was a Tuesday and they really "got" that it was their day. We started the day off right...with donuts and candles!

 Blowing out their morning "cake!"
Big brother!

The twins and I had a great day. We spent it going to the party store to get supplies for their party, then met one of their best buddies (and next door neighbor), Emma at McDonald's. Then we went to dinner at Chilis, where they were sung to by the servers. Guess who else celebrated his 3rd birthday at Chilis? Yep, Nolan. Here are my sweet boys before dinner. Love them!!

Nolan engaging them in ring around the rosie before present opening.
 Grammie and Pop Pop got them a talking tube phone...they LOVE it and talk on it all the time!

 Aunt Jeanne & Uncle Ron gave them these adorable outfits and books...we can't wait for them to model them in person in a couple weeks!!! Thank you!!!