Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Circus Train Party

I often joke that our life is a three ring circus. So, it seemed fitting to have a circus themed party for the twins. Truthfully, when I asked them what kind of party they wanted, one said circus, one said train. So it was actually a "CIRCUS TRAIN" party.  I had so much fun planning this and I'm so grateful to my friends Tara and MC who helped with crafts and planning and even babysitting so it all came together! This was the front door:

 This was the centerpiece table, with most of the circus snacks. Enough sugar that I'm quite surprised I have any friends left.

Popcorn, lollipops, circus peanuts (marshmallows), cotton candy.

The menu:
The bday party treats; There were tags attached that said "Thanks for Clowning around with us"

 I've always wanted to do this...we set up a photo booth for the party. So fun!
This is Emma:
Bella! Side note...Bella lives to the left of us and Joseph adores her. Emma lives to the right of us...and he adores her. They have little crushes, its so sweet.


Kristy and Maddie!!

Our family of clowns:

 I put Brian in charge of the games I wanted in the garage. We had four games set up! A  huge thank you to Taylor and Erin and their hubbies for manning the tables. You are brave! In the game below, the kids squirted ping pong balls off golf tees with water guns.

 Nolan telling me how many tickets he had won in order to win his prizes!
Danny LOVED the pretzels!
Cake time. It was the only time during the day I cried. I ordered the cakes with the circus icing, then added the bunting with their name and the circus trains. They LOVED them, it was so cute!

So...thats a taste of the pictures I have. It was such a fun day and one I will hold dear to my heart for years to come. I'm so blessed beyond words to have had three wonderful years with these boys. I love them more each day.


Twins Birthday

Well, it went and happened. The birthday that I in many ways dreaded. My twins, my BABIES!!! turned THREE!!! It is such a milestone birthday. I had just found out I was pregnant with twins two days before Nolans third birthday. I remember that birthday and his party so vividly. He seemed so much older. And of course, when the twins were born, Nolan was three. The reality that my babies are that age is mind boggling and my stomach drops when I think about it. Their birthday was a Tuesday and they really "got" that it was their day. We started the day off right...with donuts and candles!

 Blowing out their morning "cake!"
Big brother!

The twins and I had a great day. We spent it going to the party store to get supplies for their party, then met one of their best buddies (and next door neighbor), Emma at McDonald's. Then we went to dinner at Chilis, where they were sung to by the servers. Guess who else celebrated his 3rd birthday at Chilis? Yep, Nolan. Here are my sweet boys before dinner. Love them!!

Nolan engaging them in ring around the rosie before present opening.
 Grammie and Pop Pop got them a talking tube phone...they LOVE it and talk on it all the time!

 Aunt Jeanne & Uncle Ron gave them these adorable outfits and books...we can't wait for them to model them in person in a couple weeks!!! Thank you!!!


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Team Jacob Friday

Last Friday we were at a going away party for a friend who is deploying. We all had sitters and were relaxing at the (base) club, when we heard that the movie Grown Ups 2, which is being filmed in and around Boston, was right outside the gate. I had heard that earlier in the day, but attempts to see the action failed. We got word the crew and actors were still there. So a few of us barely waved farewell to our happy excited eye-rolling husbands and headed on our way to see if we could get lucky and get a photo with someone famous. When we managed to get on set, we immediately saw David Spade, Chris Rock and Peter Dante. We played it cool, really we did. We didn't giggle as we asked for a photo. Nope, not us. Here we are!!

It was absolutely surreal to stand and chat with these guys who I grew up knowing on the big screen. After that photo, we got to watch as they filmed a car scene a few times, which was really, really exciting. I felt thrilled. We then got sent behind baricades so they could shoot "one last scene" for the day. We saw Adam Sandler in the scene, but were unable to get a pic with him, but still it was surreal to see him live.

We knew Taylor Lautner had been on the set earlier, but couldn't spot him. I won't lie...I really wanted to see him. I am probably the LAST person to jump onto the Twilight band wagon, but finally rented the first four about a mont ago. Brian happily (not) sat through the movies with me as I drooled over the vampire/warewolf/human love triangle. Since the final movie to Twilight is coming out this fall, I finally started reading the books...even better than the movie. (That's him on the right, Jacob).

So even though I just celebrated my 27 28 29th birthday (again) and I am happily married with three beautiful boys, you can imagine my delight, when we spotted Taylor across the parking lot and got his attention. He tossed his football aside and sauntered over to us. I played it cool, really, I did. Nope, not star struck over a 20 year old. Nope, not me.

And since then, quite frankly, I can't stop gushing. And Brian? He just smiles. Because he struck or not, I know who I'm going home to and he knows that I wouldn't trade my life of raising mini wolves for the world. Even if for one night I felt like I was 16 again...and loved it.