Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!! It's your GOLDEN Birthday. Therefore, it is officially are pushing 30!!!! You are a terrific husband and an amazing father and we can't wait to take you out to dinner tonight. Love you lots!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


I attended a play group this past week at another wives house on base. There were 12 women and lots of kiddo's! Nolan was not the youngest, there were a few younger than him. He was a bit shy at first, just sitting there, but then he started crawling around, grabbing toys at random and even stealing another little boys bottle! In his defense, the bottle was on the floor, not in the boys hand, but considering he won't feed himself the bottle normally, it's funny. Now I know for sure he CAN feed himself, he would just rather I do it. There was a ton of food (I even made my guacamole) and it was great to meet other ladies and have some much needed adult conversation!! Here is a picture of Nolan and I at the playdate, complements of Virginia, another momma I met that day!

Brian's Work Get Together

Last weekend Brian's new boss threw a early afternoon party for the office and their families. She had BBQ catered in and we all brought side dishes. I had the opportunity to meet everyone once before in the office, but it was great to really chat with everyone and to meet the spouses and kids. One of the ladies Brian works with is Missy and she is a hoot! She brought "bikinitini's" which were these yummy, summer time martini's. In the picture of Brian's work gang, you can see a couple people holding one up. And there was also a gentleman who Brian works with who brought his family/band. The husband (Patrick) and his wife and son play and then another gentleman that is a friend of the families. They played and sang for us and we had such a great time, especially Nolan. We had to wake him from his nap, but it was worth it, he was fascinated by the music. Patrick Sr played an instrument called the Dobra (sounds kind of like Corbra, that's how I remembred it). They are truly an amazing and talented group and the whole time I felt like I was with the O'Connor clan, they just had that same unique, lovely...essence to them. Here are some pictures!

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Britney Pose!

Okay, I know I am going to hell for this one. While the guys were getting the boat in the water, Nolan and I were keeping cool in the car. Jamie shot this photo of Britney pose. If you look really close, you can see the gum I am chomping on...kidding, Brit, America loves you and I love you, too!

More Boating Pics...

Here are some more pictures of the boating trip. The one with Jake & Jamie in the water is at Crab Island...isn't that beautiful? And Jamie was kind enough to play with Nolan while Brian and I took a dip together. Well, it was just a dip until I thought some algea was a jelly fish and swam the heck away from it!

First Boating Excursion

Last Sunday Jake, Jamie, Brian, Nolan and myself took "Miss Behaving" (the name will change) on her first trip! We had a blast. Nolan looked like a marshmellow with his life jacket and it took me the first half of the trip to get out of panic mode with him being in the boat. But we had a blast. Nolan was mad at first because of the life vest, but immediately fell asleep. When we would stop he would wake up and that's when he realized he loved boating! We saw dolphins just feet from our boat...even baby dolphins. It was beautiful and amazing. I didn't think I would swim, because it's the ocean and there are sharks and other biting critters. But there is a place near Destin called Crab Island and its only a few feet deep and you can see everything...the water is clear as a bell. So we anchored there and all took a dip (except Nolan, we figured we would ease him into things slowly). We docked and ate lunch at this awesome little hole in the wall was completly casual, right on the water with food that was out of this world. The four of us looked at each other a few times thorughout the day and said, "It feels like we're on vacation!" Here are some pictures! If you look really close, in the 2nd pic at Jake in the background, you'll see that him and Brian have on...could it be? Matching shirts! How adorable! More pics to follow....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good Times...

Last week (yes, I am behind on blogging, I know) at dinner Brian and I had a small tupperwear full of water. We were dunking baby-friendly puffs into it and giving them to Nolan (he's learning to eat finger foods). Anyway, after we were finished eating, I had Nolan in my lap. He grabs for everything he can...napkins, silverwear, plates, foods...whatever is there, he wants! So what does Brian do? He thinks it would be funny to put the tupperwear full of water right in front of Nolan. Very funny Brian...revenge is sweet, I would be careful if I were you... (can you see my soaked pants in this picture?)

Hey bloggers....

Anyone know how to rotate a picture in your blog once the picture is uploaded? If you know and can share your wisdom, I would be forever grateful!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Kim and Steve! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but Brian and I thought of you Sunday! I can't believe it's been a year...and how much has changed!! :) Congrats, we miss you!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Andi!

Happy Birthday, my friend. You are the type of person that touches lives wherever you go and whomever you meet. I really believe you are an old soul, wiser than your years (though your years are catching up to you, ha ha)! You are the kind of mother, wife, daughter, and friend that people look at and think," I want to strive to be like her." I love you and miss you! I hope you have fantastic day! In this picture, I had just paid big bucks (probably a dollar) to dance with you, and then you went and made me cry. Talking about how Brian and I better move back to STL soon so we can have babies that could grow up together. Even now, writing about it, I tear up. But our boys will know each other, and they will be pals. I think we'll both see to that. Lots of love,

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Day for a little guy with a cold

Nolan has a runny nose and is teething hard core. But that's not stopping him. First, we had blueberries (and apples). I think he looks like Maddie in this last's the the "I'm mischevious" expression! Next, he decided to remind me it's time to babyproof: Then he made it official. He is crawling!

As if that weren't enough to keep me on my toes, look at him go! All in a days work!

Monday, June 12, 2006

We have a HURRICANE!

Not the storm, at least not yet (although there is a tropical storm headed our way tomorrow). Somehow, Brian talked me into a boat. We are co-owners of a hurricane boat with Jake & Jamie! They did the brunt of the work, researching and looking at different kinds of boats before we arrived. Then Brian and Jake went looking twice and found one they loved. We are planning our first outing next Sunday, we are so excited. Here's a picture of what one looks like, but this isn't the exact boat, I don't think. Probably a different model. What do I know? I know it goes on the water and that we can fish, ski and tube off of it!

Happy Birthday Jamie & Jake!!

Sorry Jake, I am posting your birthday late on the blog, but I have some cute pictures to make up for it! Jamie, hope your day is fantastic! These pictures were taken last night...Nolan LOVES you guys! After you left, he kept looking around for you, it was adorable! Thanks again for driving over, it was great seeing you guys! Here's Jamie & Jake with Nolan. We got Nolan to look at the camera for a heartbeat: Here, we can't get NOlan to look at the camera, because he loves playing with Jamie too much: And here, Nolan won't look at the camera because he's enthralled with Jake!

Friday, June 09, 2006

More Zoo Pictures

Okay, I wanted these pictures all on one post, but the blog won't let me or isn't working, so I going to try it this way. Grrr... Here's some animals:

This is Nolan & I in front of one of the tirger cages, but of course my big noggen is blocking the actual tiger:

This is Nolan before we left to come home. Notice his souvenier lion puppet? You can't go to the zoo for the first time (no matter how small) and not get a souvenier!

Momma & Nolan's Big Adventure

Yesterday Nolan and I embarked on an adventure...we went to Sasquatch Zoo, the local zoo in town. I knew it couldn't be very big, as Crestivew itself is a small town. But we had a good time. It wasn't paved, but there was a sandy path that led us to all the animals. And you can feed all the animals (well, except those that are in cages, behind the fence, for example the tigers). Yes, there were tigers and lions! We fed the goats and deer, and we looked at monkeys, birds and camels. I wanted to feed the camels, but I left the bag of food in the stroller and we had walked a little bit to get closer. Those were the last animals we looked at/talked to, because it just became too hot. It was 93 degrees or so, but luckily most of the zoo was shaded. Nolan and I were lathered in sun screen, though, just in case. I also brought water for me, juice for Nolan, but he's still not drinking it very much. I also packed a cold wash cloth with 3 ice cubes in a zip lock bag, so when I saw Little Bits was getting too hot, I took that out and put it on his face and wrists to cool him down (and yes, on my face, it was HOT out there). We only stayed about 1/2 hour because of the heat, but we had fun. When Nolan is just a little older and can feed the animals himself (without me worrying HE'LL eat the huge pellets), it will be a blast! Here are some pictures of our grand adventure! This is right before we left. Nolan has on the adorable sandals Tammi & the boys sent him. They didn't last the whole trip, though. On the drive there, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him eating one. By the time we arrived at the zoo, they were both off...but he looks stylin' when he keeps them on! Zoo Enterance Sign: Nolan right before entering the zoo...he already looks hot! More pictues to follow, the blog site is being stupid.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Almost Official

Nolan is almost offically crawling. When is it "official?" Not sure. He can do a full circle on his tummy (turn around), he can crawl backward and he scoots forward. They actually used to call my dad "scooter" as a baby because he scooted before crawling. I guess a lot of babies do, but its all new to us. the past few days Nolan has been getting on all fours a lot more and much quicker and then sort of rocking/scooting forward. And then he'll actually crawl like one step, but I don't think he realizes he has done it because then he just stops and lays flat on the ground fussing. We have realized that if we are in the room he doens't want to try...he would much rather walk, and since he does that with our help, he basically throws a fit until we offer him our hands (at which point he pulls himself up and we chase the dogs or walk around the house). I keep telling him most babies crawl before they walk, but he says he doesn't care, and then he adds, "now shut up and walk with me." Or at least that's what his expression indicates. Anyhow, Brian and I realized if we leave the room...he tries really hard to crawl. So we have to leave the room and then sneak back in so we we can watch (over a couch, around the corner, etc). So, I guess you could say the little bugger is crawling...slowly, but he's defintely getting it!

I love Amazon!

I ordered some used books from and it has been like Christmas...every day or so for a week, I got a new package with a book! And since I forgot which books I ordered it was even more exciting! FUN!! (yes, I am a dork, don't act like ya'll didn't know that!)

Look at Me!

Daddy taught Nolan a new trick. How to stand unassisted (I was too scared to try this at first). He does great. And if you stand behind him and push this toy forward, he walks with it. I guess we'll have to purchase one of those push along/walking toys! Oh boy!

Nice Surprise

A couple days ago, Brian told me he would "probably be home a little early" from work. As most of us military spouses have come to realize (and perhaps civilian spouses, but I know for sure military) that is like the mega-jinx. You say you'll be home early, and you know they'll be home 2 hours late that evening! In fact, my new rule for Brian was...don't tell me you'll be done early! Anyway, this particular day (TUE), I looked at the clock. 3:10. Oh well, he was supposed to be done by 3, guess that didn't work. No big deal. The phone rings. Brian says, "look outside." Well, at that point, I expected to see his truck in the driveway. What I saw was his whole face at the window! And then I screamed bloody murder. Ahh, it's true love! But he actually got off even earlier and was home by 3:15! Yipee! I told him it was a good thing I had Toby leave early. Ha ha ha, it's our long running joke. Toby Keith visits when I am lonely. Ha ha. And look what Brian brought me:And then Brian even cleaned up after dinner, so I could relax, as I wasn't feeling 100%. I really am so lucky! Sorry, Toby, but Brian is just the one and only for me. You'll just have to accept it one of these days!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Don't Play with your Food!

So Nolan recently discovered just how fun it was to "blow rasberries" (aka blow spit bubbles) while eating! Wow! Food goes all over! It goes all over Nolan, his clothes, his tray and MOMMA! Ha ha ha ha! Luckily, this only lasted a couple days (knock on wood), b/c as much as we wanted to, Brian and I refrained from laughing....but just because we didn't laugh (on the outside), doesn't mean we didn't take some pictures. Here's our little michevious handful of love, with sweet potatoes/chicken all over him:

Notice in this first one, its everywhere...the highchair, the tray, his arm!

In this one, you can see all the splatters on his bib: In this one, he's laughing because I was getting so exasperated. So fun!!! (he's sure lucky he's cute):

Night in Destin

Last Saturday Brian took me (and Nolan) to this awesome mall in Destin, where we browsed and shopped. Then we ate dinner at a restaurant called the Marine Cafe, right on the water. It was so yummy! The atmosphere was excellent and the food was out of this world good. I had scallops and Brian had grouper, if I remember correctly. Nolan stole the show, one could pass our table without cooing at him and he would giggle and shriek in response. He has become quite the ham! After dinner, we went to the beach for a moonlit stroll and put our piggies in the water. Nolan refrained from the water this time, but loved walking (with assistance) in the sand. It was a fantastic day! Thanks Brian!

Our waiter took this pic of us:

Daddy & Nolan at dinner:

Momma & Nolan at dinner (Nolan is shreiking in delight)!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Nolan being Silly!

These are some pictures of Nolan before our furniture arrived, having a ball! And here's Brian painting our room and Nolan's room...we were up until wee hours trying to finish painting before the movers arrived!