Monday, June 24, 2013

Camping Party

When Nolan turned four, his brothers were six months old. And we had a camping party. Driven by guilt at how much time went into the twins, I poured my heart into Nolan's 4th birthday party, which was a camping theme. He's been telling the twins about this party for awhile and when the subject of their birthday came up, they both kept asking us for a "tent" party. It's so rare that these two agree, we obliged. Brian really did the brunt of planning and toting all the stuff to the park. Every single year the twins birthday party (or celebration) has landed on a rainy day. So I was pretty nervous when we booked the park for their party. But the spell was broken and we had a gorgeous day!!

This is one of Brian's hand-made signs:

Joseph and Daniel in front of one of the tents. The shirts I made for them were a little big:
 Catching some fish in the "pond."

 Nothing like letting a bunch of kids loose by an open fire. Kidding, we monitored it closely for s'more making. I'll be lucky if we have friends after this, however, because all the kids ate multiple s'mores...followed by cake!
 Dirt Cake in a truck.
 We sang to Joseph:
Then we sang to Daniel:
Joseph loved the dirt cake:
Danny took one bite and said, "I not like this." It makes sense since he isn't a fan of oreo's.
A family pic. I made us all matching shirts, but mine was in pink. Yes, I'm a dork that way, but the boys are young enough to still let me do it and Brian tolerates it because he's the best!!


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Mom Mc said...

You 2 are such fab parents. Our boys party's were dull by comparison. You have such a talent for this. After the kids get bigger you can be a party planner!!! It looks like so much fun. They will be talking about this for years. Just like Nolan....